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VOYO transforms terabytes of data created by your car into apps that increase driving safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency.
VOYO transforms terabytes of data created by your car into apps that increase driving safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency.
VOYO transforms terabytes of data created by your car into apps that increase driving safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency.
707 backers pledged $90,514 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Terry 1 day ago

      I think Android will NEVER happen. They should have never marketed it with the word Android if they had no real plans to release an Android version. I am a Android developer and let them know that months ago to offer my help in developing or testing the Voyo. I didn't get a single reply. My guess is they don't have anything for me to help with. This is an Apple ONLY product!

    2. Jun Raymond Sawal 3 days ago

      They NEVER answer or react to any Android related questions and comments.. never.

    3. Gerardo Aguilera
      6 days ago

      Update 4: I had been using my VOYO as my daily driver and I love what it does for me. Maybe i'd wish it could track when the tank was filled and it could tell me how much gas is left in the tank, i don't know if that's possible but i'd like to see something like that. As of for the android, i am now running android too now, i switched over a couple days and i still have my voyo plugged in but it's doing nothing now. I need you guys to please get on top of the android, and as other people have said and have been commenting, i will join too as it's now something that i'd love to see ported over for android users, at least an update please. Thank you.

    4. Jun Raymond Sawal on April 12

      Android user here.

      And yes, we have been ignored.

    5. Missing avatar

      dorron Brousard on April 7

      I feel ignored. I have Android. How many backers have IOS Vs Android? New car technologies may already negate Voyo benefits. I signed on to Voyo when I had a 2008 vehicle in 2015. Now I have a 2017 car with a lot of digital "everythings." Is Voyo still worthwhile?

    6. Voyomotive Creator on April 5

      @Jorge We used the information in your survey to email you and ship your device. Please contact us in a private message or by email at

    7. Voyomotive Creator on April 5

      @Gerardo Thank you for your feedback and support!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jorge Hernandez on April 4

      I never received my voto. I didn't even get a shipping notification

    9. Gerardo Aguilera
      on March 26

      Update 3: I've been using YOYO for a while now after the update they released, the update was painless and my VOYO's firmware updated by itself after driving a few minutes to the store. As of for what they promised in the update it's there. Sometimes i'll forget to open the app and i'll just turn on the app a few hours later when driving again and i remember and it'll load up the stuff from the past. So far i'm satisfied with this update as it allows me to forget about until i really need it. We'll see if they continue to release updates that improve the YOYO. As of for YOYO keep up the good work and thank you for the update! Please give android user their VOYO and their app, it must be so frustrated to not have the app and keep waiting.

    10. Voyomotive Creator on March 23

      @Eray, Please contact for any questions about the support of your device.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eray Yilmaz on March 23

      How can I reset my account password? There is no reset password option in the application.

    12. Voyomotive Creator on March 23

      @William, We have been trying to get ahold of you. You didn't tell us what phone you are using. Are you using an iPhone?

    13. Voyomotive Creator on March 23

      @Alexander, We shipped your device back in December. Please use direct messages or email us at if you did not receive your VOYO.

    14. Missing avatar

      William Butler on March 23

      No unit shipped here either!

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexander Key on March 23

      I have not received my VOYO yet either (and am using iOS). Was this supposed to have shipped?

    16. Voyomotive Creator on March 23

      @Jared, We are not shipping to backers with Android yet as we have not released an Android app. Check out Update #22 and let us know if you'd like to receive yours early.

    17. Jared Tillford on March 23

      I haven't received my VOYO yet, as it looks like everyone else has. All VOYOs have been shipped, right?

    18. Voyomotive Creator on March 21

      @Gerardo, were you able to update your firmware? If you're having difficulties, please contact our support team at

    19. Jun Raymond Sawal on March 18

      Let's see..
      So probably another year or so for app development, plus bug fixes for Android = F***ed up.

      Oh wait, they're still not done with IOS?

    20. Chad Boettger on March 16

      I am very dissapointed. That all of us Android people have to wait so long I have a voyo just sitting on the shelf. And to hear that you rather update the IOS version before even making a Android version is crazy.. I think some of us Android people should get some kind of refund or a perk of some sort for all this waiting we have to do..

    21. Gerardo Aguilera
      on March 14

      Voyo i'm still waiting for that "update" to make my YOYO a bit better. What's the update on that?

    22. Jun Raymond Sawal on March 9

      Creator practicing "selective commenting" again..

    23. Terry on March 8

      @Daniel Peel - Couldn't agree more, especially about Android.

    24. Voyomotive Creator on March 7

      @shi shi, we have been trying to contact you. You never told us what phone you're using. Are you using iPhone?

    25. Jun Raymond Sawal on March 5

      @Daniel Peel - THANK YOU!!!

    26. Daniel Peel on March 4

      I'm just hoping that all the features of this aren't obsolete by the time more people can use it... when this was first started... most of these were new... now Automatic has a 3G option that I don't even need a phone for... so quickly... the "advanced" features of this product... are starting to become standard features of your competitors before yours even hits the market... (I'm not saying that was an option for this product) but with cars coming with auto unlocks and other features... standard now... the extra features of this.. aren't much different... and the repeated push back of the Android community while you push yet another update to the iOS side... is well... short sighted. At this point.. I wish you had never said you would have an android app available so then I wouldn't have backed it. I really hope that by the time I see it... I'm not left feeling like it's old tech. Yes I know I told you to not ship it to me yet... and that's because.. well I can't use it.. since I don't use iPhones.

      I do hope it works out for both of us...

    27. Missing avatar

      Shi Shi on March 3

      did you ship out the iphone version?????? its a year now.

    28. Voyomotive Creator on February 21

      @Steven Wang @Mark Lamb, we are sending out a shipment this week. If you do not receive an email from with tracking information, please contact us directly through private message.

    29. Voyomotive Creator on February 21

      @Brian Emily and all backers who need to update vehicle or address information, please contact us directly.

    30. Voyomotive Creator on February 21

      @Sean Reynolds, we're currently working on implementing data buffering in an OTA update which will allow the VOYO to update the app with stored trip information. If you have any questions or are experiencing issues... or just want to know the many other ways the app can be useful to you, please contact our support team at They're standing by to help you.

    31. Tom Coggia on February 20

      Any updates on the app? I realize some folks don't even have their VOYOs yet (you aren't missing much) - but it would still be nice to know that increased functionality is on the way soon...

    32. Sean Reynolds on February 20

      This product is essentially useless to me because before embarking I have to launch and run the application. If I was going to use an app, there are other apps that can approximate much of this functionality such as WAZE... I thought that this device would LOG the data until I synced it just like a fitbit does.

      In fact, I was thinking thous would be more like a fitbit for my car... Something I could plug in, forget about, until I want to answer a question about the past...

      I wanted to answer a questions such as: What is my average drive time in the morning, vs the evening... is there an optimal time to leave my house to minimize my drive time...

      If I have to have premeditate opening an application, I might as well just use a spreadsheet... or an application like WAZE... In fact I found that this product has to have the application running at all times to get any meaningful data out of the system... So I'm failing to see what the point of this hardware device really is...

      I can tell you what it it...

    33. Missing avatar

      Brian Emily on February 15

      My vehicle has changed from a 2007 to a 2013 since the project was funded. How do I change this information so I can get my item sooner?

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Lamb on February 15

      I pledged the three pack with a 2005(Camry), 2007(Corolla), and a 2009(Corolla).

    35. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Rana on February 15

      When can I expect my Pacer package?

    36. Steven Wang on February 15

      I have still not received anything. could you please give me an update? thx

    37. Voyomotive Creator on February 13

      @Jared, We do not have a timeline on the Android app but we are working on getting it out as soon as we can.

    38. Jared Tillford on February 13

      How far away is the release for Android?

    39. Voyomotive Creator on February 13

      @Mark Lamb, You told us you were driving a 2005. Please see update #21. If your vehicle has changed, you would need to let us know.

    40. Voyomotive Creator on February 13

      @Seth Johnson, Please send us a direct message about this.

    41. Voyomotive Creator on February 13

      @Mitch, We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for the delays. As a Kickstarter backer of this project, you are one of the first to receive your reward. This is not a false statement. When timelines have changed, we have provided updates. Please see update #21 for information about vehicles 2007 and earlier. As well, please see our direct message to you.

    42. Jun Raymond Sawal on February 13

      Pacer backer here.. I share your sentiments.

    43. Mitch Snow on February 12

      Also, you said "be one of the first to get your VOYO controller" by being a PACER backer, not you'll be one of the first to get you controller if you have a car that is 20XX or newer. Being one of the first to receive your controller is a fulfillment requirement, so fulfilling rewards for backers that are not PACER backers before the PACER backers is a violation of Kickstarter's Terms of Use which state, "When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward."

      Can you provide insight on how you will appropriately address the fulfillment requirements for your PACER backers to satisfy the terms of your Kickstarter creator agreement and avoid legal action from backers?

    44. Mitch Snow on February 12

      Hi Team VOYO,

      In the Shipping and App Store Update you sent out on September 28, 2016 you said, "Our plan is to have all VOYO controllers for vehicles that are 2007 and newer mailed out by the end of October." I have a 2007 Audi A3 and still, three months later, have heard nothing about where my VOYO controller is.

      I was one of your first backers as a PACER supporters and was originally told that I would receive my controller in February 2016. I can understand delays but your lack of communication and transparency after a full year is outrageous, especially when the PACER backer description says, "be one of the first to get your VOYO controller," and I have received nothing while others have gotten theirs.

      The thing that is most frustrating is that I actually went to your booth at the SEMA Show and was blatantly lied to by the leaders of your company. This was during the first week of December and they told me some BS story about only starting delivery to backers with domestic vehicles 2008 and newer, a change in plan from your September update that wasn't shared with your backers through you rare updates until a full month later on December 6th.

      So my question is, can you HONESTLY tell me when will I receive my controller? Like I said, I understand that delays happen and some things are outside of your control but all I am asking for is transparency in when I can expect to receive the controller I paid for by backing and supporting the vision of VOYO.

      I believed in your company and have been patiently waiting for the day when I would be able to use your product and show it off to friends who I had hoped would become customers themselves. It is extremely frustrating to feel scammed by a company you helped support in becoming a reality.

      At this point, I have lost all hope in Voyomotive.


    45. Seth Johnson on February 11

      I've moved since backing this project. I can't find a way to update my address to be sure to receive my unit. Please advise.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Lamb on February 10

      I have still not received anything. Are you guys still in business or is this cancelled ?

    47. Voyomotive Creator on February 9

      @Askari, We just sent you a message about this.

      For Android backers who want to receive their VOYO in advance of the app, check out update 22!

    48. Askari Mohammad
      on February 8

      I still haven't received anything. Can you guys confirm whether mine was sent out or if I still need to wait?

    49. Jun Raymond Sawal on February 8

      Still waiting for an Android update....

    50. Voyomotive Creator on February 8

      Thanks for the update. We have a fix for this. Our support team will be reaching out to you.

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