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I have wired an EEG headset that reads your brain into a video game to give you telekinetic super-powers controlled with your thoughts.
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Posted by Lat Ware (Creator)

We're sorry about the lack of updates, but awesome things have been going on lately that have kept us all very busy.  The most important of which is this article that VentureBeat did on Throw Trucks With Your Mind.  We did a live tech demo for them and they wrote up a great preview of the experience of the game.  

Also, we are proud to announce the winners of the voting:

Robokitty and the Druid won!  They will be appearing in promotional art soon!  Now, if you truly loved DnD Geek or Princess, fear not.  They will show up in the next round of voting.  If you have any suggestions for improving those two, please, send us a message.  We're always happy to hear from you.

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