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€69,467 pledged of €95,000 goal
By Revolutek
€69,467 pledged of €95,000 goal

[IMPORTANT MESSAGE] Own-Mailbox Reloaded


Message en français en bas.

The Kickstarter campaign for Own-Mailbox will not succeed, at least not for now. With almost 1000 backers and €70 000 potentially collected, it shows however that the public is interested by the Own-Mailbox concept.

An incredibly interesting idea that we got 3 days ago during a discussion with experts, made us think again our initial intention to abandon the Own-Mailbox project. Indeed it would make so much sense and bring Own-Mailbox to a so much higher level that it would be really a pity not to do it. If we implement this idea, on top of protecting your emails content, it will host anonymous e-mail addresses, i.e the geographical location of your Own-Mailbox will be hidden, including to us. It will also protect the information that 2 given Own-Mailbox users have exchanged emails.

Also you should know that if we were to do a new crowd-funding campaign we would have a lot more prepared media strategy, and probably a lot more support from experts. It would be a lot easier to reach people, and raise funds.

If you want to know about the technical and organizational details for the Own-Mailbox Reloaded it's there: https://www.own-mailbox.com/reloaded.html

We need you to tell us whether you want us to do this or not. Please if you would be willing to back us again in 3 to 5 months, in order to get this so much improved version of Own-Mailbox let us know by subscribing this list: https://www.own-mailbox.com/backersen/

Thanks so much for the support and trust you already gave us, you are the Own-Mailbox project, we thank you for your implication,

Pierre and Romain


La campagne Kickstarter de Own-Mailbox ne va pas aboutir, du moins pas directement. Avec près de 1000 backers et 70 000€ potentiellement récoltée elle a tout de même clairement montré un intérêt du public pour la Own-Mailbox.

Il y a 3 jours une idée très excitante est née de notre discussions avec des experts en sécurité et nous a fait changé d'avis sur le fait d'abandonner le projet suite à une campagne non réussie. En fait l'application de cette idée donnerait une toute autre portée à la Own-Mailbox et il serait dommage de ne pas le faire. Avec cette idée, en plus de protéger le contenu de vos emails cela permettrait d'héberger de manière anonyme une adresse email, c'est à dire que la localisation géographique de votre Own-Mailbox sera cachée, y compris pour nous. La Own-Maibox Reloaded protégerait également l'information que deux utilisateurs Own-Mailbox donnés ont échangé un mail.

Si nous lançons une nouvelle campagne de financement participatif pour ce nouveau concept, nous auront une stratégie de communication auprès des média mieux préparée et plus de soutien des experts. Ce sera beaucoup plus facile d'atteindre les gens et de lever des fonds.

Si cette proposition pour la Own-Mailbox Reloaded reçoit de l'engouement, nous créerons une nouvelle campagne de financement participatif probablement aux alentours de Janvier 2016. Nous demandons à nos backers actuels de nous indiquer s'ils sont à priori prêts à soutenir cette évolution du projet Own-Mailbox, en s'inscrivant sur la liste de diffusion française de la Own-Mailbox Reloaded : https://www.own-mailbox.com/backersfr/

Si vous souhaitez avoir les détails techniques et organisationnels pour la Own-Mailbox Reloaded c'est ici : https://www.own-mailbox.com/reloaded-fr.html

Votre soutien nous est toujours aussi important, vous êtes le projet Own-Mailbox, nous vous remercions pour votre implication,

Pierre et Romain

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    1. Revolutek Creator on October 7, 2015

      @Nickolai Leschov

      Sorry for replying only now, I understand your discontent about us answer only now, but we've been over-busy, and we did not see your message.

      1.-Concerning the review of the code we announced that we are going to to have the community be implicated to review the code from day 0. We already have a list of 30 devs willing to do that. We are starting to have a good network including contacts with many security experts including some tor, debian, mozilla and mailpile devs.

      We are going to think about having a paid audit by some external company, but it is not always that easy,

      2-The fact that Allwinner violates some license does not make any difference to the fact that we don't run any non-free software on it, and that our Board is open-hardware. Unfortunately I don't think there are many big companies that produce processors, that don't do something evil at some point, or that we can give ultimate trust in last resort.

      3*. As we mentioned, we will publish security updates regularly. Partnering with a fondation could be a good idea, but 10 000$ is a lot for us, for now.


    2. Missing avatar

      Dis on October 5, 2015

      I enrolled your subscribing list for the improved version of own-mailbox, because I still believe in it. Keep the candle burning guys.

    3. Nickolai Leschov on October 4, 2015

      As a potential backer (I have pledged a minimal amount, just to be able to comment, which I feel is fair) I am troubled by the fact that you are pushing to (re-)launch your campaign, yet doing nothing to address the concerns that I (Nickolai Leschov) and PEB raised in the Comments section 6 days ago. It is one thing to disregard the voice of your potential users if you are making money hand over fist, but if you are failing to meet your goals, maybe you should try listening to them?

      Before I believe that your product is able to provide better security and privacy than the status quo (email service from a multi-billion-dollar company) and that it is actually open source, I want to have evidence to this end. If you can't be bothered to answer to your potential backers, then I believe I will be be better off with the free offering service from a multi-billion-dollar company and will urge everyone else to do so: at least the established company has much more manpower dedicated to working on the product, is unlikely to stop operating soon and likely to do security right, which is more than can be said about Revolutek so far.

      If, on the other hand, you are serious about this project, I suggest you should answer all the comments you are getting in a timely manner (there aren't many).

      To sum it up, here are the points that stop me personally from backing this project and heavily recommending it to others:

      1. There's no evidence that your product is secure. Without proper security, my email is free from the eyes of service provider, but only until the eyes and hands of the first script kiddie, which is to say that the net benefit of using your product would be negative. I am personally not able to audit the code; you did not answer my question whether any security expert has or will audit it and vouch for your work; and you didn't answer the concerns PEB has raised.

      2. You say 'Free Software and Open hardware is important' to you, yet you are using an Allwinner CPU. Allwinner has been notorious for violating GPL license in several ways and unwilling to change. Allwinner is a somewhat popular choice because it's so cheap, but I believe it is not possible to run an open source system on an Allwinner CPU. Maybe you should pick up an alternative? There are several. Again, you did not answer this question.

      3*. If there's a vulnerability in the software on these devices, who updates it? Maybe you could improve long-term credibility of your product by partnering with some well-known open-source organization that known to be and will be around for a long time, so that, if you will go out of business, there will be someone else to look at at least some of your code? e.g. OpenBSD Foundation, freeBSD Foundation, etc. I know that in 2015 $10,000 gets you the status of Silver Donor of OpenBSD Foundation; the one that Facebook, Google and Yandex have (that's how underfunded they are).

      These are the issues I have with your product so far, that stop me from wholeheartedly funding it, urging others to do so, and maybe even promote it on the internet (I've been doing that to the projects that I especially like).

      * Suggested by Colin Percival, author of tarsnap ('Online Backups for the Truly Paranoid') and long-time FreeBSD Security Officer.