Battle Chasers: Nightwar

by Airship Syndicate

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    1. Tomasz Rospondek

      Speed up in dungeons! Great news!
      Game is incredible! Thanks for this campaign ☺️

    2. Patryk Pasinski on

      So excited, can't wait for the official release! Looking forward to the art book. :D

    3. ChatonPute on

      I'm all behind your decision to push the date for the Switch until the game runs well.
      I can't wait to play but I will be patient

    4. Dott on

      I’m also behind you for pushing the Switch version if you think it needs it.
      I want it a lot but I’ll prefer to play it in good condition.

    5. Tressler on

      Is there a way to get the art book as an add-on?

    6. Thrakker on

      I agree with Tressler. Didn’t pick up the full $200 tier as I didn’t really want the t shirt or art print, but I’d love to be able to get the art book to go with my Udon Darksiders ones

    7. Missing avatar

      Holand Peterson on

      Really, really, really would love to have a chance to purchase an art book down the line.
      Also, I've never read any of the original comics. Any chance of a physical re-release?

    8. Shaman At Dawn on

      fixing to be released? When do backers get to play? I never got any notice about any sort of "early access".

    9. Airship Syndicate Creator

      Shaman: all backers (except those below the $20 tier) have beta access right now. We sent out a few rounds of e-mails. If you didn't catch any, send a message to You'll need to have an account on to get setup.

    10. Missing avatar

      Emerson Tung on

      Hope to get the artbook as an add-on!

    11. Miguel Moreira on

      When/How do we choose our t-shirt sizes btw?

    12. Shaman At Dawn on

      Alright, sent an email.

    13. Dyl Cook

      I'll add my voice to the choir - "Would really like to get the art book as an add-on"

      Its a travesty that it wasn't offered except it in the $200 tier ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      craig mooney on

      I'd love to have the option for the art book also.
      The game is an absolute gem so far :D
      Great job everyone!

    15. sleepyasianman

      As long as the Switch version comes out before the next Nintendo console, I don't care how much I have to wait!

    16. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      A physical art book add-on *would* be really nice.

    17. Buzzsaw on

      Great update, with one tragic flaw: I checked my backer info and don't (seemingly) have a digital art book as part of it, nor can I discern how I could add such a thing.

      Am I missing something, or did I simply miss something?

    18. Tjuhl on

      I have been playing the beta for a while now, my party is at lvl 12 it so now and I’m greatly enjoying it this far. Looking forward to play more! :)

      And yeah, that art book looks interesting and nice to have (by itself)...

    19. Shaman At Dawn on

      I still haven't gotten a response :(

    20. Missing avatar

      albert powell on

      Physical artbook please!