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WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? The Archers of Loaf LIVE AT Cat’s Cradle (a feature-length concert documentary)
Created by

Gorman Bechard

72 backers pledged $3,471 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Steve Swain on September 9, 2012

      DVD received and screened! Great, great stuff.

    2. Creator Gorman Bechard on December 6, 2011

      Matt, got the sound from the band...and now it's edit time. And with 7 cameras, it's a long process. But the footage is nothing short of amazing!

    3. Creator Matt Ziser on December 3, 2011

      Any updates?

    4. Creator Frank Criscione on October 11, 2011

      hey! what's the progress like?! any updates? stills from the show / vid?
      so excited!!


    5. Creator Eric Gabriel on August 9, 2011

      Can't wait to see the shows next weekend, and I know we're all glad that we'll ALL get to see these shows thanks to this project.

    6. Creator Gorman Bechard on August 3, 2011

      Sorry. Please remember these are coming from the filmmaker, not the band. And we figure the big advantage is getting it sooner than everyone else.

    7. Creator dutchoven on August 2, 2011

      Why are there no options that include the actual commercial DVD/blu-ray when it comes out? And an AOL T-shirt. I would have pledged more for that package.