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ATLAS 3D is a 3D printable laser scanner kit based on the Raspberry Pi.
ATLAS 3D is a 3D printable laser scanner kit based on the Raspberry Pi.
1,220 backers pledged $219,996 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Murobo LLC Creator on

      Denny, feel free to post questions here but the best place for support would be in the ATLAS 3D support forum since more people will see it and respond to it.

    2. Denny The Backer on

      Hi, after very long time, i am building my ATLAS. Took me 3days ++ to print the body... Now setting the software, i hope no problem or i will ask all you guys to help me.... ;)

    3. Greg Nutt on

      Ok, I can't seem to get the wifi to work. Any guidance here? I can see the wlan0 interface. But it doesn't seem to be trying to connect to any networks.

    4. Tony Pilborg on

      Probably the biggest task will be opening the rpi2 box...
      Move all connectors, SD card etc - and you are done :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      陳彥丞 on

      How do I upgrade to Raspberry Pi 2 ???

    6. Reinhard Mitschang on

      finally managed to print all parts and assemble the scanner (had some issues with my printer). HopeullyI can set up the software make a test-run next weekend

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Having problems printing parts. What are the dimensions of the table coupler? It prints with the horizontal hole elongated vertically

    8. Jon Smith on

      and which Pi did this come with again? B+?

    9. Jon Smith on

      where on the forms can i find the instructions?

    10. ReprapUniverse on

      @Ray Tison Worst product I have ever bought on kickstarter...

      you are very wrong about this. Uriah is a very nice person and he also helps out with issues.
      If the product is setup right than it will work great :-)
      All the best greetings from


    11. Detlef Antemann on

      Thankls to Murobo especially to Uriah Liggett. I can't get the Atlas 3D-Scanner because the german customs don't let it import into the country, because there are missing some certificates of Europoean import regaultaions.

      Uriah has refunded me immediately after I described the situation.
      This is an absolutely serious and professional behavior. I hope that I can buy the scanner in Germany without difficulties with the customs authorities soon.

    12. Serge Ecoiffier on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    13. Detlef Antemann on

      German Custom Office sent back the Atlas 3D-Kit to Murobo LLC. This product does not meet any of the EU import regulations. So I see no chance at the moment to get the 3D-Kit in Germany. I asking for refund, and I hope I will get back my money.
      This is not the first case, in which I have problems with the custom office, because a lot of manufactorers who starting technical projects here are not informed about the import regulations of the EU. So I quit to suppoirt any project, which is coming from outside of the EU. This is very disappointing, because there are lot of amazing projects. But the risk to loose money or that you don't get the reward is to big. You need more than a good idea for a project to start a successful company.

    14. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      2Ray, just out of curiosity, have you tried the support forum ( I see posts there very often, though I have to admit that I have not yet started reading there because I'm yet to print the parts out (which will only happen early next year)

    15. Ray Tilson on

      Worst product I have ever brought on kickstarter. NO SUPPORT Product is NOT NETWORK READY. Spent almost as much on accessories trying to make it work as on the product itself.
      Murobo LLC no help at all.

    16. Missing avatar

      REMYO on

      Hi guys!

      Am I the only one for which the Atlas 3D is stuck at custom for more than 1 month?

    17. Missing avatar

      Arne Fjord Rasmussen on

      Anybody who has a BOM for the screws washers and nuts for the assembly - THese are expensive and i don't want to ende up with a million screws, nuts and bolts that i wont ever use :-)

      A 10 mm M3 flat-head screw
      B M3 NUT
      C M3 WASHER
      D 14 mm M3 Roundhead screw
      E 10 mm M2.5 Flat head screw
      F M2.5 NUT
      G 20mm M3 Flat-head Screw
      H M2.5 WASHER

      So these are the materials - but i dont know how many of each :-):

    18. Missing avatar

      REMYO on

      @Frank Tiex

      My parcel is still stuck at the custom since Sept 25th (almost one month). I have no news at all.
      Frank, could you finally deal with custom?
      Other people facing the same issue?

    19. Missing avatar

      Frank Tiex on

      Mine got stuck at customs since Sept 28. Then DHL wrote me (this Monday) that they could not process it through customs for me and I had to do myself or send them some documents. Indeed I know the guys from customs well from other imports. But this was the first time they denied to hand over an item to me. Well, even if I don't like it, they're just doing their job. They said, they got order to handle things stricter and really check for compliance of standards. My guess: a small political order to push TTIP?

    20. Missing avatar

      REMYO on

      @Frank Tiex

      My parcel is currently stuck a the German custom since Sept 25th. Custom asks me a PÜB number to know "where my parcel is located". At the moment nobody at DHL could provide me with this number. Where did you get yours? I am afraid my parcel is stuck at custom for the same reasons than yours...

    21. Missing avatar

      JamesH on

      @Frank - sorry to hear your having trouble. UK and no issues or customs. This scanner is very well built - didn't have UK power plug but am used to this with other Kickstarters.

    22. Missing avatar

      JamesH on

      Just finished build - is there a link to a calibration guide? Have printed the calibration item and scanner functional - can switch all parts on/off and connect and see interface.

    23. Missing avatar

      JamesH on

      @Jorn - if you go to print I think it does an auto repair. I supported a kickstarter for a meshmixer udemy tutorial which has been really useful in understanding working with meshes, etc. Just finished Atlas3d build so will be getting a chance to put into practice soon

    24. Missing avatar

      Frank Tiex on

      I'm from Germany and just back from the customs office having a multiple fail with the import:
      - no German instructions
      - only sticker attached to power supply (CE sign not engraved in plastic)
      - only sticker attached to stepper motor (CE sign not engraved)
      - proforma invoice

      Customs did not allow me to take at least parts of it with me.
      While I am currently very upset about customs, I must admit, that this is also not really professionally made from your side. It is no news, that there are export/import regulations to Europe regarding standards.

      Did this happen to anyone else?

    25. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      @Ivan if you look a few comments down, you will see that you are the third person to recently ask this. There is a link in Update #24 ( that is visible to backers only where you can download all the latest versions of the STLs. As far as I know that is the only place you can get them at the moment, and there is no version control. Please don't share the link.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jorn on

      Great hint. Thanks a lot! Used Meshmixer to repair the camera tower stl. I printed it and it worked. However, I have no idea what I did in Meshmixer. It will require some time to discover the functions.
      I love open hardware and open software. And above all, a helpful community!

    27. Ivan Hoffman on

      Sorry guys where do you download the stl files ?

    28. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      Yayness!!! picked up my package today, and naturally couldn't wait to open it (even though I was at work). It looks like everything is there, and in good condition! Now I can start printing :D

    29. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      @Alejandro, same email addy as below.

    30. Alejandro Camuñas Fernández on


      I´m having problems converting STL to G-code for my Prusa i3. I think is the same problem as Arne Fjord Rasmussen.
      Could Alwyn van Jaarsveldt help me please?

      Thanks a lot

    31. Casper Schwartz on


      Just received my package!

      Is it possible to get an invoice on the actual value that was paid for?

      Regards Casper

    32. Chih-Han Liu on

      Dear @creator:

      I've not received my package. Did you shipped it ?

      Chih-Han Liu

    33. Murobo LLC Creator on

      @Danny Suijker The power supply for ATLAS 3D comes with a U.S. style plug. However, it is capable of operating with most power sources used around the world. You will need an adapter to fit the wall socket of your particular country.

    34. Missing avatar

      Danny Suijker on

      I received my package in good order, only question about the adaptor included.
      Did you kept in mind the wallsockets are different in the EU countries.

    35. Vincent Lim on

      Hi everyone, I am from Singapore. I am just checking if anyone in from Singapore has any issue like this. My item was shipped out since Sep 17 and is recorded to have arrived and departed from Singapore on Sep 22, supposedly towards my address.

      Exact words from USPS tracking site is "Your item departed a transfer airport in Changi, Singapore, SINGAPORE on September 22, 2015 at 7:43 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination."

      Till date, there's no news of my parcel. I've tried Customs hotline, Immigration Authority for Post Parcels, Postal delivery (Singpost) but none of them is picking up or have any information about my tracking number. Any chance someone knows what's going on?

    36. Murobo LLC Creator on

      @REMYO You should contact the postal service and make sure they are not waiting on information from you in order to pass customs.

      @Michael Forte There should have been a link to the Getting Started page ( at the top of the assembly instructions print out. It will guide you the rest of the way. If you need additional support, you can post on the forum at

    37. Michael Forte on

      Probably a very stupid question here but I got my package and assembled the entire scanner. It looks great but what do I do with it? I downloaded the FreeLSS zip file from Github and I'm not sure what to do. Are there any other instructions besides how to assemble the printed parts, i.e., how do I connect it and scan? I didn't see any documentation in the packaging besides the 3D printed parts assembly.

    38. Dave McClean on

      Due to other things, I'm selling my just arrived Atlas kit if anyone's interested?

    39. Missing avatar

      REMYO on

      In leave in Germany.
      My Atlas 3D was shipped Sept 21st but is now stuck at custom since 10 days.
      Custom clearance can be long especially if they don't succed qualifying the goods to calculated the taxes. Is there any other pal located in Germany who received their Atlas and how long (how much money also) did it take them to pass the custom?

      Dear Atlas 3D team, how did you describe exactly the goods for custom purpose?


    40. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      @Arne, send me an email to emmaps[at]mweb[period]co[dot]za, and we'll take it from there.

    41. Missing avatar

      Arne Fjord Rasmussen on

      @Alwyn - it's off cause GCODE :-) - My bad :-)

    42. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      @Arne, QCODE (as per your first request)? Or G-CODE (as per your second request)?

    43. Missing avatar

      Arne Fjord Rasmussen on

      I'll try once more. Anybody who has converted the STL files to suitable G-CODE, that can be used in a I3 PRUSA CLONE (WANHAO DUPLICATOR I3) ???? - And if - would you share the converted files? - I've tried using slicer, but i keep on malking "coasters) - PLease? - Pretty Please :-) :-) :-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Peter Sherwood on

      Thanks for the well delivered and successful project. Really enjoying building and using my scanner. It was well updated and looked really organised. Well done!
      For people's notes here in the UK I had to pay around 17.50 custom duty (25€), this is standard with countries who don't have a trade agreement with the USA.

    45. Richard K on

      @Creator - I just got my box from the mail service I use and must say am very very impressed! Thank you for putting together such detailed instructions as well as labeling all the parts. Should be a "joy" to put together, after get my 3d printer working.

    46. Missing avatar

      Arne Fjord Rasmussen on

      Anybody here using printers that are using QCODE?????, and who have successfully converted the STL files?

    47. Alwyn van Jaarsveldt on

      @Scott, there is a link in Update #24 ( that is visible to backers only where you can download all the latest versions of the STLs. As far as I know that is the only place you can get them at the moment, and there is no version control. Please don't share the link.

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Ok, figured since the packaged goods where labeled as customer merchandise instead of computer equipment additional customs duties where calculated :(

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