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Everything you love about video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden translated to the tabletop. BOOM!
Everything you love about video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden translated to the tabletop. BOOM!
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Team Preview #4

Posted by Brent Spivey (Creator)

Here's a look at 8 more MFL teams!


This team boasts what is easily one of the scariest defenders in the league. Seriously. Superstar Larry Trailer shoves offenses around with ease and is one of the top three blitzers in league history. Elliot is a good passer, but he is overshadowed by Trailer’s spectacular play and by his ‘manlier’ brother Phil of the BIGHORNS.

  • #55 LARRY TRAILER: shove, blitz, block +1
  • #6 ELLIOT MANLY: screen passer


Led by pure pocket passing star Stan Marina, the SUSHI have multiple offensive options and no shortage of ‘raw’ talent allowing them to ‘roll’ over the competition.

  • #55 LARRY BONKERS: run block
  • #6 STAN MARINA: route passer, pocket passer
  • #66 MARK SUPER: spin


The team has a couple of extremely solid offensive options in star player Blellow and impact player Sesentayseis. If only Chad was as amazing as his smack talk, the team would be nigh unstoppable. Squawk combines good strength and power with the zone defender skill to create an interesting puzzle for offensive coaches to figure out.

  • #55 A. J. SQUAWK: zone defender
  • #7 A. J. BLELLOW : catch, shake

The JACK-O-LANTERNS also have an alternate helmet that is sometimes worn during regular season games but never in the post season.


The TRIDENTS were the very first team in the league to draft a female player. Of course, like many players selected by teams in the MFL, it had nothing to do with her passing skills but due to her last name fitting the Greek mythology theme of the team name and logo.

  • #40 MIKE MONEY: block +1
  • #44 MAX BRUCE: team player
  • #6 MARY IOTA: route passer
  • #7 GEORGE EDWARDS: spin


Not only is Donnie Lock one of the league’s top three blitzers, but he is one of the best open field tacklers in the game as well. His blazing fast speed and ability to hit like a truck make him a one-man wrecking crew! D-Lock changes the way that offenses have to play the game.

  • #44 HOWIE SHORT: blitz
  • #77 DONNIE LOCK: tackle +3

When a team has an alternate version, the impact/star/superstar and scouting cards are swapped out to create a new roster and completely different play experience. The alternate version of the REAPERS features one of the very best running backs to ever play the game. Bo Nose is actually the reason that the league skill cap was introduced. The skills below represent him at his almost unstoppable superstar status, and you can't even imagine what he was like in the season after that where he reached legendary status! While more famous for being the head coach of the REAPERS and later an announcer and commentator, John McFadden earned his football cred in the trenches as an offensive and defensive lineman.

  • #44 John McFadden: shove
  • #77 Bo Nose: juke, stiff arm, sideliner


The defense of the NINJAS relies on deception, misdirection, fear, and striking from the shadows when least expected. The ‘Smoke Bomb’ coverage of Earl Red combined with the ‘Ninja Blitz’ of Lou Ray creates a playing field where the ball is never safe!

  • #55 LOU RAY: blitz, lockdown
  • #77 EARL RED: zone defender, interceptor

NINJA BLITZ! The ‘Ninja Blitz’ running style isn’t just for showmanship. It’s actually one of the secrets to the success of the maneuver. When performing his trademark ‘Ninja Blitz’, Lou Ray tilts his body forward low to the ground to avoid detection, holds his forearm crooked in front of his body horizontally to block offensive players, and runs with short [but very fast steps] to allow him to change directions quickly.


Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, and fittingly, the OMEGAS have ended the playoff hopes of many teams in the MFL with their high scoring offense.

  • #6 ANDY FORTUNE: route passer
  • #66 DICK ERICKSON: run block, stiff arm
  • #77 HAROLD MARVIN: shake


The REGALS superstar passer is a highlight reel waiting to happen. The QB read skill was actually named after him due to his almost supernatural ability to sense danger and read changes in the defense.

  • #6 MACK KOI: spin
  • #77 QUENTIN BARTHOLOMEW EAGLES: juke, route passer, QB read

The official team name is actually the REGAL LIONS, but the fans and media simply refer to them as the REGALS after the recent logo update. And much like the lion is the ‘King of Beasts’, the REGALS are certainly MFL royalty.


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