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$101,472 pledged of $500,000 goal
$101,472 pledged of $500,000 goal

Alpha Colony is back up on Kickstarter and needs your help

Greetings to our past Alpha Colony Kickstarter supporters!

We apologize that we have been unable to contact you for several months because Kickstarter deactivated our past project, preventing us from sending out further updates.

Alpha Colony Kickstarter #2 launched last week

For those of you that don't already know, we have relaunched Alpha Colony on Kickstarter with a less ambitious starting goal of $50,000 and several stretch goals to add additional features so everyone can benefit from an even better game as we are able to spread the word and get more backers. We think you will really enjoy seeing how much more game play we have (and even playable mini-game prototype!) to show this time around.

Help us make Alpha Colony happen this time on Kickstarter!

4 quick things you can do to help us succeed

1) Go to and back us again! Every pledge, no matter how small, helps!

2) From the same page above, click the Like button under our video and share it on your FaceBook and Tweet it out to your friends and help spread the word! This really helps us extend our reach!

3) Like our FaceBook page at

4) Forward this email to your friends and family that might be interested and also able to help out!

Alpha Colony has undergone some major changes since our previous Kickstarter

As we began designing Alpha Colony almost 10 years ago, we were influenced by many of our favorite games. Among these were Settlers of Catan, Civilization, and several retro 80's games including M.U.L.E.. Just before our last Kickstarter in July 2012, we had the opportunity to secure the official license to create a M.U.L.E. sequel, and at the time, we thought we could adapt our existing concept into a sequel in partnership with the Bunten family. We called this "Alpha Colony: A Tribute to M.U.L.E.".

However, we fell short of funding that ambitious project on Kickstarter. Further, we realized that the game we wanted to make was bigger than just a M.U.L.E. tribute (and there was also already a faithful remake in development) so we separated these projects out. Alpha Colony is no longer associated with M.U.L.E. and we no longer have a license. However, we are still friends with the license holder and it is possible that in the future we will still make a true sequel to M.U.L.E.. In the meantime, for those of you are looking forward to a sequel to M.U.L.E., we think you'll really like Alpha Colony.

We truly believe that this is the right direction to go, and that Alpha Colony will be a better game for it. We're working hard to make it a game that all of our fans will enjoy.

Thanks for your support,
DreamQuest Games

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    1. DreamQuest Games 2-time creator on November 14, 2012

      It simply reflects what the typical price point for a game on that platform is. Other desktop/mobile dual Kickstarters also have chosen a similar price point. You are correct in that mobile apps often require more testing and a higher production cost, but the price you can expect for a good app is lower. We have to conform with the market, regardless of where our actual development and testing costs are.

    2. Daryl Putman on November 14, 2012

      I still wonder why you're charging more for a desktop version of a (harder to produce) mobile version?