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Creating new growing space to allow us to bring our local, organic, artisan salad mixes to community markets.

 Random Hills Great Greens!

Every leaf of tasty, locally grown, organic greens starts with the perfect growing spot that will nurture and protect it from seedling right up to the moment it reaches your plate! 

Random Hills Farm is dedicated to the low impact, healthy eating concepts of nutritious food:  food grown in the community where it is bought and eaten, rather than shipped great distances using lots of extra energy:  food grown with the emphasis on strong healthy plants that can resist insect attack rather than plants coated with strong chemicals to attack the insects: and food that reaches the consumer directly through weekly Farmer’s Markets where people can gather with friends and neighbors, enjoy music and local artisans, and get to know and rely on their growers.

Started in 2010, Random Hills has already achieved many loyal fans and healthy eaters!  Over 50 varieties of vegetables have been offered at Market, both traditional and heirloom species, along with advice, sample recipes, and a cookbook written to showcase some of our less common vegetables.  One of the favorite offerings at Markets from early Spring to mid-Winter has been our greens and salad mixes, and this is what our Kickstarter Project is focusing on – the means to produce a wonderful variety of artisan salad mixes featuring superior taste, texture, nutrition and beauty.

Imagine a mix consisting of fresh picked green and red lettuces, combined with a frilly frisee, a scattering of dark green basil, and for crunch and beauty, some pea tendrils or nasturtium flowers.  Or how about a mix with romaine and the super-food kale, topped with mung bean or sunflower sprouts.  Or arugula blending its strong flavor with some tender new spinach leaves, baby radishes, and the pale green spades of cress.  So many possibilities!

So this is where you come in!  In order to create that perfect growing spot for these yummy mixes, we need funding to developed a new field this Spring which will feature ten huge raised beds, fifty feet long by four feet wide.  They will be constructed out of local lumber, and filled with locally created organic compost and amendments, and will be put into immediate production.  In addition, a large cooler is being constructed, to keep the produce in peak condition during the short time it spends between harvest and market.

Lettuces, endive, spinach, kale, herbs and specialty greens – all Market ready by early summer!  A community fed by its own farmers from the richness of its own land and resources is a community dedicated to its own health and that of the environment.  Random Hills is excited to be a part of this move towards food sustainability and personal well being.  


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    Random Hills Cooking - our own cookbook created to showcase a Spring to Fall growing season of market fresh vegetables. Tasty recipes, cooking tips, and original art.

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    Random Hills Cooking, plus $15 worth of your choice of produce. The produce may be picked up at our booth at the Concord NH Market, Saturday mornings from 8 - 12AM. If you are not local, or wish to be generous with your produce, we will donate $15 worth of fresh vegetables to The Friendly Kitchen, a local food pantry.

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    Random Hills Cooking plus $20 worth of produce, available either at the Concord NH Market, or donated in your name to The Friendly Kitchen.

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    Random Hills Cooking plus $20 worth of produce, available either at the Concord NH Market, or donated in your name to The Friendly Kitchen. PLUS - a tour of the Raised Bed field, time to be pre-arranged, with fresh salad greens (as available) to take home for your dinner table!

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    Your are really generous! We'll thank you with the Cookbook, $20 worth of produce for yourself or The Friendly Kitchen, AND a full field tour followed by a yummy vegetarian dinner featuring Random Hills in season produce and other locally sources products!

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