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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 5 2013
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pledged of $500,000pledged of $500,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 5 2013

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    1. Ron Au on

      Ah, cancelled? I backed this campaign only because I knew it would be controversial- I was hoping that it would go down in crowdfunding history as a notoriously questionable project, even if it was unsuccessful.

      Oh well, I guess we saw this coming for weeks.

    2. ELF on

      Only 30k out of 500k, that's not good at all. I hope more people get to know about the next campaign.
      Postal is a very crazy film, but it's good and funny in an odd kind of way.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nico Heggemann on

      schade zu hören
      ich finde POSTAL 2 muss entstehen zur not auch als low budget egal
      Postal ist einer der besten Filme ever !!!
      er verdient ne fortsetzung
      im gegensatz zu vielen anderen die bis teil xx gemolken weden solage noch Geld zu machen ist

    4. Eric Bryan Seuthe II on

      Oh god! YES! I backed this because I personally want to see Uwe Boll put another nail in his coffin. That and to force him to send me something.

      That being said, while it was stupid, inane, insulting, and painful, the first Postal was funny.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Es kann doch echt nicht wahr sein, dass so wenige sich für den Film interessieren!? Hab getan was mir möglich ist, hab allen die ich kenne, die irgendwie in Frage kämen, den Film zu unterstützen, davon erzählt und sie auf die Kickstarter-Seite geschickt. Viele kennen auch den ersten Teil und fanden ihn super, ich verstehe nicht warum es dann so schwer ist das Geld für den zweiten zusammenzukriegen.

    6. G. Otto on

      Just so everyone understands... the reason why this Kickstarter exists is because no one producer would back the film financially, it's too hot of a concept... when Postal 1 came out did you know that we were supposed to premiere on over 2,000 screens? Because of POLITICS and the offensive nature of the film, many of the theatrical distributors dropped out at the last minute with BS excuses...I won't go into details but, we were scrambling to get the film playing at all, me along with Event Film... there were even ad's on IMDB for a movie that was playing in under 12 theaters!! It was shocking in that regard. Money being pissed away. There's a lot of heart that goes into these films, regardless of their controversial intent, there is thought behind these films. I think the double standard is BS. I used to work for Troma a decade ago and we purposely made those films with the most over-the-top and offensive shit for the sake of being offensive, yet Troma is accepted in Hollywood enough to get a Toxic Avenger big-budget hollywood remake (2014) rated PG-13 but somehow, what Boll does is truly "vile" and everyone is dead serious with crossed arms just because it has political content. Boll is still independent, this film is going to be insane, trust me on this, TRULY GONZO... please folks, for the sake of independent cinema (it is) please go out there and get people to donate. Because at this rate, we're a little behind... all jokes aside... this could be a film that sits on the shelf never to be made like Bloodrayne IV... don't let that happen...

    7. Blake on


      Yes, but I think Germany is tired of subsidizing his cocaine habit...

      Uwe Boll needs to convince the American Government to pay for his films, clearly that is the only solution.Sure, by most estimates he's probably lost close to a hundred million dollars, but that just means we need to back him more and support this great movie.

    8. Christian Swanson on

      Uwe, you gotta put in bigger pledges! I'm sure there are some rich assholes out there who would be willing to donate $100,000 for you to buy cocaine with!

    9. EVENT FILM Creator on

      and YES i will make sure the blu ray has engl. and german in germany ..and you will get that blu ray

    10. EVENT FILM Creator on

      thanks a lot for the ongoing push ....i have to tomorrow another interview scheduled ..... i keep working on it ....another video is in the works

    11. Blake on

      We're pledging money so that he does NOT make Postal 2, right?

      I'm a little confused here.

    12. The Government on

      33 more days to go -- I'm upping my pledge. Spread the word -- would you rather have a dangerous, subversive film out there, making trouble... or would you rather have a fucking Robocop remake.

    13. lord_webi on

      los los los ... Dr. Uwe needs more cash !!!

    14. Arend Remmers on

      Go Uwe! Kicks some ass!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick L on

      Uwe, have you tried paid advertising on facebook?

    16. Crusader_bin on

      I agree, this needs more attention than It gets right now. Awefully quiet about it. None of my friends knew either. Just try to put the info in any place that comes to mind (without spamming or trolling I mean :P)

    17. The Government on

      The only way to make this happen is to get the word out. We're scheduling a viewing of POSTAL at The Comix Box where will try and get the word out. Check locally for comic shops and game shops that might be able to do the same!

    18. Missing avatar

      Tom Sommerlatte on

      Go for it Uwe! Good luck.

    19. Chris Regan on

      I really hope you get to make this. Good luck!

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Coates on

      House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark were a bit crap but Rampage and Postal were awesome! $60 pledged

    22. G. Otto on

      Attn: all Uwe Boll fans ... promote this kickstarter more on the net because people simply don't know it exists yet. I would post on IMDB, Facebook, Twitter, even Youtube. Post it often. It needs that viral push FAST and the only way to get that is to post the shit out of it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Dudte on

      Mr. Boll - I love Postal and it remains one of my favorite movies to this day. I had to sponsor Postal 2! Let's make this happen!

    24. Sebastian Lorenz on

      Hallo Uwe.

      Schöne Grüße aus deiner Heimatstadt. Ich hoffe der Film wird gedreht! Mach weiter so...
      Wermelskirchen rules;)

    25. Missing avatar

      Stefan V

      I wish there'd be a >150$ reward that included the signed package and an Uwe Boll Action Figure.

    26. Rafa Belinky on

      Uwe I'ma let you continue your kickstarted campaign I jus wanted to say that you are the worst film maker of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    27. Daivy Merlijs on

      I just wanna say : I didn't kill you in Postal III. You make me too laugh to be killed.

    28. Oli on

      Hi, I just wanted to ask why we have to choose between German and English version of the movie? I would really like to enjoy the movie in both languages.
      I hope this gets funded, good luck.

    29. Ed David on

      You got into a ring with filmcrtics and beat them up, so you get my money. I fully support you my man. I am proud you are doing your thing. Your film sounds like a good idea and you have a fan base so make the best movie you can make. I love you man.

    30. EVENT FILM Creator on

      dylan...we need you getting the word out about KICKSTARTER and without KICKSTARTER i dont think i can do postal

    31. Daivy Merlijs on

      Love you man , here 115$ for you, you're the best. Greetings from Belgium !

    32. Missing avatar

      Dylan Gonzalez on

      Two questions...

      1) What is going to happen if the Kickstarter doesn't succeed? Is there any chance of Postal 2 still?
      2) Do you have any plans to get the word out about this Kickstarter?

    33. Davy Bielen on

      Hey Uwe,

      Just want you to know that this has been a no brainer pledge for me and the first donation I did for a very long time. I want entertaining and ballsy filmmakers like you to survive in this climate of "political correctness" (causing more problems than it solves). You remind me of the heydays of Full Moon Pictures with their larger than life creative low budget productions of the eighties and early nineties. Sure, your movies can be rough around the edges, but I am never bored and have a great time. You are at your best when you want to deliver a controversial message and a few of your films really got the emotions running. Starting with "Heart of America", I knew that you had more potential as a filmmaker than the haters give you credit for. The likes of "Rampage", "Assault on Wall Street" and "Auschwitz" deal with matters that most filmmakers would tone down. I am glad you didn't and that you have the guts to show how ugly the world can be. These films made more of an impression on me than any other hollywood run of the mill production of late. I regularly give this list of movies to people who are riding the hate train, just because they heard from other people that you are the worst movie maker ever without even watching any of them. I converted quite a few and created a couple of new fans by doing so. Keep entertaining and shocking us, Mr. Uwe! I enjoyed Postal alot, bring on number 2!

    34. Tom Burns on

      That's amazing. Thanks Uwe!

      Since you're writing Postal 2, is there any chance that you could turn this into the Boll version of The Avengers and have Casper Van Dien from Sanctimony, Purcell from Assault on Wall Street, the kid from Heart of America, etc. team up with Postal Dude to take down the American status quo? There's an extra ten bucks in it for you if you can make this happen....

    35. Matt Parsons on

      I was one of the few people who got to see 'Postal' on the big screen and seldom since have I had such an fun (non-masturbatory) experience in a public theater!

      I've followed Uwe since his not-so-humble beginnings in (admittedly by both fan and director) laughable films like 'BloodRayne' to his incredible growth as a filmmaker in producing thought-provoking, dramatically engaging and vividly stylish fare such as 'Rampage', 'Darfur', 'Stoic' and especially 'Assault on Wall Street'. Whether comedy or thriller, Uwe's films have the spirit of classic grindhouse exploitation while still remaining culturally and politically relevant for today's audiences. I have great respect for independent filmmakers who stand by their own beliefs and aesthetics in spite of (or because of) controversy; artists who have the balls to continually push the boundaries of taste, taboo and political correctness with sharp commentary, lavish style and a black sense of humor. I would completely put Uwe in the same class as such diverse auteurs like Sam Peckinpah, John Waters, Lloyd Kaufman, Takashi Miike or hell, even 'Reservoir Dogs'-era Tarantino in that regard. That's exactly the kind of "punk rock filmmaking" ethos which inspired me to get into filmmaking, and that's why I'm more than eager to help out on this Kickstarter.

      But, while I'm excited enough for 'Postal 2', I must ask...should this Kickstarter succeed, is there any opportunity to actually work with Event on the film as a lowly production assistant? I have experience, transportation to Vancouver, and I can get people coffee and hand jobs like nobody's business. Serious inquiry.

      Thanks, Uwe. Looking forward to 'Suddenly'!

    36. EVENT FILM Creator on

      vince got killed...but if he goes in a costume .-.... he can come back

    37. Fred Spiker on

      Ah - had a question too. Any plans to get Vince back for a cameo? Loved the two of you fighting in Postal.

    38. Fred Spiker on

      Enjoying the updates to my inbox! It's like a direct link to Uwe's twisted psyche. Also need to recommend Rampage and Final Storm to other Uwe fans. I thought they were great.
      Uwe, thank you (and the cast) for doing justice to my favorite video game. I can't wait to see what Postal 2 will be. Best of luck with the kickstarter. I'm pimping it out to anyone I can. This needs to happen!

    39. Diablo Distro on

      Love your movies, just wish more people would enjoy them rather than trying to cut them down because they are something other than what they thought. I'm sure you've never said "Oscar with this one!" after any of the final takes. But you should be proud of the films you make - they have an audience for them - never forget that. I loved House of the Dead - exactly what I wanted and more. I wanted lots of blood, nude women and violence. I did not want a story to think about days and weeks later, or a film that would tug at my emotions. I wanted tits and gore - you delivered. If there are any males over 18 in this world that didn't think House of the Dead was awesome, then they are 100% eunuch.
      Anyway, I hope you plan to have lots of nude women and violence in this movie, and not too much political commentary. Keep it meaningful but light and woven into the story. No one cares about your politics as much as your ability to create memorable films with an edge to them. I personally am tired of hearing about all the political, spy, human rights, and everything else - WE LIVE THAT. Give us an escape, and treat us to Postal meets House of the Dead.
      Thank you.


    40. EVENT FILM Creator on

      tom...you nailed it

    41. Tom Burns on

      Uwe - I'm a big fan. On Facebook, you said you'd answer any question a Kickstarter backer asked you, so...here goes....

      SPOILERS, if you haven't seen Blackwoods...

      So, in Blackwoods, at the end, we find out that the guy imagined that his girlfriend was alive during the whole movie. You gave us a montage in the closing moments where we saw that, in every scene with the lead character and his girlfriend, the girlfriend only existed in his mind. (Ex. If they were at a diner together, you showed us that he was actually there alone, talking to himself, etc, etc.)

      BUT you left ONE scene out of that montage - their big sex scene.

      So, if the girlfriend was really a delusion, does that mean that, during the sex scene, in reality, the lead character was just furiously masturbating by himself in the hotel room?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kev Foster

      What I can't say n a z i gold??? WTF!!??!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Kev Foster

      I love postal but how come you didn't have enough nazi gold to fund this one also?

    44. Micke Svensson on

      Love the fact that ppl donate money to say fuck you, hilarious! Hopefully that's a trend that will take off for real, Dr Boll get so much shit from all over the world, so all we need to do is get 400k more ppl who hate him to come here and tell him to fuckoff or suck a donkeydick, do whatever it takes. Im sure they would pay for it! This movie has got to happen!

      Another sequel that needs to happen is "Heckler 2 - fist of füry" this time it could be about you and you alone fighting nerds around the world who seems to hate you for forcing movies upon them (unless you can get russel crowe in that mix, then you could do tag-teams, that would be awesome).

      Can't wait to get that tshirt, it will be BEAST!

    45. Missing avatar

      Szymon Siesicki on

      Sorry to say it, but as shit all of your movies so far were only Postal was an exception which I found to be a decent and funny movie. Was Postal just luck or and accident? I dont know, but I am willing to give you a chance on this one Uwe - for all other movies I kinda want to slap you hard.

      So best of luck with Postal 2 Uwe. I still cant believe I just backed YOU up with 25$.
      None the less I hope you wont overdo with Postal 2 and it will come up as good as the first one.

    46. Ron Au on

      I feel like I'm/we're going to part of crowdfunding history soon.

    47. The Government on

      Haters gonna hate.

    48. goettel on

      Pledged a buck just to tell you you suck.

    49. Ubivis on

      Postal 1 was great (best Movie from Uwe so far). With the same cast it will be brilliant again. Go make it!!! And if you're not getting funded, make it anyway? Isn't something of your Nazigold left for this? ;)

    50. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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