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Everything you love about video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden translated to the tabletop. BOOM!
Everything you love about video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden translated to the tabletop. BOOM!
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Team Preview #2

Posted by Brent Spivey (Creator)

Here's a look at 8 more teams!


The WARRIORS are known for attacking defenses with their aerial assault. Baby has a couple of favorite targets in the sure hands of Black and the star power receiver Knockowski. Baby was also responsible for coming up with the team motto.

  • #55 ROCK KNOCKOWSKI: stiff arm, run block
  • #6 TOM BABY: pocket passer
  • #66 TROY BLACK: catch

The team motto of the WARRIORS is ‘Fighting Inflation!’ While technically fitting in with the battle theme [since it features the word fight], no one is sure exactly what it means. Still, Baby seems pretty pleased with himself for coming up with it. On a totally unrelated note, Baby has unusually small hands for a passer in the MFL.

For those that appreciate this sort of detail, here's a close-up of one of the explosions on the logo of the WARRIORS:

That's right... it's a football. Why? Because, what's more American than the WARRIORS and football? Exploding footballs! That's what! 'Merica!


The GREENBACKS like to ‘make it rain’ touchdowns with the pure pocket passing of superstar Roger Dodgers. It helps that impact player Ed Lazy keeps defenses honest with the threat of the running game which ‘buys’ Dodgers more time in the pocket. Lazy may not be the fastest [or most energetic] runner in the league, but his spin move has left more than a few defenders wondering what the heck just happened.

  • #6 ROGER DODGERS: pocket passer, dodge, QB read
  • #66 ED LAZY: spin

The GREENBACKS love their money as is evidenced by the logo and the fact that they are the only team in the MFL that is not owned by a single owner in partnership with the league. Instead, the team is owned by the players, and they share all profits.

League rules have since been changed to stop teams from being structured in such a way that it takes money away from the ‘deserving’ owners and league itself, but the GREENBACKS are grandfathered in.

If it’s not obvious by now, the GREENBACKS are all about that ‘cheddar’!


The TRUCKS are all about punishing other teams and pushing them around with their hard-nosed offensive and defensive tactics. The ‘Big Block’ offense is most successful when letting Stop grind the defense and the clock down while moving the ball down the field with his power running.

  • #33 AL STOP: shove, block +1
  • #44 WARREN SACK: shove
  • #55 DERRIN BOOKS: blitz

Al 'The Truck' Stop has made a career out of running over players trying to tackle him, knocking them out of the way [and sometimes out of consciousness!], and generally dropping the hammer on them while running the ball. Announcers started referring to this as 'getting trucked'. It's now become a standard term that's synonymous with any offensive back running over a defender and used anytime that a ball carrier takes matters into his own hands and quite literally goes on the offensive. Boom!


Many passing games in the MFL have faced extinction when squaring off against the green menace of the TYRANTS’ defensive secondary.

  • #60 KEN CHANCE: zone defender
  • #66 TOM EARL: man defender
  • #77 REX SUREWIN: zone defender, interceptor


The PANDAS’ offense requires that coaches exercise a bit of patience and finesse to get the most out of it. For those that understand the game, a very interesting style of play awaits.

  • #55 JULIAN SALTS: blitz
  • #6 CAMERON DYNE: spin
  • #7 STEVE VAUGHN: catch, juke

Science fun fact: a Dyne is equal to 10e-5 Newtons.


The BANDITOS have two star players that shine on opposite sides of the ball. While it makes them a difficult team to deal with, at least you know which players to key in on!

  • #44 SANTIAGO MARRON: shove, stiff arm
  • #55 MAX CLAY: blitz, block +1

¿Logos? For some strange reason, the new owner of the BANDITOS feels like having logos on the team’s helmets is to blame for the less than stellar performance last year claiming that relying on a logo made them ‘soft’. Strange- right? When pressed by the league to keep the logos on the helmets as a means of identifying and branding the team, the owner was quoted as saying, ‘Logos? We don’t need no stinking logos!’


 The logo of the FALCHIONS is not only cool but appropriate since trying to catch a flying blade pretty much describes what it’s like trying to tackle superstar runner and sometimes passer Vic Mexico. On the rare occasions that he does pass the ball, impact receiver Juan Julio uses his spectacular catching skills to ensure a completion.

  • #66 JUAN JULIO: catch
  • #7 VIC MEXICO: pitch, juke, QB read

The intense rivalry between Vic and the PIT BULLS defense escalated to the point that Mexico actually tried to attack the team with a real falchion during a halftime! The league gave him a stern talking to.



The GRIFFONS feature the offensive combo of Plumber and Gerald. The duo is not rated quite as highly as some of the other passer and receiver pairings, but the additional room under the league skill cap allowed the addition of Knees, who is a highly rated open field tackler and serviceable outside blitzer.

  • #6 MARIO PLUMBER: route passer
  • #66 WILLIE A. KNEES: tackle +1
  • #77 FRITZ GERALD: catch, shake
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nace on

      Here's an idea for the nickname for the secondary of the Tyrants: The Division of Doom.

    2. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Robb Minnemann If Surewin is within 3 squares of the target [player or spot] of a pass that's unsuccessful, it automatically goes to him! He just has to roll a sport check to make sure that he pulls it down. You had better think twice [or maybe even three times!] before throwing to a target that he threatens.

      Also, if two player with zone defender are threatening the same target, those penalties stack as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robb Minneman on


      I looked through the rules, and comparing it to this I have a question about Richa- I mean, Rex Surewin. He has both Zone Defender and Interceptor. Zone Defender causes the player to threaten a pass if he's within 3 squares. Interceptor allows him to intercept a missed pass automatically. Do these work in concert? If Surewin is within 3 squares of the intended recipient of the pass, and the pass misses, does he automatically get it?

    4. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Robb Minneman They just might need a nickname! That's a pretty darn good shot at it too. This is going to require some further investigation. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Robb Minneman on

      I think the Tyrants backfield looks excellent. Maybe they need a nickname? I mean, they seem awfully fast. Maybe we call them the Brigade of Vroom?

    6. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Al Maguire Tom is MUCH better than his single special skill would have you thinking at first glance. Due to the way that his ability works in combination with those of Knockowski and Black, he performs like you would expect. Player #71 ends up getting a lot of receiving yards in that offense too. It's a team that's more about working the passing lanes, calling the right plays, and making good reads rather than relying on the athleticism of the QB.

      The style of play that you end up with suits his personality. He's no Joe Dakota though! ;)

    7. Al Maguire on

      This is probably just the homer in me but Tom Baby has to have more special abilities than just pocket passer. At first glance there isn't much separating Mario Plumber from Tom Baby. i would have expected him to be more like Joe Dakota.

      This nitpick is more a result of having a bad fantasy team and thinking too much on the subject of player abilities these days. : )

    8. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Nathan Ward Jersey #46 is all yours. Welcome to the LUMBERJACKS!

    9. Nathan Ward on

      Ah excellent, that would fit my current pace these days! As tempting as it is to be a bruising nose tackle, I think I'll stay slightly nimble and be a disruptive Defensive End on D and a Tackle on O protecting Joe Dakota. I'll take #46 please. That way, when my career is done and people talk about the 46 defence they'll think of me and not Ruddy Bryan and the Monsters!

    10. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Nathan Ward Jersey numbers 36, 46, and 47 are left. Let me know which one you like best, and we'll get you into a uniform!

    11. Nathan Ward on

      ...I'd forgotten that... PLEDGED!

      Just signed for the Lumberjacks! I assume #52 is gone. If not, I'll take that number please! If 52 is gone, what numbers are left?

    12. Brent Spivey 2-time creator on

      @Barry Kendall Glad you enjoyed it, and I couldn't agree more!
      @Nathan Ward Awesome! Remember, you don't get charged until the campaign ends and is successful. So, you can pledge now if you like. ;)

    13. Nathan Ward on

      Agreed! Love all the team updates. In for a $ but will be upping my pledge as soon as payday rolls around!

    14. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      This has been a fun read! Now I'm really excited for the game. This campaign simply HAS to succeed!