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The first episode of a collection of short films, offering a new and unique interpretation of Norse Mythology.
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Day #28 : The Final Countdown!

Posted by Ty (Creator)
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Here we are, 38 hours left and needing a major hike to make our goal! By this point, it may take a miracle, but hey....they do happen. Anything you can do to help us out by this point, sharing the project with friends, upping your pledge, anything really would be greatly appreciated. Of course, we are already so grateful for your support and we are happy to have simply just made it this far!

What if we don't reach our goal?

Not a major problem. We are still going through with the shoot of "The Fateful Oath" and will just have to major penny pinch. Its ok, we've done this before. This was our third kickstarter campaign after all. For some reason we just don't have a lot of luck in this crowd sourcing avenue. That's not to say people don't love our idea, we've got a TON of interest from the Norse, Comi-con and the Renaissance community. Its just hard to turn that support into momentary pledges. We is hard to give up to un-established ventures.

We're trying to change that. Get 9Realms out there and really show people what we can do, but it will just take some more time. "The Fateful Oath" and "The Pendant" will really change things for us. Its the next step that we really need to take.

Anyhow, these next 38 hours should be really interesting. Lets hope to tip the scales people!

Thanks again so much for your support!


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