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January 1st. Writing, revising. It's boring. So it goes. I found this, from when I thought Punk Mathematics was going to be a comic zine, and I was amused by it

It seems like he should be holding the chalk, but I guess he hurled it to the ground, shattering it. Punk as functions!

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      Creator Suz Antink on January 1, 2012

      I think that revising and honing the work is very much like completing a proof through to its gnarly finish when you already have its beauty in your bones. Once done, though, your work will convey the beauty to all of its readers, who will enjoy, reflect upon, reinterpret, take issue with... Basically use your work as a starting point for the deeper discussions that build mathematics. Keep your heart pure and bring your muscle to the task. Oh, and happy new year! SA

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