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Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape.
Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
14,175 backers pledged $856,354 to help bring this project to life.

Release Date!



How about a release date?!

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is coming October 3rd, 2017!

Pre-orders on Amazon, Steam and others have opened... signalling the official close to the sale of pledge packages (which had continued through our website). Thank you to everyone who supported us.

You should have gotten your backer survey email, so check your inbox (and spam/junk folders)!

Up next, beta date... hold on to your butts! 


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    1. Gustavo Sanchez on

      Same here, I havent received my backer survey. How can I have it resent?

    2. Lindsey Koos

      Is there a way to have my backer survey resent?

    3. KamenRider Sutan on

      is there still an option to get a physical copy as opposed to digital?

    4. TouchGameplay

      Fix your shitty Website. It`s asking me for some screwed up 2FA Device Code that i had never entered at all or get sent to.

      This issue does exist since day one and nobody of your Team took the time since then to fix your Online Garbage.

    5. Todd L. Clifford

      Going back over my KS and noticed that I still haven't gotten my invite to the Pledge Manager either.

    6. Matthew Pichette on

      I haven't received my backer survey, it's not my inbox nor junk folder. What should I do?

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      I have not gotten my backer email and I always check my spam folder regularly and I have never received it. Can I get some information on this please.

    8. Sumeet Vats on

      Hey there! have tried to contact you via the page with no response, and I understand you're super busy, but like a few other backers, I never received my backer survey nor is it in my junk folder, please send out the survey when you are able!

    9. Won Lee on

      I haven't got backer survey email also.

    10. Missing avatar

      Qelric on

      I haven't had an email, there's nothing I my spam folder. What should I do?

    11. Dejan Holmstrand on

      @PeterSmith you are my god �

    12. Joshua Brumley on

      I chose the Switch option as well, hopefully I'll be in a place to DL the game when I get the code. Might even pick up the physical version if it comes into existence.
      Heh... makes me wonder when ESV: Skyrim will be released on Switch, October was also tossed around as a possible month. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Smith on

      For anyone who missed or accidentally deleted the survey e-mail if you had made an account at for the previous kickstarter activation key (it was for stuff like the comic).

      I was able to login under my account and fill the survey under "my account"

    14. Dejan Holmstrand on

      Ye, same here, no mail QQ. Contacted the support

    15. Miguel Moreira on

      I got my e-mail prior to this update. :) I really want that PS4 physical version. I don't mind if I have to pay a little extra. *-*

    16. NeLk on

      The survey gives the option to go for Nintendo Switch as a platform!!! YAYYYYY BATTLECHASERS ON THE GO!!!!

    17. Joe on

      @Airship Thanks for the info....looks like it had gotten caught up in a bunch of other emails i had cleared out and hadnt caught it at first as it wasnt from Kickstarter :) All good now.

    18. Bryce Nielsen

      Same as Trevor. I inputted the code, unlocked the package, and typed in my shipping info but when I returned to the account page all the information is blank.

    19. Trevor Daniel Anthony Gregory on

      i filled out the survey, and it said it saved. but when i went back, everything was blank.

    20. Airship Syndicate Creator

      Hey all - if you didn't get a survey, please let us know at Try searching your e-mail for "airship syndicate", the e-mails will be coming directly from us and NOT Kickstarter. Thank you!

    21. Melvin Co on

      received an email and filled up the survey ...
      but I'm not sure what it is for me. mine's just a basic tier.
      regardless ... let's get it on!!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Raul Raudales on

      No survey email - checked all folders :(

    23. Larry on

      i got my backer email about 3 days ago after a through search of my emails XD

    24. Bill McCollum on

      Also, can't wait to see the last 3 issues of the comic when released! :D

    25. Carlos Meinedo on

      Never mind, false alarm. I searched under "Airship Syndicate" and found the backer survey. My bad. All set up. When will we be able to choose the platform?

    26. Donoho on

      Backer Survey from:

    27. venoxis on

      never got my backer survey, not in my junk folder either.

    28. Michael Nicholas on

      Good to hear release date but I haven't received the survey email.

    29. Anthony LAURENT on

      Finally ... Awesome news

    30. Anthony LAURENT on

      Finally ... Awesome news

    31. Tiago Cruz on

      Haven't got a survey e-mail either. By the way will we be notified to choose our platform soon?

    32. Jimmy Van Hecke on

      Hence, every European twitched in unison upon reading that outlandish datetime format

    33. Johnny Segura on

      I never got my survey, either. :(

    34. Aj Kolb on

      Awesome news! keep at it!

    35. Eli Butcher on

      Still waiting for the way to request the Xbox version rather than the Steam version.

    36. Missing avatar


      Nice! Excited to play :D

    37. Missing avatar

      Emil Jessen on

      Great! Absolutely can't wait for this game and the awesome stuff physical stuff that follows with the pledge I made! :D I haven't recieved the survey e-mail either though :)

    38. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Heh, thanks for writing out the date underneath the image. My non 'murican brain was struggling with the concept of this coming out in the past on the 10th of March.. :P
      Still seems a fair ways off, good to know in advance anyway though.

      I *Have* received my survey email - got it a few days ago. Hmm, mine was from 'airship syndicate' if that helps in you guys searching or whatever.

    39. Lauriston Davis on

      I have not received and email survey as well. what can i do?

    40. Mike Hancoski on

      No email comment #50456
      No survey email here either. Any updates on this issue?

    41. Carlos Meinedo on

      No survey email here either. Any updates on this issue?

    42. Jim Schultz on

      No email here either.

    43. Missing avatar

      Peter Smith on

      checked spam and no e-mail here unless it was sent out more than like 2 weeks back

    44. Missing avatar

      Jon Chinnery on

      No email here either.

    45. Donald Ferguson on

      This is my first kickstarter project but I'm a loong time BC fan. Other than the survey is there anything else I need to do other than let the developers know which format I want the game in? Sorry if this is kickstarter 101 info but I'm playing catchup on the recent info. Thanks!

    46. Joe on

      same as the others, no email received yet.

    47. Damion Blake on

      No survey email here, either. How do we get it?

    48. Gustavo Sanchez on

      Haven't received my survey email yet, checked everywhere.

    49. Jens Hennig on

      why do you announce an release date if you're not even in beta?
      What if beta starts just 4 weeks before release and the people think its broken?

      I don't like this move. First betadate and after testing releasedate makes more sense too me.