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Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
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Switch and Other Stuff!

Posted by Airship Syndicate (Creator)

Hey All,

As we transition from a "Kickstarter game" into full release, be sure to check our community for the most up to date information going forward!

Switch Update  

Working with Unity we’ve made some significant breakthroughs and are now confident we’ll have a build ready to submit to Nintendo very soon. Performance is looking good and many significant bugs have been resolved. The light is at the end of the tunnel!  

We know many of you are anticipating this version of the game the most, so we’ll try and be as transparent as we can regarding the process to launch. Here’s how it’ll go:

  • The build goes through THQNordic QA testing to prep for submission. We’re close to starting this process. 
  • Once approved internally, the build will go to Nintendo for certification. This step can take about 10 days. 
  • After approval by Nintendo, the game goes “gold” and THQNordic begins manufacturing and distributing the game. This is the longest phase, since it involves making the physical copies and getting them to store shelves for launch, and can take 6 weeks. We must release both physical and digital on the same day – so as soon as we can get it on the shelf, it’ll be fully launched.

Silver Lining  

Waiting is no fun, but the silver lining is that this version of the game will have numerous balance tweaks, bug fixes and general polish items incorporated right from the start. Many of these are live on the shipped platforms, but a few more important changes are planned that’ll be in for Switch launch (and the other platforms). Here are some of those:

  • Further tweaking of the difficulty curve to reduce the need for grinding 
  • Elimination of level requirements on items: if you find it or make it, you can use it (this is a big one) 
  • Significant increase in NG+ difficulty 
  • The early game is being made slightly more challenging
  • Many elite creatures are being rebalanced to address difficulty spikes 
  • Gold penalty for death is being rebalanced so it’s less punitive early on when gold is scarce, and more punitive late game when gold is plentiful 
  • …to name a few.

For those who are opting to wait for the Switch version (which wasn’t a part of the original campaign), remember you aren’t locked in. You can choose any time to get the game now on one of the platforms the Kickstarter campaign was based on.  

Our #1 priority is making sure the Switch version is of top quality and worth the wait. We promise the second we have an exact release date, we’ll shout it from the mountain top. 

We’re very grateful for our community’s support and patience! Thank you.

Physical Goods

We have a lot of stuff to get printed and designed: the art book, the cloth map, a few t-shirts, prints... those are all in process and will be shipped out in one big chunk. 

Joe is also drawing a huge pile of sketchies for those in the sketchy tier... they're looking pretty fresh.

We'll push out another update as soon as everything is ready.


We've had a lot cool reviews for the game, but we're most proud of how YOU, our players, have reacted to it. We recently went over the 1,000 review mark on Steam and have been out long enough to have a "Recent Reviews" score, which currently sits at Overwhelmingly Positive and 95%. 

Here's the thing: for those of us who have shipped titles before, working through Kickstarter was intimidating. Games generally have a silent, closed-door development cycle, with visibility only coming through direct and controlled marketing... typically well into production.

Laying the process bare and sharing it every step of the way was a hell of a lot different. Knowing that we had people who put money on the line so early to see it through was humbling, motivating, and also - as we said - intimidating. 

It hasn't been perfect, as few things in life (or game development) are. But knowing the vast majority of you seem happy with the risk you've taken has made the effort well worth it. And the work continues. 

Sincerest thanks,


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    1. Oscar Olalde on

      Haven't received my Xbox One code and I've been very patient, what's happening? filled the survey correctly and all, PLEASE HELP..... don't want to think this too is going the way Mighty No. 9 did for me.

    2. Daggot on

      Oh, I see build 23636 just went live today. That's the build you mention in this update. So, maybe that means we're really close for the Switch release? Maybe???

    3. Daggot on

      Almost rolling up to 2 months since the last update on a Switch version. I've been holding out so I can game on the go. It would be nice to have some kind of update. Really tempted to change back to PC, and start enjoying the game now. Give us something. . .

    4. Roberto Sales Faria Junior on

      Okay, we've all been good and patient (the game's been very good, actually) and now, we'd just like an actual update on the physical stuff. Anytime, would be nice. :)

    5. Geert van der Heide on

      I don't have a Switch, but it's really great to hear about these upcoming changes. Way to support an already very good game - keep it up!

      One other complaint I'm reading about is that the game's movement and animations feel quite slow, especially after a while. It becomes a little cumbersome. Are you looking into maybe faster movement speeds / animation speeds, or settings for these things? It would be nice to increase the pace a bit after the initial wonder wears off. Just a suggestion.

    6. JML604 on

      As soon as the Switch version is done, please make a boat load of DLC story content and/or sequels! Take my money!
      Also I could easily see a 3D Isometric dungeon crawler made with the game assets.

    7. Scott Jenkins on

      Thank you for the update!
      About digital and physical simultaneous releases though, is this a publisher situation? As far as I know, that's not a requirement of any sort on Nintendo's end. Either way, I'm glad you're taking the time to make sure everything's in tip-top shape before release!

    8. Michael Zimmer on

      It's more important to get a good switch version. I can wait *hugs Xenoblade 2*

    9. Christoph Zürcher on

      Thanks for letting us know about the Switch version. I've been delighted by the reactions to the game myself, great work!

    10. Ulkhror on

      Thanks for the update and the nice testimony! :)
      Love Battle Chasers and Airship!

    11. P-A on

      It's a luck that I have come across this project and there was an open early bird spot on the last day. I though it was a sign that I had to back this project. It was well worth the money. I haven't finished it yet but I am really enjoying every moment of it. One of my favorite of 2017. A master piece! Great work!

    12. frederic tarabout on

      Perfect, those balance tweaks seem to address all the big stuff! That's great to hear.

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Recently just started playing, and already have over 20 hours in. Love the game. I'm a happy backer.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian K.

      Thank you for the update! Really looking forward to the Switch version.

    15. Miguel Moreira on

      I'm from Portugal and after some emails, the game was finally shipped and reached home. I haven't touched it yet though because I have been playing AC: Origins but I'm happy I finally have this game in my shelf, ready to go. Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to get all the goodies. :)

    16. Joe Jaquette on

      Thank you for this game. It is truly wonderful. So glad I backed it!

    17. Randy Graham

      Looking forward to getting the Switch release. Have heard so many good things about the game, and eager to try it out myself. Thanks for the update!

    18. Mardoch on

      I can live until February. At least I get a bugfixed and balanced game in exchange for waiting :D

    19. Matthew Casperson on

      Thanks for the update. Sounds like a February release for Switch at the earliest. Totally fine by me. There's plenty of stuff to play right now, and it's more important that the game plays well on day one. It'll be the first impression for a lot of people, and first impressions are everything... especially when it comes to video games.

    20. Convoy_Avenger on

      Are these balance changes planned to get pushed to the other platforms as updates?

      Currently, I'm playing the PS4 version, and the text is TOO SMALL!

      I have to squint and lean in to read the font because it's so tiny. My TV is large, and my eye sight is near perfect.

      Would it be possible to get that adjusted?

    21. Khoo Tong Liam on

      How about Asian region release? Still no update on this even though I've sent an e-mail through the Help Centre.

    22. Matt Barrett on

      Thank you for the switch release update! I am beyond excited

    23. NeLk on

      Now for a more mature comment, amazing job, lots of well deserved /claps to the Airship Syndicate! Thanks for committing, delivering and following up!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeff G! on

      Wooooo! Great news and thank you for the update. So lets be real, there's a kajillion game releases right now. I'm more than happy to wait for a really nice first release. Stick the landing, please by all means. Cheers folks!

    25. NeLk on

      supper supper SUPPER SUPPER HAPPY!!! YESSSSSSS

    26. Daniel Campisi on

      So happy with how the game turned out. Been addicted to playing it and can’t put the controller down.

    27. Jonathan L. Kort on

      Any update in the comics?

    28. Dott on

      Yes. Switch release is coming.