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$49,972 pledged of $50,000 goal
$49,972 pledged of $50,000 goal

Kickstarter Funding fell short by $28 and future plans

Thank you all for your support, but I am afraid that we came up $28 short on our Alpha Colony Kickstarter. I know many of you offered to increase your pledges or suggest that we simply redo the Kickstarter again, but Kickstarter is very strict about their terms and (for now) our project will not be funded. Obviously, we are very disappointed. We have invested 10 months and over $60,000 of our own money into this project.

We appreciate all of your feedback and criticisms (especially with regard to improving our promotion and press coverage and lessened focus on the desktop platforms) as well as ideas for a future Kickstarter effort. For now, our team needs to feed our families, so we are going to focus our efforts on projects with more immediate demand and financial rewards such as getting Championship Spades out for tablets and smartphones as well as updating our existing card and board game lineup for desktop PC and Mac. Given that Christopher has been trying to build Alpha Colony for almost 14 years, it is unlikely this will be the end for Alpha Colony. However, we do have to be a responsible business and accept the reality of where we are at the moment and do what is best for our team.

Although many of you considered us falling $28 short really unfair, in the end, it is perhaps for the best. To be committed to deliver our dream game underfunded, understaffed, and leaving us all broke would have been even more heartbreaking than not funding at all. I believe there is still a way to build Alpha Colony in all of it's glory (for Linux and Mac with multiplayer!) and we simply need to find the right means to make it happen. Whether that be through a private publisher or another better-promoted Kickstarter or some other means is unclear at the moment, but we will keep you appraised of where we are going!

If you have not already, please Like Alpha Colony and DreamQuest Games on FaceBook as this is the best way for us to keep you appraised of our future plans for Alpha Colony as they unfold and to get early notification of any future Kickstarter so you can help us make sure it succeeds gloriously the next time around!

Thank you,

Christopher and the entire Alpha Colony Team at DreamQuest Games


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    1. KazuyaDarklight on December 5, 2012

      It may not be ideal but, as long as you're determined to create a finished product, has anyone looked at Under their flexible funding option you can run a campaign where you still get some money even if you don't meet your goal. Kind of like running a campaign where people default to individual donation mode (which is always another option) if it misses the goal.

    2. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on December 3, 2012

      @Andrew - There are lots of backers that would have thrown in that last $28 if there had been time. I'm one of them. If you read S.D.'s post about watching the end of the KS (in the main comments section for this KS) you'll see that there was simply no way to do that. I had been watching the clock and I know that this was still almost $1,000 short with 20 minutes to go. I figured it was a lost cause and I stopped watching then, but S.D. tells what happened after that.

      Apparently, pledges came in fast enough to get it to about $900 short with only a few seconds to go. Then someone suddenly pledged $800+, leaving it $28 short with just a couple of seconds left on the clock. Noone expected that and, when it happened, noone could possibly pledge those last few dollars in the few seconds remaining. There just wasn't time.

    3. Shane Ching on December 3, 2012

      Good luck in the future , I have facebook linked to your two facebook accounts
      I made me sad that we didn't make it because I felt it was us the backers had let you down.
      You had the courage to re-try again after the first failure and then you wrote a very good article about "How to fail a Kickstarter" where you identified what you did wrong in the first campaign.
      Please remember in life we all have failures but it's how we get up off the floor and retry again that defines us as people.…

    4. Andrew Soderberg on December 3, 2012

      I was really looking forward to this. I was an Atari employee (Computer Div.) when M.U.L.E. was released in 1983.

      I too appreciate where the creators have to focus now... But I can't get the following questions out of my head. Who from the project team was watching the Kickstarter clock at the last few minutes before closing? Had every favor been already called upon, such that there was no-one left that could not have anted-up a lousy $28 bucks before time ran out to get the project funded?

      I too would have upped my pledge had I been online that evening. I had looked earlier in the day and felt comfortable with the trend line that it was going to happen. The number of Kickstarter projects that 'fail' so close to their goals is very small. On a percentage basis (missed it by 0.00056%) this must be a new record. Very Sad Indeed.

    5. Andy Bates on December 3, 2012

      Man that sucks. If I had been paying any kind of attention I would have happily upped my pledge by 30 bucks to make this happen.

      So sorry that this happened and totally understand about needing to feed your families, but make sure that you email when you try again, on Kickstarter or through other means.

      Best wishes!