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THE FALLING STAR!'s video poster

Thousands of years from now a young woman falls from the sky beginning an epic adventure for the fate of mankind. Read more

Encampment, WY Comics
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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2012.

Thousands of years from now a young woman falls from the sky beginning an epic adventure for the fate of mankind.

Encampment, WY Comics
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Based on a short story I wrote when I was thirteen, originally titled Journeys: from the Chronicles of Trah,  THE FALLING STAR is my attempt at the ultimate science fiction action/adventure story ( a bold statement only a teenager could make ;) I have been writing and rewriting it, revising and revisiting it for over twenty years, and only now with the help of my screenwriting partner, my illustrator, and YOU can i finally realize this cool space opera that has been bouncing around in my head the last couple decades.

  • The story takes place thousands of years from now long after a great FINAL WAR has wiped out most of mankind and sent the rest of the survivors into space. Earth is covered by a GREEN SWARM of mechanical nano-creatures that devour everything in their path! NAREH, a girl who lives aboard THE SPACE UMBRELLA finds herself in the middle of a battle for the fate of mankind when she is jettisoned from her home in the sky down to the wastelands of earth. Nareh meets a young refugee named DALLIAN from ANCHORPOINT (the shantytown built up around a SKYHOOK CABLE connected to the Space Umbrella) , and a WAR-ZECH pilot named GAV. The three heroes travel the stars on a series of adventures that take them from the wastelands of earth all the way to mars, and back again!

In the process of hiring Michael Webber to do some concept art and story boards for the feature screenplay, I thought...


If this Kickstarter is successful I would start a second one to finish out the 4-6 issue run that would comprise the PART ONE of The Falling Star series.

All of the money from this Kickstarter will be going to pay the very talented Michael Webber for his fine illustration work and to pay for printing/shipping costs to send ISSUE 0 to YOU! Make no mistake, this is a...


My major influences growing up were the great sci-fi films of the 70's and 80's: Alien, Blade Runner, The Terminator, and of course Star Wars. Later I fell in love with the classic Metropolis and the early serials that inspired Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Readers of this story will also note heavy influence from Edgar Rice Burroughs,  E.E. "Doc" Smith, Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut as well as Joseph Campbell. 

I cannot express how grateful I am for any help on this lifelong quest and would consider it a great honor to tell a story that takes you the reader on the thrill rides I so often loved, and still love to go on every time I crack open a book or sit in a darkened movie theatre. 

Thank you for any and all support!


Erik Weiland


  • Issue # 0 will have a page count of 15-20 interior pages of jam packed sci-fi adventure art and story!

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  • No! It will look BETTER! The sketches shown above are just some of the storyboard art and basic concept sketches for some of the major set pieces of the story. Check out Mike's blog and deviant art page to see his finished comic book/graphic novel art and ge an idea of the awesomeness that awaits any owner of ISSUE # 0 !

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    Pledge $1 or more

    7 backers Limited (1493 left of 1500)

    You will receive a PDF copy of ISSUE 0 : The Falling Star w/ FULL COLOR cover and B&W interior art.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    4 backers Limited (146 left of 150)

    ISSUE 0 mailed to your home! (international shipping please add 5.00) The issue will be bagged, boarded, SIGNED by Michael and I then sent to you hot off the presses!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    13 backers Limited (37 left of 50)

    We will be doing a super small FULL COLOR EDITION. You get all of the above PLUS a signed and numbered version of the "Prismatic Solar Rain" ISSUE 0 ! SWEET! (international shipping please add 10.00)

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    Pledge $50 or more

    4 backers Limited (6 left of 10)

    THE " ATTACK CRAFT ALPHA " COLLECTION! ALL OF THE ABOVE...PLUS a SIGNED ORIGINAL SKETCH from artist MICHAEL WEBBER! (international shipping please add 15.00)

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    Pledge $100 or more

    1 backer Limited (12 left of 13)

    You receive ALL OF THE ABOVE as well as a Limited Edition HARDCOVER ART BOOK with all of our concept art and sketches from ISSUE 0...PLUS YOUR NAME on our SPECIAL THANKS LIST!...THANKS! (international shipping please add 20.00)

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    You receive all of the above PLUS...
    A COPY OF THE SCREENPLAY " THE FALLING STAR " signed to you by the writers!
    SPOILER ALERT! (Please add 25.00 for international shipping)

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    All of the Above... PLUS
    Michael Webber's "The Falling Star" Sketchbook with all of his ORIGINAL sketches and artwork for ISSUE 0
    ( Please add 30.00 for international's a lot of stuff! :)

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