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The first episode of a collection of short films, offering a new and unique interpretation of Norse Mythology.
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Day #20 : 10 Days left! Lets talk about stretch goals!

Posted by Ty (Creator)
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Hello Everybody! Another good old 9Realms update here! I've been trying to keep this on the down low recently because I personally don't want to SPAM your inbox's. However, we've reached a milestone today. That's right, we have 10 days left in this campaign!

At 42% funded, were not doing too shabby either! We got plenty more work ahead of us, but such is always the case of life. 

So, with such a vast distance to cover we figure it may be best to talk about stretch goals. That's right, we're looking past "The Fateful Oath". Hey, we want to be a series after-all. We cant just focus on one of these!

Ideally, we can get enough funding to create two episodes. "Fateful Oath" and "The Radiance in Death". The first is a highly dramatic piece, that will be sure showcase the darkness of our series. The second, Radiance, is a universe building piece. It will reveal, for the first time in our series, Creatures from the 9 Worlds. Nothing like a little tease to go with your cup of tea.

We are Excited to welcome Jordan Pacheco on board as Director of Radiance! Jordan has two features under his belt, and numerous short films to back it all up. On top of that, Jordan is a talented SFX makeup and Creature designer. Skills that, trust us, will come in handy for this shoot!

This isn't Jordan's first encounter with 9Realms either. We worked with him back in 2012 while shooting the 9Realms screen test "A Glimpse of Conflict". 

We're excited to welcome Jordan on board as director for "The Radiance in Death". Please stay tuned for further updates!

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