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Entertaining memoir of 1st & 2nd grade soccer coach with insights, observations and the experiential reality of coaching youth soccer.

I am planning to self publish a youth soccer coaching memoir via AuthorHouse and am raising funds for a line edit and publishing. This is a story of a first and second grade youth soccer season concerning the activities of coaches and players.  However because it is based on experience the story contains many how-to details and insights that youth soccer "how-to" manuals sold commercially do not contain. Youth soccer coaches and parents will be able to identify with the kids and coaches behaviors, conversations, and actions. 

We tailored our coaching to the players, the schedule, the league rules and the time available.  So, again, it is primarily a warm and uplifting story of what the coaches did and said and what the players did and said, and how the players improved.  The indirect “how-to” contained in the story may prove helpful to the reader.  Over the last month I have written the memoir, and it is 18,000 words and will become a 80-100 page small paperback.  I will work with the publisher to create the best book layout and design. 



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The writing of the memoir/story of a season is essentially complete. I have not written nor published a book before. However I am confident in the writing. It is well organized in terms of concepts and time. The interaction of the six and seven year old players and coaches; what the players say and do, and what the coaches say and do is woven together well.
I will have to work with AuthorHouse to create a proper and attractive book. I have established a relationship with the publishing consultant to overcome my inexperience. I will familiarize myself with quality book production and review each step.
This is not a mainstream pop culture book, it is a niche market book. There are about a million parents and coaches who are about to, are in the process of, or have just completed participating in first and second grade soccer in the USA. This number is a magnitude higher when one considers the entire world. I work as a product manager in my paid employment so I know how to study markets, create the necessary tools, how to advertize and penetrate markets for sales success.


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    My eternal gratitude. Also if I coach your son or daughter in the future, I will allow an extra 10 seconds of wrestling time before I start practice.

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    One completed paperback print edition. I started writing this story about our soccer season the Sunday after closing day. Perhaps I should have kept a diary or perhaps the story is better as is from fuzzy memory. Six and seven year olds are pliable, energetic, eager marvels. This story is dedicated to all kids who aspire to be part of a team and all coaches taking on the responsibility of coaching them. Coaching youth soccer is an autumn ritual which takes place across America every year. This is a story about one team, one soccer season. To protect privacy, most names have been changed, but not all. Some paraphrasing may have occurred; memory isn’t perfect. Also I am a little hard of hearing………and have a tendency to fill in the blanks if I didn’t hear exactly well…..

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