Battle Chasers: Nightwar

by Airship Syndicate

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    1. Roberto Sales Faria Junior on

      Waiting patiently for that sweet, sweet T-shirt!

    2. GunplaGamer on

      Keep up the Great work guys! Will wait (im)patiently for the Switch version!! :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Jono Stewart on

      That's some very sexy swag!

    4. Heino Brand on

      Will these balance changes and tweaks be implemented on consoles as well - or have I missed the update on this?

    5. Dusk Shadow

      Wait...wait...hold the phonebookoflife..............Theres physical merch?! HOW DO I GET IT? BEcause I rarely check this feed. O>O

    6. Anthony LAURENT on

      HAAAAAAAAAA, it's too long to wait the switch version

    7. Dott on

      I’m still waiting for the Switch version. But it is so hard. 😣

    8. Drake on

      Thanks much!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Do you know what's going on w/ the Sketches for the higher levels?

    10. Marco Brugnoni on

      the game is on sale on most of the platform on which it has been already released...
      still no ETA for Switch players...

    11. GunplaGamer on

      For those wondering, Nintendo has approved the game for Switch! Guessing a new Kickstarter update will come soon! Check the official Twitter feeds to get the most recent updates!

    12. Luigi T. Guevara Olivastri on

      How close is it the switch version?

    13. Marco Brugnoni on

      if, as they said, the key for backers will be sent when the phisical copies hit the shelves...and we're lucky, I believe somewhere during summer...

    14. Criz on

      hi there, any info on when we'll get the digital version of the artbook?