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Three books bringing hope, despair and liberation to Legacy: Life Among the Ruins.
Three books bringing hope, despair and liberation to Legacy: Life Among the Ruins.
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Progress update - plus getting medieval in Free From the Yoke

Posted by Jay Iles (Creator)

Hey folks,

First up - we've now got 400 backers, and we're closing in on the £19,000 stretch goal of handout cards. I have some good news about this - I've found a manufacturer willing to make us A5-sized cards for a very reasonable price. I've ordered proof samples from them and will let you know as matters develop!

The Grit of Free From the Yoke

So, we've covered the magic you can get to grips with, and the political context your Houses inhabit. But how have we made sure that your moment-to-moment gameplay evokes Slavic-inspired fantasy instead of post-apocalyptic sci-fi weirdness?

Art by Emily Cheeseman
Art by Emily Cheeseman

First up: character capabilities

Your characters are still dynamic, skilled individuals, but in a somewhat different way from Legacy. We've covered rituals, but there are some other changes. First, we've shuffled the basic moves around: there's no Wasteland Survival thanks to there being no wasteland, so instead the Bravery stat governs Disarming dangerous situations and Forging a Path through danger. Second, you still have Fiercely Assault governing skirmishes and assaults, but we wanted to give support for more involved fights. Enter Duel, inspired by Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands:

The intent is that it places the whole fight firmly in the space of the conversation, while still allowing for strategic play. Another nice thing is that it gives plenty of hooks for character moves to modify - eagle-eyed backers may have spotted this in The Bogatyr's Sworn Sword:

Art by Emily Cheeseman
Art by Emily Cheeseman

Second: Your Stuff

Post-apocalyptic survival and folkloric fantasy adventure both place importance on the gear a character carries, whether that's the prosthetic arm of Imperator Furiosa or the gleaming Kingsguard armour of Jaime Lannister. Thankfully, Legacy's tag-based gear system means that it's pretty easy to change the mood of your gear. We're keeping the same four categories of Armoury, Outfit, Vehicles (renamed to Transport) and Followers, but we've rewritten the tag lists from the ground up. Here's some of my favourite of the new ones:

  • Heraldry: the outfit displays a House’s affiliation boldly.
  • Siege: The weapon can help bring down fortifications and army-scale defences, but it requires a group of companions with a relevant specialisation to operate and needs special transports to move it.
  • Heirloom: The weapon played a pivotal role in your House’s history. While you hold it, gain Advantage on rolls to command and convince members of your House. If you lose it and don’t recover it before we Zoom Out, your House must Hold Together.
  • Hulking: The transport is much larger than other transports of its kind. It can carry many more passengers or cargo, but its size can make it slower and more cumbersome.
  • Canny: The transport is much better able to control its movements than others of its kind. If it’s a Mount, it gains Quality 1 and a specialism (see Followers). If it’s Drawn or a Ship, it gains the same ability to control its own movements as a Mount.
As in Legacy, you can boost your character's gear with the Surpluses your House has access to, but those Surpluses are changed too. They still affect the Mood of your House in general, but they exist in two states: Dispersed and Collected.
Collected Surpluses are gathered together and at your House’s fingertips. You can use them in House moves, but they’re vulnerable to being lost thanks to the GM’s reactions or the efforts of other players.
Dispersed Surpluses are scattered across your holdings. They’re resistant to attack or misfortune, but cannot be actively used for moves such as Prepare and Provision or Right Tool for the Job.
To change your surpluses about, you use this move:
The idea is that this adds some more texture to the House game, and firmly grounds your House's strengths on the map. It also provides some high-level strategic choices to make - do you keep your surpluses safe but have a harder time using them? Do you keep them safe in a single location, and deprive your House's fringes? Do you place them where they're most needed, but expose them to hostile action?

So that's been our goal with designing the material side of Free From the Yoke - making the small things more important and the big things more measured and purposeful, without over-burdening players with extra rules.

You can read through the complete set of basic moves and gear tags here; if you have any feedback, let us know what you think!


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    1. Jay Iles 5-time creator on

      @Michael - Hah, same. That font will definitely be looked at before the book enters production :D

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      Michael Barrett on

      This is awesome, and I love the font - but I will say it took me a few attempts to realize it said "Sworn Sword" and not "Sword Sword" :)