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$49,972 pledged of $50,000 goal
$49,972 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Derek Hatfield on November 29, 2013

      I just saw this on the app store, it isn't connected to you guys at all eh?

    2. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on December 5, 2012

      Hi all, on a different point, just wanted to draw your attention to a biography that's being written up about Ocean Software - you know, that iconic game development/publishing company. If that's something you're interested in, please check out the link to their KS.

    3. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on December 3, 2012

      Well I can certainly understand your reasoning. All the very best for the future Christopher & DreamQuest Games both with Championship Spades as well as the other game developments. Hope to hear about Alpha Colony again in the not too distant future. ;-) Take care!

    4. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on December 3, 2012

      Thank you all for your support, but I am afraid that we came up $28 short on our Alpha Colony Kickstarter. I know many of you offered to increase your pledges or suggest that we simply redo the Kickstarter again, but Kickstarter is very strict about their terms and (for now) our project will not be funded. Obviously, we are very disappointed. We have invested 10 months and over $60,000 of our own money into this project.

      We appreciate all of your feedback and criticisms (especially with regard to improving our promotion and press coverage and lessened focus on the desktop platforms) as well as ideas for a future Kickstarter effort. For now, our team needs to feed our families, so we are going to focus our efforts on projects with more immediate demand and financial rewards such as getting Championship Spades out for tablets and smartphones as well as updating our existing card and board game lineup for desktop PC and Mac. Given that Christopher has been trying to build Alpha Colony for almost 14 years, it is unlikely this will be the end for Alpha Colony. However, we do have to be a responsible business and accept the reality of where we are at the moment and do what is best for our team.

      Although many of you considered us falling $28 short really unfair, in the end, it is perhaps for the best. To be committed to deliver our dream game underfunded, understaffed, and leaving us all broke would have been even more heartbreaking than not funding at all. I believe there is still a way to build Alpha Colony in all of it's glory (for Linux and Mac with multiplayer!) and we simply need to find the right means to make it happen. Whether that be through a private publisher or another better-promoted Kickstarter or some other means is unclear at the moment, but we will keep you appraised of where we are going!

      If you have not already, please Like Alpha Colony and DreamQuest Games on FaceBook as this is the best way for us to keep you appraised of our future plans for Alpha Colony as they unfold and to get early notification of any future Kickstarter so you can help us make sure it succeeds gloriously the next time around!

      Thank you,

      Christopher and the entire Alpha Colony Team at DreamQuest Games

    5. Missing avatar

      on December 3, 2012


      The majority of Gamers are not shifting to either mobile or tablets. Gamers are not deciding they dislike playing complex games with high degrees of interaction on large screens in favor of very simple games with virtually no interaction due to the limited controls, on screens a couple of inches large.

      We can see this evidenced by the comparitively small revenue reported from Mobile by game companies.

      This is the equivalent of the Wii, a high degree of novelty factor caused some few pieces of software to move massive units, while the majority of products sit.

      I will guarantee you that Gamers are not deciding to abandon the existing platforms for a 4" screen. We can see this in practice, both Microsoft and Sony moved over a half a million consoles on Black Friday. Microsoft alone moved 750,000 units in one day. Which is pretty close to what Apple was projecting for first day sales of the IPad 3.

    6. Xander Mol on December 3, 2012

      Very sad to see the campaign came just $28 short. I surely would have upped my pledge with US$ 30 to help if I would have seen it in time, but project closed when I was sleeping (living in the Netherlands, Europe).

      As I considered my pledge to be quite large already I was not willing to go to an even higher tier before.
      Shame. The premisse of the game looked very promissing.

      By the way: on the PC versus tablets debate: no clue what the overall statistics are, but I came in for the tablet version. I hardly use my desktop nowadays for anything other than downloading and some photo/document editing, I did not use my desktop (which I bought 2 years ago as very high end specifically with gaming in mind) for gaming in over a year or so.
      Also I observe that more and more people solely play games on their tablet or mobile phone by lack of time to play on their desktop or console.
      Of course, the desktop and console is still quite popular with a very specific target audience of hardcore gamers, but the majority is shifting to mobile only if I look around to the people I know and see.

      Problem is that probably most casual and mobile only games do not frequent Kickstarter, while hardcore gamers are hardcore enough to do. That might be a reason for mobile game projects failing at KS, where PC games don't.

      For me Alpha Colony looked like a prime example of a game that I want to play on a tablet and probably never would have played on a PC though.

      Shame this project will now not finish anytime soon, but respect of course the decision of the project creators to focus on other needs now. Lots of success and strength dealing with this disappointment.

    7. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on December 2, 2012

      @RSF - I guess all we can do is speculate, but to have a project fail by that small a fraction is just painful. S.D. may be right about that last second pledge. The timing and amount is just too coincidental, but we can only guess why they opted to come up short, yet not give anyone else a chance to make up the difference.

    8. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on December 2, 2012

      Interesting discussion here everyone. I must admit I was intrigued why we weren't seeing the majority of the previous backers come on-board for the second go around. I think part of the overall fund-raising problem may have been incentive add-ons. Jumping tiers is fine, but a lot of people like the freedom to add $$ for particular items that they might want & thereby customise their pledge. Often this helps draw a backer to spend more.
      There was also a number of projects all completing at about the same time, so rather than competing for dollars from backers, I think the project was competing for attention / time. I know, given the campaign closing times, I had to try focus on spreading word about one project, then another, then another, before I could really start focusing here for Alpha Colony.
      @S.D. Thanks for sharing that. I wasn't sure how it all panned out in the end, since I had to be away during that last 90 mins or so. I really appreciate the support from yourself, Chez, JuanitaD, Monty/Hawke and the others.

    9. Ian Kelly on December 2, 2012

      Er, never mind. Reading the campaign page again I see now that Mac was not actually included until $130K, so I've just put my foot in my mouth.

    10. Ian Kelly on December 2, 2012

      @Gatt - I don't necessarily disagree with your view on the mobile gaming market, but I don't share your view that this campaign had a focus on mobile gaming or that the PC version was an afterthought. The game was targeted at PC and Mac from the beginning. If anything was an afterthought, it was the Android and Ouya ports.

    11. Ian Kelly on December 2, 2012

      The limit of ten seems not to be very strict, anyway. Just a couple of days ago the Lost Legends kickstarter finished, where the $700 reward was essentially twelve copies of the $59 reward.

    12. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on December 2, 2012

      @Sean - Are you sure that KS changed the rules about multiple copies? I just looked at their FAQ's for project creators and all it says is that "Rewards in bulk quantities (more than ten of an item)" are prohibited. So, there should be no problem with tiers that give 2 or 3.

      @Gatt - I agree with you on the mobile thing. I see more and more gaming companies that seem to think that mobile games are all people will ever want to play in the near future. And yes, things like Angry Birds can be a lot of fun on something handheld. But I really don't see everyone who uses a desktop trashing it in the near future - or at all - until there is a suitable replacement. Desktop computers are generally more comfortable to work with than smaller computers or mobile devices. I have an iPad3 and, while I use it for some things, I still use my PC 95% of the time for both productivity and gaming.

      Part of gaming for me is the immersion in the world created for the game. I can't see Half-Life, Skyrim, or WOW ever becoming so hugely popular if people were playing them on a 4"x6" screen with limited controls. Alpha Colony probably would have worked well on mobile, but I know I would have played it on my PC, even though I was getting both platforms.

    13. Missing avatar

      Muttala on December 2, 2012

      Dream Quest,
      I think there are excellent projects keep coming in making Alpha Colony a lot less appealing compare to the first round.

      Why don't you make the funding on your own website? That will have no time limit etc.

    14. Missing avatar

      on December 2, 2012

      I think part of the problem is the new kickstarter rules.

      On alot of these kind of kick starters they used to have get 2 or 3 copies of the game for double or triple... or less then double or triple the based pledge. I would often pledge for these multi packs without the physical rewards to get 2-3 copies of the game so I can give some to friends. but with the new rules on no multiple orders/copies are allowed and I am not going to make multiple accounts to get around it.

    15. Missing avatar

      on December 2, 2012


      The issue is that the second campaign played up it's weaknesses and failed to play up it's strentgh.

      The second campaign focused on Tablets, IOS, and Android. Tablets are a very small market, targetting them over the PC was a *massive* mistake. The installed base is very tiny compared to the installed base of PC's.

      Playing up IOS and Android is equally problematic, while they have theoretically large installed bases, it's on Mobile. Mobile is not a strong platform, despite what you hear in the news. Once you stop talking about Angry Birds, the platform is nowhere near as strong as Wall Street wants to believe, and what market there is caters to a wildly different demographic of gaming. That market is centered around novelty, and the evolution of handheld games. Novelty is a bad platform to identify with, as the Wii showed it loses it's luster quickly. Handheld games has never been a huge market, and definitely not one this product would appeal to.

      You can see this in practice, if you reference Kickstarter projects, you'll find that tablet/IOS/Android projects have a very high rate of failure compared to PC. Those few tablet/IOS/Androids that did succeed often did so on the back of the PC with a more PC focused campaign.

      Their only saving grace would have been appealing to the MULE crowd, which brings the PC market, but for some strange reason Dreamquest opted to treat both MULE and the PC as afterthoughts instead of primary focuses.

      So ultimately, the campaign's failure is directly attributable to the focus upon a small and often incorrectly assessed market instead of appealing to the extremely large and established market.

    16. Chaz the Paladin on December 2, 2012

      @S.D. That's interesting, and your perspective makes sense. I mean if you're going to go in for $800, why not $850 to push things over the edge. Like you say, if it was at $28 left for any length of time, somebody would have pushed it over the top. I know what you mean, it was RSF's advertising that brought me here. I chipped in mainly to try and help out than anything else.

    17. Joel Segerbäck on December 2, 2012

      Damn, only $30 from the goal :/

    18. Missing avatar

      Trevor G on December 2, 2012

      I feel like a cheapskate now. I only bumped up my pledge by $10. I was too busy to monitor it at the end.

    19. S.D. on December 2, 2012

      Folks who missed the end here... I *was* up for the final minutes, and it wasn't like a photo finish where it sat needing $28 for any reasonable length of time. I had doubled my (modest) pledge, with about 15 minutes to go, and still about $2K remaining. A few pledges trickled in, and brought it to about $1.8K remaining, and then *poof* it jumped to a touch over $49K. So, I tripled my (still modest) pledge, and it stayed needing another $1K until it came down to seconds. I had to stop watching around 70 seconds, it just seemed so unfair. My wife continued watching, as I went off to bed, and I heard a loud gasp... (her hands were up on her face as I walked back in). The final bump that put it up to $49972 appeared to come from one backer's pledge raise in the final seconds, when nobody could do anything at all (like single digits of seconds). That person raised by over $800 at once, but chose (WHY?!) not to go in another $28. My perspective is that it was on purpose, they did not have the funds available, and they wanted to make a point. Otherwise that pledge (and a corresponding comment!) could have come with a minute to go, and a chance for me (or others watching) to kick in the final dollars. I may not have had the passion and drive to pledge a hundred bucks for a non-Linux game on my own, but I would have done for my friends among the comments here (RSF, MontyHawke, JuanitaD) and more. Then, in the future, I could have browbeat Megan on the DreamQuest team into clicking the "export to Linux" button in Unity3D for me, anyway ;-)

    20. S.D. on December 2, 2012

      @Ian Kelly: Actually, there were hardly any differences between the first and second campaign offerings (they campaigns themselves were run differently, this one having learned so many lessons from the first). The two most visible differences that I saw were 1) the M.U.L.E. license, and 2) differences in platform support. Did the project *really* lose half it's audience in M.U.L.E. fans and Linux gamers?

    21. Ian Kelly on December 2, 2012

      @Shane Ching - Unfortunately, if you compare the numbers on this kickstarter to the previous one, that's clearly not the case. It's really puzzling to me where all the backers went; I thought there would be a lot more new pledges when Chris sent the update to the previous backers.

    22. Chaz the Paladin on December 2, 2012

      28?! To quote The Princess Bride "Inconceivable!" That's rough. I find it hard to believe that the interest isn't out there. Settlers of Catan and Civilization seem popular enough, Plus getting 100K for the price of 50K was an amazing deal. Anyway, good luck on your next project. It's completely understandable that you need to move on. Someday Alpha Colony will become a reality. Third time's the charm?

    23. Julien
      on December 2, 2012

      Hey Christopher, really sad it did not work out, and specially by such a short margin.
      All the best for your future endeavours, I am sure your game will materialise in one way or another.

    24. Jon Uzel on December 2, 2012

      After seeing this mentioned on the Shadowgate KS I came over and got in on this for 25, and I have to believe just a little more time or an earlier mention would have gotten a few more people doing the same. I think almost everyone here would have gladly chipped in the last 28 to make it go.

    25. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on December 2, 2012

      Thank you all for your support, but I am afraid that we came up $28 short on our Alpha Colony Kickstarter. Kickstarter is very strict about their terms and our project will not be funded. Obviously, we are very disappointed. We have invested 10 months and over $60,000 of our own money into this project. It is so frustrating to come so close, but clearly there simply isn't that much interest in
      building the kind of game I envisioned.

      I have already invested everything I have getting my dream this far (twice!) and now I must feed my family and focus on projects that will pay the bills. Thank you all for your support and help and I am sorry that we came up short. Perhaps we will try again at some future point once I have attended to my personal and team's immediate financial needs. I have been trying to build this game for almost 14 years so I doubt this is the end for Alpha Colony, but I do have to be responsible business owner and father and accept the reality of where we are at the moment and what the world wants.

    26. Jack Hierholzer on December 2, 2012

      Never seen one this close before. Wow.

    27. Shane Ching on December 2, 2012

      Please don't give up.....
      Do it again for a third time with the exactly the same details , set the deadline for 3 days or less.
      Contact each backer and ask them personally will they back at the same level again.
      I think EVERYBODY will say YES..
      I feel we the backers are getting cheated out of supporting this project.
      Please pleae don't give up,...

    28. Yourtime on December 2, 2012

      what? WHAT? noo.. :(

    29. Missing avatar

      Kim on December 2, 2012

      why dident i go on kickstarter when i woke upp today /cry

    30. Seumas Froemke on December 2, 2012

      This is unfortunate and the current workaround that some competing platforms have where it's "flexible" (meaning the project gets to take and keep anything you pledge right away, even if they never reach five percent of the goal) is not an adequate solution.

      I'd propose that something be implemented that takes into account the distance from the final goal and the recent velocity of pledges to make a determination about automatically extending the fundraising window. This would ensure that projects don't fail by a few dollars -- as well as providing a slight grace-period for last-minute backers, in general. In a case like this, a minute could have made all the difference and as long as the feature is known-to-everyone ahead of time, it'd be hard to complain about.

    31. Aldazar
      on December 2, 2012

      $28?! That's ridiculous!

    32. Missing avatar

      Arie Hofland on December 2, 2012

      Oh, i'm so sorry! How about good old-fashioned paypal preordering?

    33. Monty on December 2, 2012

      $28... oh my gosh.. that is insane.. please do not give up...

    34. Stavros Tsiakalos on December 2, 2012

      If only I had woken up an hour or so earlier today :(

    35. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on December 2, 2012

      Just wanted to say, don't give up on Alpha Colony!

    36. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on December 2, 2012

      Oh my, I got called away and couldn't monitor it. That was just so so close. Heart breaking. :-( I was sure we were gonna make it!

    37. Missing avatar

      The Colourful Jester on December 2, 2012

      :Zojoi from Shadowgate just gave Alpha Colony a shout-out!"

      Almost worked too. Shows the importance of PR and/or social media. Next time maybe?
      Will there be a next time for this game?

    38. Stephen J Broida on December 2, 2012

      It can't just end like this! It was so close! If it had 30, no, 15 more seconds! It would have crossed the goal! I'm sure of it!

    39. merchimerch on December 2, 2012

      What a heartbreaker. Please do try again.

    40. Stephen J Broida on December 2, 2012

      It is EXTREMELY rare that a project comes this close and does not make it.

      I am really sorry. You came so close. Please try again. I want to see Alpha Colony become a reality.

    41. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on December 2, 2012

      Short by $28, what a bummer...

    42. Ronny P on December 2, 2012

      You're sh1tting me! $28 short....

    43. S.D. on December 2, 2012

      Tripled my pledge in the last 30 minutes... still need more fuel!!!

    44. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on December 2, 2012

      We need just $900 in the next 6 minutes! I already kicked in our last pennies, please can someone save us!?

    45. Missing avatar

      Archea47 on December 2, 2012

      Zojoi referred me and somehow I became a backer :D Good luck devs & fans!!

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