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A Place to Stand is the life story of Jimmy Santiago Baca, an award-winning poet who learned how to read and write while in prison.
A Place to Stand is the life story of Jimmy Santiago Baca, an award-winning poet who learned how to read and write while in prison.
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The DVDs and the Premieres


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LA Premiere!


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The World Premiere - We Invite You!

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Dear Friends -

THE WORLD PREMIERE OF A PLACE TO STAND IS ONLY ONE MONTH AWAY! The premiere and festivities will take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico from September 25 - 28th (details below).

To mark the occasion, we are so excited to release the first official trailer for A Place to Stand.

Exciting, no? But back to the premiere details....

What's been happening?

An exciting turn of events is that THEATERWORK, a fantastic theater company in Santa Fe, stepped up and are organizing the premiere for us. But not only that, they've organized a series of events surrounding the premiere, making the weekend into a celebration of Jimmy's life and work and a celebration of the arts.

Here is the list of events happening over the Premiere Weekend. Please contact Paula Olson from THEATERWORK to RSVP for any of the following events:

As this is a celebration and we want anyone moved to attend, all tickets are offered for donation only. All donations will go towards distribution and to create educational materials to accompany the film.

All events take place at the James A. Little Theater in Santa Fe:

With Eyes Wide Open! A Gathering of Poets
Thursday, September 25th @ 7:00pm at James A. Little

An extraordinary reading by five guest poets from around the country, opening the three day celebration with their own words and vision. The headline poets are Natalie Diaz, Seema Reza, Tom Z. Hernandez, Jaime Chavez and Carlton T. Spiller.

A Place to Stand - The Gala World Premiere of the Film
Friday, September 26 @ 7:00pm - at James A. Little

The World Premiere of A Place to Stand, to be followed by a gala reception with live music and the opportunity to meet Baca and the filmmakers. This is the only event closed to the public. It is by invite only to eligible Kickstarter backers, crew and dignitaries.

Matinee Screening: A Place to Stand
Saturday, September 27 @ 2:00pm - at James A. Little

An encore screening of the film, followed by a public conversation with Jimmy Santiago Baca, Daniel Glick, Gabriel Baca and David Olson after the screening.

Sunlight & Shadow: From the Poetry of Jimmy Santiago Baca
Saturday, September 27 @ 7:00pm - at James A. Little

Part One: Breaking Bread With The Darkness: The Lucia Poems

A performance which brings poems written by Jimmy Santiago Baca for his daughter Lucia to the stage. The poems burst from the heart of a father remembering the roads that brought him to the present - lifted by, charged up with the love of his child. "...I believe in you, in your power as you leap on the trampoline, I believe that your laughter is the truest form of democracy..."

Part Two: Thank The River For Another Day! A dramatic reading of texts pulled from the collected works of Jimmy Santiago Baca, performed by members of THEATERWORK's Permanent Company and Guest Artists.

"I place the downy breast feather I found at the river in the plant pot with the rest - a fledgling hawk's breast feather, its name-stone heart experiencing the joy of learning what wings are and the magic of water."

Exhibit: Dust/Rock/Blades/Bones
September 25 - 27 - Pat Payne Room, James A. Little Theater

An art show of pencil drawings by Eric Christo Martinez, drawn for inclusion in A Place to Stand.

Eric Christo Martinez was born in Albuquerque in 1979. Growing up he was fascinated by the arts, but it wasn't until his trip to prison - a ten year sentence - that he discovered his passion for the arts and "tonali" as he calls it - a Nahuatl word meaning destiny or calling in life.

Writing Workshop
Thursday, September 25 Pat Payne Room, James A. Little Theater

An extraordinary opportunity to work with Jimmy Santiago Baca in an intimate setting for an entire day. The participants are limited to 12. There are still 4 places left.

Those interested will be asked to make a $1,500 tax deductible donation to the film's distribution efforts. If you are interested in participating please email:


If you're interested in attending any of the events, please book soon. The New Mexico wine and cheese festival is the same weekend as the premiere so hotels are filling up fast.


1) Call the Inn at Santa Fe and identify yourself as with the A Place to Stand group for a discounted rate:

Inn at Santa Fe 8376 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe, NM 87507 (505) 474 - 9500

2) The Inn of the Governors is not able to offer a reduced rate however it is a recommended hotel:

Inn of the Governors 101 W Alameda St Santa Fe, NM 87501 (505) 982-4333


Please call or email Campbell, our Director of Marketing and Outreach, with any questions you may have about the Premiere Weekend - (406) 599 - 6725,

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe!

With Continued Gratitude,
Daniel and the A Place to Stand Team

P.S. We have more events to announce for this fall. More news and updates coming soon...

Final Cut

"Is it possible? Is it truly possible?"

That's what I woke up thinking today when I remembered that last night we rendered the FINAL CUT of A Place to Stand. Check it out in the photo: 

That's right! That tiny little square in the finder window (a quicktime .MOV file) represents our 3 1/2 years of work and tens of thousands of collective hours of sweat. It would be easy to go overboard and get all philosophical about the abstract, intangible nature of digital film, but I'll skip all of that and just say one more time, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We are all so very happy with how the film has come out and we are looking forward to sharing it with you as soon as we can. We'll be submitting to festivals this week and within a couple of weeks we'll set a date for the New Mexico premiere. 

It's amazing to look back at the crazy adventure that making this film has been. For me personally, it's been a tremendous growing experience learning about poetry and filmmaking, getting to meet and work with so many incredible people from all walks of life. But what's most profound for me is how widely supported this project has been. A community has built this documentary and I'm so grateful for being able to lead the effort. It has been a blessing. 

More news and information will be coming very soon, but for now, I'll leave you with some photos from our journey. 

Thank you all again, from the bottom of our hearts,
Daniel Glick and the A Place to Stand team

Daniel filming Jimmy during one of the first production trips in Albuquerque. 

Daniel, Associate Producer Andres Salazar and DP Michael Gordon shooting in gorgeous northern New Mexico. 

Gabe filming Jimmy's son Esai on our first production shoot in Estancia, New Mexico. 

Blue, Daniel's old Chevy Cavalier. We put 50,000 miles on this in the last 3 1/2 years, almost entirely for A Place to Stand. This car became a de-facto member of the production team. 

Daniel reading one of Jimmy's poems at a fundraiser in New York during his epic 6 month fundraising road trip in 2012.

Indie doc filmmaking ain't always so glamorous. This is Daniel, Gabe and Andres working in our old Harwood Art Studio office in Albuquerque, where the bulk of the editing of A Place to Stand was completed. 

This mountain lion stalked Daniel, Gabe and Jimmy's son Esai in the Hollywood hills at the very beginning of production (no joke!). We named Catamount Films after him. 

Sound mix on the Sony lot in LA - one of the last steps before final cut. From left to right that's Dante Reynolds, our mixer, Daniel, and Roger Suen, our composer. 

Jimmy's Online Poetry Reading - Reminder


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