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Rebuild a war-torn city and win fame for your guild in this geomantic fantasy tabletop RPG.
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Social goal hit: online character sheets! Plus full rules package and our next goals

Posted by Jay Iles (Creator)

Hey folks,

Get your handouts!

Note: you can turn the art and border layers off if you want to preserve printer ink!
Note: you can turn the art and border layers off if you want to preserve printer ink!

First up, we're releasing the game's handouts! These print-and-play PDFs have everything you need to play the game: House sheets, Hero sheets, Influence tracking cards, House Inheritance cards, rules reference sheets, and even the Landmark cards mentioned in yesterday's update! Give them a download and let us know what you think.

(The Order of Kyradar and Order of Typhon aren't quite ready for primetime yet, but look out for them soon!)

Social Stretch Goal Progress

We've hit 500 followers on the UFO Press Twitter account, so our next social stretch goal has been unlocked! We'll be putting together interactive character keepers - as form-fillable PDFs, on Google Sheets, and integrated into Roll20.

The next social stretch goal is an ePub version of the book, creating a portable version of the game text that'll also prioritise accessibility. And after that?

In two social unlock's time, we'll make a Solo Play expansion for the game. 

With this free expansion you'll take command of a single House and Hero, with a modified version of the setup procedure ensuring that your world still feels vibrant and lived-in. 

You'll take action using the standard rules for Houses and Heroes, but things change at the point you make a roll. You'll pull the dice you need from a bag holding 10 dice in 5 different colours. The colour combination you draw will give you an overall theme for how to interpret the value you roll on them, and decide what happens next - sudden fortune? A turn to violence? A surge of Qoam energies? At certain milestones, you invest a die from a roll and remove it from the bag, signalling the overall outcome of your quest and changing how the world might respond in the future.

This also doubles as an in-setting method of divination, with the five colours representing the five islands orbiting the Henakor crystal - and you can bet we have ideas for an addon that will get you 10 Mysthea-themed dice, in five different crystalline colours!

The Road Ahead: Shards of Mysthea

We're closing in on the £20,000 stretch goal, which means it's time to reveal the next stage of our roadmap. At £23,000, we'll create the first of what we're calling Shards of Mysthea: The Rebel Underground.

Each of these Shards is a complete expansion for the game, opening up a new area of gameplay. The Rebel Underground is all about the resistance movements that sprung up in Montara under the Kitrean Empire's occupation, and how those movements grow and find new forms after the Empire's expulsion from the city. In this 20 page mini-expansion, you'll find:

  • A new House playbook: The Disavowed Order might be a surviving arm of the old Montaran state, a clandestine cell left behind when the Kitrean Empire retreated, or a insurgent movement forming among Montara's civilians. Whatever their origins, they're masters of infiltration, espionage and information control.
  • A new Wonder: The Revolution. We haven't discussed Wonders yet, but they're the system this game uses to track long-term projects your House can invest Surpluses in, culminating in a world-changing event that sets the stage for the next Flashpoint. The Revolution is a way to track your House's campaign to overthrow whatever group is currently ruling Montara - but will they be able to shape the government that takes their place?
  • An exploration of resistance movements by Helen Gould. Helen's a writer and poet whose RPG work has been published in Cthulhu Dark and Fear's Sharp Little Needles. In this essay she'll talk about how to bring a resistance movement to your table - ranging from the markers of small-scale protests (certain phrases and language, songs, events) to major underground movements and the figures who lead them.

We have lots more Shards to come exploring the weapons of the great war, the ways Qoam crystal use has reshaped Ilvashan culture and individual lives, myth and history in the borderlands, and more!

That's it from us for now. But if you're looking for something a little different in your roleplaying, you could stand to check out synthesis, a collection of mini-rpgs about metatextuality and perspective, and Interstitial, an Apocalypse World-powered game about interdimensional adventures and unbreakable bonds between hearts.


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