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Functional art: Creating a unique eating experience

Hello Kickstarter!  My name is Omid and I am a product designer and engineer from New York.  The Lantern was my project in graduate school at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and was inspired by my unstoppable craving for phở soup, the famous Vietnamese soup.

Lantern is designed to simplify and enrich the experience of eating phở. The tableware makes it easier to carry the soup and its many garnishes, as well as creating a new eating experience by removing and exposing the different layers. 

The tableware can serve other types of hot or cold soups with sides or be used to serve a three course meal.  It keeps the creative cook engaged, and with each layer it enriches the diner’s eating experience.


phở is the Vietnamese treasured national soup enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It usually consists of a very hot spiced broth with noodles and thin slices of meat.  The soup is served along with garnishes that are added to the broth.  If you have never had one, I suggest you give it a try! 


The paper Vietnamese lantern is the inspiration behind the stacking tableware. Lanterns are abundant in Vietnam and are used in various events and festivals. 


Below are some of the first ideation sketches of the tableware.


Cad drawings of the final design where created and a rapid prototype was made to test the design.  Friends and Family tested Lantern with Various foods.


I have been working with a quality ceramic manufacturer to make the tableware.  I have spent the past couple of years working with them to finalize the product that is to the highest quality standards.  It has been a long road but I am very proud of the results. I have received the pre-production samples and placed an order for a limited quantity for the first production run.







The samples are to arrive in July 2013 for an August delivery to you. However, I need your pledge support to raise capital to pay the remaining balance.  By backing this project you have the opportunity to receive 2 Lanterns at a discounted price.


Measures 6 ½ “ inches tall and 7 inches wide

Holds 24 ounces / 750 ml of liquid 

Made out of high quality porcelain

Interior coated with gloss glaze to make it less porous

Exterior coated with matte glaze to enhance the aesthetics and feel of the product

Microwave safe and dishwasher safe

Safety tested for all food consumption

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I have been committed to this project for the past couple of years to assure quality results. I have gone through numerous prototypes with the manufacturer tweaking every line, angle, feel and weight of the product and making sure that the product has been through "safe to use for consumption" testing.

Now, the tableware has been ordered with a delivery date of July 2013. It is however, possible that the samples take longer to arrive and the delivery date may be pushed back slightly. The reason I am putting this project on Kickstarter very close to the delivery date is because I wanted to make sure everything is buttoned up from the manufacturing place. So far, I'm on track for an August ship date.


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