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Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
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Art Book Update

Posted by Airship Syndicate (Creator)


We finally have the physical print of the updated art book in hand. Check out the difference between old and new:

New on the left (obviously), old on the right:

The book is now considerably larger. It's also thicker, now beefed up to 152 pages from the previous 64:

 Another size comparison:


Now Including the Design Compendium

The art book now includes a printed version of the previously digital-only Design Compendium, including rough sketches, environment art, written design and paper maps:



But Wait, There's More...

As a thank you for the patience while we improved the art book, we have a few other goodies for our art book level backers:

Physical Instruction Manual

We did a physical print run of our instruction manual that will be included with each new art book, sized at around 4.75" x 6.75"!



But keep waiting, there's MORE more.

Also included will be a pack of a dozen super-cool Battle Chasers: Nightwar stickers. We may have gone a little crazy with these, admittedly.


All of it together:

Here's what'll be shipping in place of the previous, undersized art book:


In closing

Please make sure we have your latest address on!

Up next, Joe will be re-signing the books for the tiers that backed for his signature. Then we'll mail those to our shipper, who will send everything out in finality.

Thanks for the patience, we hope everyone is excited for this new pack of goodies!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jack Purcell 3 days ago

      Appreciate the update but over a month later nothing has arrived. Also no updates or even a word about the Battle Chasers #10,11 and 12 promised years ago.

    2. Airship Syndicate Creator

      Hey guys! Appreciate your patience.

      We've got the physical rewards (Art Books, Stickers, Manuals) scheduled to head out to our distributor tomorrow (barring a catastrophic event). Once there, they'll begin shipping them all.

      Understand it's taken a while to make this right so we really appreciate your support and patience. Wanted to hold out on an update for when we had something concrete to deliver.

      If you have any outstanding issues, please email support (at) and we'll get you squared away.

    3. Missing avatar

      james on

      Hi guys
      Any idea on when this will be getting shipped?

    4. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Meanwhile, apparently they know how to release a proper hardcover Artbook!! AND will deliver it on time to their followers:

      You guys can't even make true on delivering the kept behind rewards even.

    5. William H. McConnell, III on

      Almost two months since the last up date. Any chance of another one? It would be appreciated. Even a just a “We’re still working on it.”

    6. Roberto Sales Faria Junior on

      What about the digital art book? Will that be updated, as well?
      Also... what about the comics? I'm (now) sad to admit they were the biggest reason for me backing this project, if I'm being honest.

    7. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Any update would be appreciated upon the delivery of the still left outstanding rewards!

    8. Shane Baker on

      This is rad, I'm stoked to get mine. Did they ship yet? I just updated my address, and hope it comes to the right place!

    9. Missing avatar

      Theo Moon on

      So far I've not gotten any of the physical elements of my backer package -- got all the digital stuff, no problem. But that's it.

      Do you guys have any tracking numbers for what you ship so I can begin to figure this out?

    10. Christopher Carnahan on

      Super stoked! Question, have the shirts all ready been sent? I have never got mine.

    11. Missing avatar

      john on

      I'm hoping the instructions manual comes with a notes section! I need to make my notes!!

    12. James Newman on

      Awesome work guys, the new art book looks too much better than V1! Thank you for listening! Quick question: When will the mini sketch edition backers receive the Joe Mad exclusive sketch? :)

    13. Nightfall Interactive on

      This is great! I really hope the new art book is extended to those who pledged to get the digital art book as well! That would be amazing!

    14. Matt Franklin on

      Will the pdf. Art book backers also be getting an updated download code for the bigger edition? This is exactly the kind of art book I was hoping for when I backed it and I’m excited to see the new additions.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeffrie7 on

      You had me at Stickers! Awesome! Seriously...that looks like an artbook now! Sorry Joe Mad..the Vigil/Udon artbooks for DS1 and DS2 set the record/the bar for me when it comes to artbooks. Everything else is just a picture book.

    16. Missing avatar

      Trev Rose on

      Looks awesome, thanks for listening.
      Still haven’t received my sketch card though

    17. Josh Colon on

      This is amazing! Thank you!

      For those of us that also pledged for the pdf art book, will we be getting a pdf of this art book too?

      Thank you again for being amazing!

    18. Shane Walker on

      Yes! "Redeeming award achieved!-100pts." Thank You!

    19. Edward Farkhiev on

      Now THIS is an art book. I can feel much better adding this to my collection now. Good work people!

    20. Missing avatar

      Iván CM on

      Awesome! Thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jevon on

      Thank you SO MUCH for addressing and redeeming yourselves for that "art book" pamphlet we originally got. I can't tell you how much I was disappointed with it seeing as though I was looking forward to the art book as much as the game itself. It's the only reason I backed the project at the level I did! You've restored my faith in backing Kickstarter's and humanity in general by going back and giving us a product that meets satisfactory standards instead of running off with our money and leaving us disappointed.