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Everything you love about video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden translated to the tabletop. BOOM!
Everything you love about video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden translated to the tabletop. BOOM!
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Team Preview #3

Posted by Brent Spivey (Creator)

Here's  8 more teams from the MFL for your viewing pleasure!


The ANKHS have a good mix of both offensive and defensive players making them a mid level performer in both areas on paper. This is deceiving, however, as the team gets a boost from Evan Jar being able to use his blocking skills on both sides of the ball making the team a very versatile threat in the hands of the right coach.

  • #44 EVAN JAR: block +1
  • #55 JACK RICHARDS: blitz *#6 ANDREW ZEPHYR: pocket passer
  • #7 MACK TWO: spin

WHO RA?! With the team’s home games being played at SUN GOD STADIUM and the team logo being the ANKH, it was only a matter of time before the fans came up with a clever cheer that celebrated the Egyptian theme. Hence, the ‘Who Ra?!’ chant was born.

Sure, it sounds almost exactly like ‘Hoorah!’, but that’s part of the inside joke with the fans.


The SPACESHIPS are a good team, but they most certainly do not deliver the out-of-this-world performance that the logo promises. There’s a good mix of skills to be found amongst its impact players, but it will take a top level coach to send them into orbit.

  • #33 MARY GOLD: team player
  • #5 PATRICK FRITZ: pocket passer
  • #66 DEREK REEVES: zone defender
  • #7 MARK CURTIS: spin


Everything from the logo to the fiery red uniforms with yellow accents promises that the CHEFS are going to turn up the heat and cook something special for the fans.

  • #55 TOM VINCENT: blitz, block +1
  • #70 JAMAAL CHILD: catch, juke

SHAKE AND BAKE! The star player duo of Jamaal Child [Shake] and Tom Vincent [Bake] provides sizzle on both sides of the ball. You know that burnt smell that fills your nostrils after Jamaal has just broken your ankles with a hot juke move or after Tom has stuffed you like a Thanksgiving day turkey for a 10 yard loss? That’s Shake and Bake baby! Shake and Bake!

When a team has an alternate version, the impact/star/superstar and scouting cards are swapped out to create a new roster and completely different play experience. The alternate version of the CHEFS:

  • #55 Christian Okeydokay: stiff arm, run block, block +1
  • #70 Deacon Homes: juke

THE TAZMANIAN TERROR! Known for his ferociously aggressive running style, Okeydokay has a voracious 'appetite' for all things in his path on the football field and is famous for 'consuming' things like defenders, yardage, and touchdowns. He's also easy to spot in the game even if you're sitting in the cheap seats. Just look for the vortex of dust moving down the field with defenders, cleats, helmets, and turf being flung about and left lying in its wake.


When playing against the YELLOW JACKETS, there’s no question who the Boss is! The superstar lineman is in command on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. He’s been known to carry the ball in a pinch but prefers to pave the way for the running back Freddy Thunder. And if you’ve ever seen one of Thunder’s stiff arms, you know that his name suits him. BOOM!

  • #33 TONY BOSS: shove, block +1, team player
  • #7 FREDDY THUNDER: stiff arm


The BULLS come at you horns first with the hard-nosed running attack of superstar Sam Emmit. The constant threat of the power rushing game makes the passing skills of Roy Cakeman that much sweeter as he has plenty of time in the pocket. And then there’s the lockdown defense [and offense!] of the Sandman...

  • #55 SAM EMMIT: stiff arm, run block
  • #6 ROY CAKEMAN: pocket passer
  • #77 DEE SANDMAN: lockdown


The PILLS have an extremely well-balanced high octane offense. And speaking of balance, they are also one of the first teams to draft a female player- Kelly James.

  • #5 KELLY JAMES: pocket passer
  • #60 ANDREW TWEED: catch
  • #66 ORLANDO JUICE: stiff arm
  • #7 TOMAS THURSTON: juke

Unfortunately, nobody can be told what it’s like to play the red PILLS. You have to experience it for yourself.


  • Announcer 1: Whoa! I just had a little deja vu. It looks like they just ran the same exact play.
  • Announcer 2: How much like it? Was it the same exact play?
  • Announcer 1: I think so, but I’m not sure.
  • Announcer 2: Sounds like a glitch in the PILLS’ play calling matrix.

The PILLS also have an alternate helmet design that they use sometimes. It's known as the blue PILL variant.


The BIG CATS have one of the most dangerous superstar running backs in the game- Mark Fault. He’s as much of a threat to come out of the backfield to catch a pass as he is to run the ball, and he has more receiving yards than many wide receivers in the league.

  • #6 CURTIS WARMER: pocket passer
  • #7 MARK FAULT: catch, spin, juke

MASCOT MANIA! The mascot for the BIG CATS, 'Louis the Leopard', has inexplicably reached what some would describe as an almost cult-like following. So much so that the media and fans alike have taken to calling him 'Saint Louis'. At this rate, he might reach angelic status soon! #BIGCATSPRIDE


Watch any LUMBERJACK game, and you’re going to hear the phrase ‘Dakota to Nice’ a lot. This is arguably one of the greatest passer and receiver duos in league history, and Dakota is definitely a hall of fame superstar. The LUMBERJACKS are perfect for any coach that loves the passing game.

  • #70 LARRY NICE: shake
  • #6 JOE DAKOTA: route passer, screen passer, QB read
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    1. Sibowitz on

      Go Da Bills !! Think Broos Scmidt should make an appearance.

    2. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Nathan Ward That's the unstoppable force vs the immovable object match-up, and it is very interesting to play.

    3. Nathan Ward on

      Great update! I love a good passing game...

      I think the Lumberjacks vs the Tyrants is going to be a very interesting game however...

    4. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @orabbi @Ric Van Dyke I thought you two might like this update. Oh, and for the record, rumors that Jamaal is somehow related to world famous chef Julia Child are completely false... probably.

    5. Ric Van Dyke

      Chefs are ready to cook up a spicy play for you!! :-)

    6. orabbi

      Love the team update! Go Chefs!