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Making delicious cocktails and smoothies is about to get a whole lot easier. Recipes, ingredients, ice - all delivered to your door!
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September 2016; Good News Update!

Posted by Adam MacDonald (Creator)
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I have some exciting news!  Tomorrow, I will be broadcasting live from the Drink in a Box page on Facebook. The very first Drink In A Box recipe session.  I will be using the Ginger Mojito as the example and showing people how to use the box when mixing drinks at home. Tomorrow, it begins!

We have already started rolling out the boxes, to friends, family and now, to our awesome KickStarter fan base!  This means.... if you want a box in the next month or so, you can contact me here on KickStarter, or email me directly on  

If you want a box later on, no worries.  In due time, we will have promo codes for all KickStarter Reward members that will give you access to our webshop and you can go crazy!  

We have 3 boxes going out on Friday and 8 Boxes going out on Saturday.  Easy does it as we start the engine. 

The web shop is still in "production mode" but will be ready... you know, when it's ready!  

Even though on Friday I will be going live on Facebook, we will also be supporting each box with a professional instructional video for our You Tube channel.  First date of shooting has been set for the 11th October.   Same film crew who shot the brilliant KickStarter video!  Really looking forward to seeing what we come up with for these videos!

I also owe many of you personalised video thank you messages.  This has not been forgotten and I am a man of my word.  These will come and I'm really happy to have such a wonderful group of supporters who clearly understand the goal, the mission and have given me the time to get things right.

If you wish to claim your Reward, please email me or message me here on Kickstarter and I will make sure we get you sorted out.  

Welcome to the a drink revolution!  You're playing a huge part in this and it will never be forgotten.  

Thank you thank you thank you!!  

See you at the bar


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