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Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks!
Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks!
2,619 backers pledged CA$ 63,730 to help bring this project to life.

September 2015 Update (1 Year!)

Posted by Texel Raptor (Creator)

Hey backers! This month marks the 1 year anniversary of Parkitect being funded! Again, thanks so much to all of you for making this possible. We'd never have gotten this far if not for all of you.
Last month, we released the first public pre-alpha, and we're just about to release a patch for it. In fact, it could already be out! Anyhow, there's still plenty of work to do, but let's dig into this month's update. We're gonna be making these public from now on, as the game is technically public!

September 2015 Recap

Since the release of the pre-alpha, we've been seeing a ton of blueprints and parks being shared on Parkitect Nexus. That's awesome, and it blows us away that you all are making such neat stuff this early on. Anyways, one of the first things done this month (aside from a few bug fixes) was giving the guests the ability to walk on terrain. They simply wander aimlessly until they find a path or you put them on one. Gordon did a bunch of work on audio this month, and even wrote an entry for the dev log. So far, he's implemented the wooden coaster and log flume audio. He also held a party where Garret and a bunch of other devs and friends from Vancouver recorded screams and other guest vocalizations! On the ride front, we've added a couple new flat rides, some new track pieces and a new coaster type. Keep reading to find out what! We also finally gave the handyman/workman employee it's own outfit.

River Crossing from Parkitect Nexus
River Crossing from Parkitect Nexus

September 2015 Devlog Updates

Update 61 - Walking on Terrain

Update 62 - Coaster Sounds and Audio

Update 63 - Guest Sound Recording, Helixes, Double Ferris Wheel

Update 64 - Vertical Drop Coaster

New Rides

So, we've got a couple new rides to share with you all. The first of which is a Double Ferris Wheel! While it's a portable ride traditionally seen more often at fairgrounds and in seasonal setups, it's an interesting enough ride that we wanted to put it in the game. It's a bit more interesting than a normal Ferris Wheel, and adds a bit of variation into the calm rides.

Next up is the Spiral Slide aka Helter Skelter. A classic ride where a rider slides down a spiral slide on a mat. While not very common these days, it's such a classic that we couldn't leave it out. It's not quite running in the game yet, as it needs some special behaviours that other rides don't have.

Spiral Slide (not in the game yet)
Spiral Slide (not in the game yet)

Track Pieces and Vertical Drop Coaster

We added a few track pieces people have been asking for, and we've been meaning to add for a little while now. It's now possible to build helixes (up and down) on coasters! We're going to be adding a few more track pieces soon, as we're aware there's some gaps in the builder.

We've added a Vertical Drop Coaster to the game! It's design is based off of the Euro-Fighter coaster, complete with beyond-vertical drops. Some people have asked about the similar Dive Coaster, and we may add that in the future. We're pretty happy about this addition, as it finally lets you folks use the vertical track pieces. These have been in-game for a while and just needed the right coaster. We may be revisiting the Steel Coaster (or adding a new similar one) to add vertical functionality.

Audio Work

Gordon did a great write up of his process this month, which is too long to completely transcribe over here. If you're interested in game audio and implementation, you should head on over here and give his post a read!

He also held a party where he gathered a bunch of fellow Vancouver game devs and got them all to scream into his recording booth! We've now got a bunch of screams, mumbles, and other vocalizations for the guests. There's a ton of work to be done before they are in game, but Gordon's been sharing a daily scream over on his Twitter account. Give 'em a listen, but watch your volume!


Parkitect Nexus

If you missed it earlier in the month, one of our backers has created a fantastic sharing site called Parkitect Nexus! Here you can share your ride blueprints, parks, and soon even mods. We're amazed that our pre-alpha game has such an awesome community of creators, and it's always exciting to see something new appear on the site. Head over and check out some rides and parks, maybe even upload some of your own!


What's next? We've had our eye on employees and resources for a while. We've known about their problems for a while, and we hear all of your feedback and ideas for them. We're planning so start working on these soon, and work towards bringing them to a more fun/playable state. It's also a crucial step towards money being meaningful and balanced. Keep an eye on the devlog over the next month as we share our progress with these systems, and feel free to share your ideas!


That's the end of this month (and the end of the first year of funded development)! Thanks for reading, and remember that you can reach us on Twitter, email, Reddit, Tumblr, or here on Kickstarter if you have any questions. See you in spooky October!

-Garret, Sebastian and Gordon

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    1. Aron de Haas on

      Still cannot download the alpha?

    2. Marco Meijer on

      I'm definitely looking forwards to mods. I really like the concept of the game so far, but the graphics are just way too smooth. I'd personally prefer slightly more realistic models and textures. I'm sure a mod will pop up soon enough.

    3. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update! This game just keeps looking cooler!

    4. Texel Raptor Creator on

      @Jordan - This month is the first step to fixing the resource stuff. Starting with making employees perform better, and eventually getting to a redesign of the resource system

    5. Jordan Smith on

      So excited about the update—no more running the game in Wine on my Mac!

      I do have a question/suggestion for the workers: What's been bugging me as I've played the game is how slowly they deliver the supplies to my shops. It would be really nice if you would consider making it possible to purchase trucks/carts for the employees so they can move items in bulk and faster. Just a thought! :-)

      Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to build a vertical drop coaster.