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Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
Classic JRPG combat meets action packed dungeons and stylish storytelling. Use skills and strategy to survive a lush, brutal landscape. If you missed the campaign, you can still contribute on!
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    1. Jake Haertig on

      I'm not sure I understand how to upgrade to physical.

    2. Calvin Knowlton on

      Will the Beta be available on Xbox One in Jan/Feb (hopefully!) If so , as a backer, will we have a code we can use to jump in or will it be available to the public?

      Getting so pumped... been a Battle Chasers fan since day 1 back in '98!

    3. Missing avatar

      placoly on

      Hello ... Just a question, it seems your website is down, is it permanently ?

      thx for your great work

      Best regards


    4. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Chun on

      you guys probably already know but just in case, the battlechasers website seems to be down as of Oct 12 2016 8:51am. I am also looking forward to not only the game but the continuation of a great story! Thanks Syndicate!

    5. Eli Butcher on

      Will there be an option to simply choose the digital for Xbox, rather than having to do the digital on PC, or a hardcopy on Xbox?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nanashi on

      glad to see i can upgrade to physical as well.

    7. Burt L. Welch on

      Glad to see that the addition of the physical game has been made an option - truly a great way to put a capstone on a great campaign.

      Would like to take a moment to ask about the comics: in light of the understandable delay for the physical release, will the comics likewise be pushed to the right to coincide with that release? Very excited to hear about the way ahead.

      Congratulations to the team again, truly great news. As a fellow Austin dweller - owe you all a round.

    8. Josh Dusel on

      You subtly slipped in the delay among so much greatness, I'm not even mad.

    9. Jimmy Van Hecke on

      I had no idea you were at these exhibitions!

      Does that mean that there are new gameplay videos out there for us as well?

    10. 18 on

      Is there a chance that the physical copies of this game will have some type of backer exclusive front and back cover art, different type of manual, backer exclusive in game/ DLC weapon, magic power, hidden character &/or a Battle Chasers: Nightwar steelbook for example with it that non backers/ retailers wont get?

    11. 18 on

      Glad to see backers can get the option to upgrade to the physical version of Battle Chaser: NightWar. Wish WayForward/ XSEED GAMES could have done something like this for Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero. I know there allot of Mighty No.9 Backers that wanted something like this as well.

      I hope more companies that use crowd funding sites to promote their computer game(s), get their project(s) funded and eventually find a publisher to create the physical verson of the digital game that got funded, give backers the oppotunity to be able to upgrade to the physical version of the game they backed.

    12. Scoey

      Wow! It's looking EPIC !!!

    13. Beh Kok Seng

      Only three characters playable during combat? Hope can increase to four.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Lee on

      Will it be playable on 360?

    15. Kaho on

      I haven't played the game at PAX West, but does the battle system involve ATB? Just to keep the gameplay more fluid rather than turn based only.

    16. Missing avatar

      kaih on

      only 5 dungeons were programmed? i though thre will be a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Ulkhror on

      The best update so far!
      So good to hear about the game and to read such great news!

    18. Christoph Zürcher on

      The previews I read about Battle Chasers very all very positive, congrats. Nice to hear about the Nordic partnership too. Can't wait to get my hands on the final game!

    19. Frank Carr

      Fishing is okay and all; but we still have a tavern mini-game, right? Because I easy looking forward to that.

    20. Eddie E. Givens, Jr. on

      Great update, all! Looking forward to Alpha access! :)

    21. Mark O'Toole on

      First of all, congratulations guys on teaming with THQNordic. They've got Darksiders, so it must be nice to be 'home' a little bit? :D

      Everything sounds cool, except I have one issue.

      The Fishing.

      Fishing mini-games are becoming increasingly common in games now and they are starting to feel a little lazy and honestly it would've been nicer to see you guys doing something more unique to stand out from the crowd like the artwork deserves!

      Keeping things in the taverns would've been more interesting (arm-wrestling? Drinking games? Fighting pits?)

    22. Airship Syndicate Creator

      Physical for PC as well, yes :)

    23. Mr.Monttu

      Oh...and the game upgrades sounds rad. ^^

    24. Mr.Monttu

      No physical version for PC or was there one already? Don't have either of the consoles...but might pick physical version, coz the cover art will be sweet. x3

    25. Joshua Miller on

      Looks awesome, keep it up!

      Awesome of you guys to do shout outs to other projects too, love it! <3

    26. Galen Ryder on

      I played the demo at PAX, really impressed it felt very polished for pre-alpha. I also didn't realize you guys were using my friends at Power-Up Audio for the sound which is awesome. Joey from Power-Up was manning the booth and informed me that I was one of the few people to make it through the boss fight with my whole party intact.

    27. Scott Hernandez on

      Played Battle Chasers at the GameStop Expo and it was fantastic! Really looking forward to the release next year. You guys have a winner on your hands. Loved it.

    28. Cor Leonis on

      Looking great! Awesome stuff guys keep it up.