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Making delicious cocktails and smoothies is about to get a whole lot easier. Recipes, ingredients, ice - all delivered to your door!
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15 DOWN - 15 TO GO

Posted by Adam MacDonald (Creator)
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The campaign is half way there and we have 15 days left.  Every since we went live, every day from then until now has had an event happening that our parent company Liquid Engineers has been incharge of.  This has taken away precious time for promoting the campaign, however, as of tomorrow, things are looking up for promotion and getting all those people who have "promised to pledge", on board.  

With 15 days left, I feel confident that we will get to our target and I thank you all for being the super early birds and showing your support!

On the production side of things, we have some new price quotes for boxes that are fully printed which look great and a change of quality in our "zip lock ice bags" has been successful.  Some of our testing bags were very water proof and others were a little bit leaky... Obviously, we would like to reduce the condensation and leaking as much as humanly possible.  The bags are working now and look fantastic.  

Test samples are being sent on events with Adam and his team and the buzz they are generating is very promising.

Update #1, complete. :-)  x

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