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The first episode of a collection of short films, offering a new and unique interpretation of Norse Mythology.
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Day # 22 : Halfway towards our Goal! Plus....STORYBOARDS!

Posted by Ty (Creator)
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Hiya All! Here we are, 8 days left in our campaign and thanks to all of you, we are now over half way to our goal! I cant even tell you how excited i am, this is some major progress and its all because of your support!

We got time left to secure that later half, no worries. Things usually do pick up towards the end of kickstarter campaigns! As always, please share this project with people that you think may be interested! This is our final week, so its time to make that magic happen!

I want to let all of you we have a new drawing going on! Anyone who donates any amount between now and the end of our campaign has a chance to win a full set of Red Specter armor! (More details on our main page)As always, if you want in on the drawing all you got to do is up your offer by $1! No way we would leave all of you out!

And...lastly...Storyboards! We've lucked out that our co-creator, Sean Gilmore, is also an artist. He's helped pre-production on our shorts tremendously by drawing detailed storyboards for our scenes. These things have come in handy, and we would like to share a little of them with you!

Its probably best i don't share the concept art i created for the series. They consist of a lot of smiley faced stick figures. Anyhow, we'll be sure to share more of Sean's art when we share our concept art. Future update idea perhaps :)

Thanks again for all your support Everyone!

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