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$25,333 pledged of $22,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$25,333 pledged of $22,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator 1 minute ago

      @Cipher Thank you!

      @Desirae If we end up adding the additional figures, you will receive them.

      @Cealygosa Thanks!!

      @ShinySnivy We're so excited to have Fat Bard on board!

    2. ShinySnivy about 5 hours ago

      I see someone backed the playable animal tier on top of getting Fat Bard on board. This makes me happy!

    3. Cealygosa about 7 hours ago

      Ahh how wonderful ! The weapon skin looks very amazing :o " Founding Fox Cealy " reporting for duty ! x) here's to 25,000 !! We can do it !

    4. Desirae Gasaway about 9 hours ago

      Clockwork -
      If you pledged for the full set of figures, will that also include any additional small figurines, or do we need to bump the pledge a little for the newly added critters?

    5. Missing avatar

      Cipher about 17 hours ago

      Stoked to back a local company!

    6. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator about 20 hours ago

      @Dennis Whoops! Thanks for bringing that to our attention. The full list of stretch goals can be found under the rewards now.

    7. Missing avatar

      about 20 hours ago

      @Clockwork Giant Games
      Wasn't there a stretchgoal for two additional animals? (Sorry if this already was asked, but I don't really follow the comments...)
      I would be okay with a cheap "50 new animals" DLC sometime in the future :P

    8. John Alden Davis about 22 hours ago

      I'm so glad you guys were able to surpass your total pledge goal! I'm really looking forward to the final result of all the hard work and passion.

    9. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator about 22 hours ago

      @Dennis, @Nicholas We don't have any additional animals planned at the moment, but goats are definitely in the pool of animals we could add!

    10. Nicholas about 22 hours ago

      i would love to play as a goat they are my favorite animal

    11. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Chances in getting a goat as a playable animal?

    12. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Cori, Matthew Yes! The colour palette community goal has been reached! It'll take a bit longer to develop, so we won't be able to show it off during the kickstarter.

      At this point, all community goals have been met. Good job, everybody!

    13. Matthew I Cintron 2 days ago

      gahhh i hope so i need those sweet colour palettes

    14. Missing avatar

      Cori 2 days ago

      How about the third community Goal... Will we get a colour palette?

    15. FrozenFlashDrive 3 days ago

      We need that 25000

    16. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator 6 days ago

      The Red Panda and Capybara minifigures are not available options right now since we've only recently made them. However, they will likely be in the pool of figures when we send out our post-kickstarter survey to ask what figures you want.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ben Saylor 6 days ago

      Now that we have the capybara and the red panda will they be added to the possible figurines as well?

    18. Matthew I Cintron 6 days ago

      game looks sooo sick can't wait to try it out in 4k on my 80 inch curved plasma :D

    19. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @ShinySnivy Yes, definitely!

      @Eduyu Thanks!

    20. EduYu#1626 7 days ago

      Congrats :D

    21. ShinySnivy on February 12

      Will there be some form of chat system for multiplayer?

    22. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator on February 12

      @An actual fox Thank you! We can't wait to bring it to you.

      @Evan Adams Thanks for the suggestion! While we love the idea of adding a sugar glider (One of our monsters takes inspiration from them, even!), adding it as a playable animal would be very difficult to implement and balance within our time-frame. We would likely only take it into consideration after all of our monsters and animals are 100% finished.

    23. An actual fox on February 12

      Congrats, guys! I'm very excited to see how this turns out. Can't wait to try it!

    24. Evan Adams on February 11

      Cool, looks like we'll be getting it this time around! I'm looking forward to 'Extra Content', I hope that goal gets met.

      Wild thought. Have you considered a flying squirrel (or sugar glider) as an ultra-small class? They could have high movement speed, but low damage and HP. They'd also have special jump boosts, naturally. I'm sure having actual flying classes would be problematic, but a class that can have long range jumps (perhaps, jumps that are of regular height, but slow descent?) would make for an interesting gameplay mechanic.

    25. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator on February 10

      @Everybody Thank you all so much! This wouldn't have been possible without all of you. Let's work towards those stretch goals!

      @Cealygosa We haven't chosen the exact world size yet. Having a large world is great, but if things to do in it are spread thin, it's not very fun. We'll be adjusting world size for a while until we find the perfect one. We'll also allow the player to adjust how big they want their world to be.

      @FireSerpent We don't have any additional animals planned at the moment, but reptiles are definitely in the pool of animals we could add!

    26. Maxwell Kraljevich on February 10

      So happy you got funded! Can’t wait to start!

    27. Joshuah Kusnerz on February 10


    28. Nils B. Lahr
      on February 10


    29. Nils B. Lahr
      on February 10

      Whooooooo you guys did it!!!!!

    30. ShinySnivy on February 10

      Congrats guys! Now the road to the stretch goals starts!

    31. Missing avatar

      Davon Granderson on February 10

      The goal has been met! Now to get those sound effects by Fat Bard 💪

    32. Missing avatar

      Paul Anderson on February 10

      Congratulations on hitting your goal! I'm stoked for you guys!

    33. Missing avatar

      FireSerpent on February 10

      As to gear/bonus/boosts; spirits, floating glyphs, totems, and fetish/charms all seem like the kind of things that would fit in the world view.

      Any reptile characters in the design frame of the future? Should the fantasy skew go far enough. dragon/raptor players ;)

    34. Cealygosa on February 9

      How big will each generated world be, about ? Like, if you ran from one side all the way to the opposite side, how long would it take ?

    35. ShinySnivy on February 9

      Wooo we got color swaps!!

    36. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator on February 9

      @Sauer While Vulpine's combat is not necessarily inspired by Dark Souls, it has similar emphasis on dodging. Dodges do indeed have invincibility frames to them, as well.

      @Frozen With default settings, Vulpine is meant to be challenging. There are settings for players who want an easier experience, though.

    37. FrozenFlashDrive on February 8

      How difficult is this game going to be?

    38. Sauer on February 8

      The combat style looks like Sif in cute polygon form, with dodging frames and stuff. Is that accurate? DarkSouls like combat? I’m dry excited for this game if it mixed cute with YOU DIED type combat.

    39. Michael Kerr on February 8

      Ah, man, now I would love to see a ferret as a playable animal!

    40. David K? on February 8

      So close to the $22,000 for the ferret!

    41. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator on February 8

      @ShinySnivy If the stretch goal is not reached, we will be doing our own sounds. Having Fat Bard do the sound effects would allow us to focus on other parts of development, and provide higher quality sounds. (Seriously, Fat Bard is kind of fantastic at what they do.)

    42. ShinySnivy on February 7

      If the $25K stretch goal to have Fat Bard do the SFX isn't reached, will you guys be the ones who do them instead? This is so close to getting funded, I can almost taste it!

    43. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator on February 7

      @Cealygosa Weapons are the main equipment in Vulpine, but we do plan for accessories that enhance your stats. These are small items that add slight cosmetic variances to your character.

      @Frozen The hype is real!

      @Ceekur Possibly! Our first goal with animals is to get each of the ones we have right now properly implemented into the game. After that, we may consider adding more animals.

      @Ash We're getting so close!

    44. Ash
      on February 7

      Héhé we can rush the goal !!!!! Great :p

    45. Missing avatar

      Ceekur on February 7

      Will we be seeing a lion as a large animal class in the future?

    46. Cealygosa on February 6

      Yet another question - sorry if they're a bit much ! Will there be other "gear" besides our weapons ? Like a few pieces of armor or other accessories ?

    47. Clockwork Giant Games 2-time creator on February 6

      @Maxwell Thank you!

      @Michael It's not just the rabbit anymore! Now that we've hit our Red Panda community goal, it will be added as a small animal.

    48. Michael Kerr on February 5

      Woo-hoo! I'm really excited to see this get backed!

      Here's something I've been wondering: are there other Small animals to play as, or just the rabbit?

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