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On the seas of an ocean that spans many worlds, a girl raised by uncaring aliens seeks bloody revenge...
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Tobias Buckell

191 backers pledged $11,652 to help bring this project to life.

Xenowealth: A Collection (A new short story collection from Tobias Buckell)

Backers of The Apocalypse Ocean, thank you for your past support! I thought you might be interested in the latest short story collection of mine, which launched today. It's a collection of all my Xenowealth-related short stories, which I thought might interest you as a backer of an entire Xenowealth novel:

If you've wanted all your Pepper stories bound into one volume: here's your chance.

There might even be some stories you may not have encountered yet...

Thank you.

...and we're live! The Apocalypse Ocean launches to the rest of the world. Thank you!

Hello all backers. The whole project comes to its natural conclusion with the release of The Apocalypse Ocean to everyone. And I would like to thank you, again and again, for making the fourth Xenowealth book real. To celebrate and mark the book's launch, I posted a very detailed look at the process, and what this project did for me at my blog. The title is How I used Kickstarter to reboot a book series, and my career (and maybe my life?) and offers the whole behind-the-scenes look at what happened when running a Kickstarter.

The book is available here so far (and if you didn't get a hardcover, there are some copies of the 200 limited edition run, on acid-free, high quality paper, offset print available via the direct link still):
[directly from me] on [Amazon Kindle] or [B&N Nook] or [Kobo Books]

You've all done so much, but if you've read the book and enjoyed it (or even felt 'meh') any help spreading the word that the book has gone live, reviews, stars, anything of the like, it all helps raise confidence in readers buying it and awareness. Any help is appreciated! None is required, you've all done so much. Since launching the book I have appreciated the links and tweets and posts you have all already made. Again, thanks!

Earlier this month I shipped out copies of the limited edition hardcover. Those should all be in mailboxes, but media mail can be slow. If you have not gotten a copy by Thursday, please drop me a line ( International orders went out via first class mail, so should be also similarly in your mailbox this week or next. Please do let me know if this week passes and you still haven't seen a copy. My sense is that almost everyone has their copy.

So, again, thank you. Thank you. And hopefully, sometime in the future, we'll be doing the fifth, and final, Xenowealth book, Desoloation's Gap!


To the printers!

Hello Apocalypse Ocean backers. For the last seven weeks we've been tweaking the interior design and ordering proofs from the best print on demand place we could find and looking at the result. In parallel, we were also getting quotes from some printers for the limited edition and reaching out to see what the best possible solution was.

In the end, a gracious contact with a great printer was able to get me a quote for the limited edition of The Apocalypse Ocean. What that means is that this is going to be a *beautiful* book and likely to be something special. I'm ever humbled by people who have reached out to help educate and help me in this journey.

I was hoping to start shipping a few weeks ago, I know we're pushing the date back a bit here, but I've been really focused on 'fantastic book' and not 'fast book.' I don't think you will be disappointed by the print edition. There will be 200 copies printed, and that's all that will exist. And they're going to rock.

As we're getting very close to printing, I will send out the following updates: when the printer sends the books to me, as I'll need to collect backer's addresses. I will then send out an update once all the books are shipped.

A Map of the Forty Eight Worlds


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