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Rebuild a war-torn city and win fame for your guild in this geomantic fantasy tabletop RPG.
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Endpapers and Ribbon achieved. Next up: Map Board!

Posted by Jay Iles (Creator)

Hey folks,

We've passed £17,500 so the book's been upgraded - both the deluxe and standard versions will now have full-art endpapers and a bookmark ribbon to help you keep your place.

Next up, I've changed things around a bit.

Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands is a game all about map-drawing. You'll start the game by placing down landmarks around the city and in the nearby borderlands. As you play, and move from flashpoint to flashpoint, you'll change these landmarks and place down Factors representing monster herds, bandit camps, valuable resources and more. So why not help you do that, and do it beautifully?

Placeholder art.
Placeholder art.

At £20,000, we'll be making map boards for use with the game. Folding out to an A3 size, this board will have a basic map of the area the game takes place in. And it'll be ready for you to customise, covered in a layer that's friendly for dry-erase markers.

This board will be included for free in all pledges at the £70 tier and above. For those at lower tiers, it'll cost £10 to grab a version for yourself.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


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    1. Immanuel Aquino on

      Why not 50+? There's only a very limited number of 70+

    2. Llez

      Awwr, only free on 70+? Oh well, I'll get it anyways most likely, those surfaces are super handy and the fact its stylized makes it a lot better/more tempting.