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Rebuild a war-torn city and win fame for your guild in this geomantic fantasy tabletop RPG.
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First social stretch goal hit - and a deep dive into Houses!

Posted by Jay Iles (Creator)

Hey folks,

First up, with 394 backers we’ve crossed over our first social stretch goal! Each book with come with a postcard, showcasing one of the new art pieces we’re commissioning for this game. Next up: online characters sheets, in Google Sheets and Roll20.

Also - following requests from you folks I've added more add ons to the page, if you'd like to pick up some of our previous games!

Dive into Mysthea: Your House

As we go through this campaign, I’ll tell you more about the game. Today, we’re starting with one of the core elements of the game: Houses.

Your House is vitally important to your game of Legends From the Borderlands:

  • It’s what you use to make grand, sweeping changes to the world.
  • It’s how you influence the factions, Guilds and empires of this world - and how they influence you.
  • It’s a constant as time passes by, ever-present while Heroes come and go.

To talk you through what makes a House tick, check out the sheet for A Vassal of Magista. And if you want a look at the actions Houses take to influence the world, check out the free Quickstart.

Click through for PDF!
Click through for PDF!

First, there's the Getting Started box that you'll run through when setting up your game. 

With Stats, you say what your House is good at, and how that flows from their relationship with Montara and the war. For Vassals of Magista, it's all about the technologies used by the Empire and the Kingdom. They decide if the Kingdom wanted to steal the Empire's Arts, if the Kitraen Arts were secret and horrific, or if the Empire was backwards and weak.

With your Traditions you tell the group what your House looks and acts like. Who's their population? What are their aesthetics? How are they governed.

Your Doctrine speaks to your traditions' strengths, and gives you extra resources when certain things happen. Magista Vassals are always seeking new insights, and so their Doctrines determine when they gather Lore. Other Houses can take immediate action when they trigger their Doctrine. For example, Lusman Sects following the doctrine of Sacred Authority get a free Conspire action when they dictate another House's policy.

Next, there's Loyalties. First, you'll choose how much you're controlled by your ancestral Guild.  The more you're under their thumb, the more benefits you gain. As you gain freedom, you'll lose those benefits - until you can turn the tables and force them to help you. For Magista, you get better at research and engineering as your relationship deepens.

You also have loyalties with the other Houses. You'll ask questions of them; whoever volunteers to answer opts into that particular relationship. You'll start Influencing and being Influenced by other Houses, or even allied with them. You'll track them on Influence sheets, like so:

Our House here has Influence on the Line of Bahalis, and is in Alliance with them. On the other hand, they're both Influenced and Dominated by the Blades of Varorin.
Our House here has Influence on the Line of Bahalis, and is in Alliance with them. On the other hand, they're both Influenced and Dominated by the Blades of Varorin.

With that, you've finished the bulk of setup. There's the compulsory abilities: your Alliance Move, your Conflict Move and your Core Move. You'll also pick the Assets your character can access, and a special move to round out your House's capabilities. This is your real chance to show how this House operates. Is your Vassal of Magista bio-engineers with Shape the Mortal Clay? Oracles with Piercing Foresight? Master Qoamanipulators with Transform the Material? Or prying spymasters with Break Lesser Minds?

So, that's most of what makes up a House. Orders change things up a little, with no Ancestral Guild to draw on - maybe we'll show you one soon! But the Houses of your Venture are nothing without a city to live in - to rebuild, to explore, to occupy, to become a citizen of.

Next time, we'll talk about the city of Montara, and how you build it together...

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