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$49,972 pledged of $50,000 goal
$49,972 pledged of $50,000 goal

Save Alpha Colony and become one of the legendary 12

The Colony, and the lives of all the colonists are in danger. The fate of Alpha Colony hangs in the balance. Legend has foretold however, that in the Colony’s darkest hour… 12 saviors would rise to lead the Colony to safety!

The Elders say, they will be called the Architects. They wield the power to shape the course of history. Three by three the Architects will come. Who will step up and rescue our Colony? Will they arrive in time?

In honor of these trying times, we are offering our VIP reward tiers at more than 50% off for our final 4 days!

As the Colony’s desperate plea reaches across the galaxy… YOU have the power to save Alpha Colony. Will you answer the call?

Join the Sacred Twelve:

Three Architects of Light will bestow blessings upon the colonists. (Design a positive in-game Event)

Three Architects of Destruction will maintain balance in the Colony by dealing swift, divine justice and challenge. (Design a challenging in-game Event)

Three Architects of Life will introduce new alien lifeforms to the Colony, and bestow them with innate abilities necessary for survival in the harshest outreaches of the galaxy. (Design a playable race)

Three Planetary Architects will summon new planets into existence around the Colonists, filled with new resources and challenges. (Design a playable map)

The Rewards of Being an Architect:

All the Architects will have the Colony’s undying gratitude. They will also receive the VIP Kickstarter Rewards tier at %50 off their original price. These reward packages include:

  • Game Designer credit in-game, which will recognize your creative contribution.
  • Three Collector’s Edition DVD Game Boxes and an additional Collector’s Edition DVD Game Box signed by the entire Alpha Colony team.
  • A collectible, limited-edition figurine.
  • A 4-color, die-cut vinyl sticker.
  • Exclusive VIP forum access, including to our Alpha preview.
  • A Kickstarter-Exclusive T-shirt.
  • A Kickstarter-exclusive Alpha Colony iPad 2 or 3 skin.
  • Exclusive Beta access to early prototypes of the game.
  • A Kickstarter-Exclusive, in-game, playable bonus race.
  • Digital Wallpaper Download.
  • Digital Soundtrack Download.
  • A Kickstarter-exclusive in-game First Colonists Badge.
  • Full Digital Game Download for all funded platforms.


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