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University textbooks cost too much. So I've been writing my own - a critical thinking & logic book - to give to my students for free.
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Brendan Myers

707 backers pledged $16,872 to help bring this project to life.

Almost there!

Good morning everyone!

Thanks to all of you, the Campaign for Clear and Present Thinking is doing quite well. We are now at 93% of the goal, with less than $400 remaining!

I'm thankful to everyone. Even to those who pledged small amounts. I think of it like an election that is decided on the basis of seven or fewer votes.

Today, we have less than two weeks to go. I'm optimistic that we will reach the minimum goal, with your help. Yet I am also ambitious that before the campaign finishes, on the morning of 7th July, we could reach $10,000. That will allow me to create a French language edition of the text. Such a goal may be difficult, but it's not impossible; other KStart campaigns in similar fields have raised more money in less time. But this has happened only with the help of the project's backers.

So as always, I encourage you to spread the word on all your social networks! :-)

With your help, we could reach the minimum goal as early as today, and the stretch goal in ten days!

(By the way, I hope I'm not prodding all of you too often about this. There's a hard-to-define line between too much and too little promotion, and that line moves around all the time. But I digress.)

Again, THANK YOU for helping to improve the cost and lower the quality of education for all my students, and potentially many thousands more across the world.



    1. Creator Nick Mailer on June 28, 2012

      I hope you will release this under some sort of Creative Commons or similar Free Culture licence.

    2. Creator Pierre Blanchet on June 28, 2012

      Yes, same here, and as Wollstonecraft had 2936 backers, I see that there is a nice tumbling of backers on your project right now..... :-)) I hope this brings your project over the 10K mark it deserves it ! Good work, Brendan

    3. Creator Raja Thiagarajan on June 28, 2012

      Hi! Just to let you know, I found out about your project from another Kickstarter project, Wollstonecraft (see Update # 25 there). I'm happy to support you!