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Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
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    1. Kenneth A. Azurin on

      Ahh, missed the physical upgrade deadline. :(

    2. Joshua

      I have been completely unable to get through the process to upgrade to physical. It just stops.

    3. Nexy

      Just wanted to let you know I'm 9 hours in the game and I really enjoy it! It's been a while since I enjoyed a game this much! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Da Sicilia on

      After contacting support several days ago I just found out that backers who do not live in Europe or America are not allowed to partake in the physical upgrade offer, the first kickstarter I've come across that does not support all their backers! Feels like a slap in the face. Very, very, very disappointed and never would have expected this from Airship Syndicate. Please have this rectified and show some decency and appreciation to all your backers. Thank you

    5. DJ "Shadow Lynx" Smith

      I tried to upgrade to physical copy but i didnt see the option when i clicked the upgrade button, does anyone know how I can do this?

    6. Travis Kincher on

      Never mind (at least for me)! Found all my info. It's just been a while :)

    7. Travis Kincher on

      Er, any word on what I can do if I never got the Kickstarter key in my email (or didn't catch it in my spam filter in time)?

    8. Missing avatar

      ice on

      I opted in for the physical reward (ps4) and would really like to play at release day (on ps4). Do we get a tracking-id at the time of shipping? Playing on Steam is nice too but starting over after a week or two could be a bummer ;) (or is it possible to change the steam-key to a ps4 one?)

    9. Ryan Wallace on

      No worries on the Switch version being a little late, I preordered the game on PSN so I can play right away when launch is here! This is the 2nd Kickstarter game I backed and will have my name in the credits... Joe Mad is awesome, can't wait for Darksiders III either!!!

    10. Walter Chan on

      Is the checkout page for upgrades not working? I clicked "Continue", but the page simply stays as is and I don't see any transactions for this upgrade in my transaction history.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Airship Syndicate
      I asked now about addon because I have already asked about it a couple of month ago and addon was still not available and it was said to me that on release that could be possible, but it was never stated how.
      My concerns are: I want another copy of the game on another platform (it could be another pc copy or a console one) and I would like to have the chaoseater dlc included with that copy. I still don't know how dlc would work on steam and GOG (that usually have issue with unlock dlc). For now I selected steam as my reward copy, but would like some more information that should be now available as we are close to release.
      Can you clarify on that?

    12. Quentin Soubeyrol on

      Please don't make the delay for the switch, Yooka-Laylee long...

    13. Ricky Heyer on

      Will the Switch version be able to run at 60 fps and 1080p when connected to the TV?

    14. Juris Storm

      Sorry if I missed it, but what exactly is the physical upgrade? Just the box?

    15. sleepyasianman

      Thanks for keeping us updated and keep 'em coming!

      Would rather you take your time on the Switch than sending out a broken product!

    16. Avatar40k on

      Thank you for the extra Steam key with physical upgrades. I appreciate that, and I never mind waiting for more polish. I wish more studios were willing to extend deadlines, in order to deliver a better product.
      Keep up the great work!

      @jake (From an email they sent end of August)
      1. Log in to and make sure you've redeemed your Kickstarter code (from a previous email). Backers who purchased directly from the web store can skip this step.

      2. Make sure your pledge package is UNLOCKED in the Codes and Inventory section of the site.

      3. Head to and pick the upgrade you'd like! Please ensure your choice matches your platform selection in the survey.

    17. jake on

      If one wanted to upgrade their physical rewards, how/where exactly would one do that?

    18. Graham Russell on

      I'm 10hours in, really enjoying the game. Nice job

    19. Missing avatar

      Hickem on

      So Switch backers have to wait? Not asking a release date but the delay will be a couple of months or less?

    20. Dott on

      Good luck for the Switch release date and the Unity issues.
      I'll wait for it.