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Part math book, part online event, Punk Mathematics is an introduction to mathematical thinking for people who question everything.
Part math book, part online event, Punk Mathematics is an introduction to mathematical thinking for people who question everything.
1,022 backers pledged $28,701 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Mike Rosencrantz 5 days ago

      Lemmy was alive when I back this project. This project killed Lemmy.

    2. jos weyers on March 8

      any updates ?

    3. Jon Perry on February 27

      I was single when I backed this project. I've now travled to Disney World, got married, had a kid, beat cancer, sold a business, bought 2 houses, watched a beloved pet pass. I wonder if I can still be Punk enough for Punk Mathmatics.

    4. Missing avatar

      David S
      on February 25

      Since I backed this project I've moved twice and had two kids. If we're lucky one of those kids may receive this book as they go off to college...

    5. Jim Lesniak
      on February 9

      My son was seven months old when this funded, he's halfway through 1st grade right now...

    6. Lukas Loesche on December 29

      I just checked my backed projects and realised I never received this book. Of the 63 projects I backed since 2010 this is actually the only one I never received anything from. Anyways I caught up on the current status and what do you know, there was a beta version a year ago. In the time since I backed this project I got married and now have a four year old son. If the book could go from beta to shipped within the next 5 years or so that'd be great!

    7. Kurt
      on October 20

      Fun fact: When I decided to support this campaign, I was 33.

      I turned 40 this past Monday.


    8. John Nicholls on September 6, 2016

      Backed this to help my son with his MYP coursework. He passed that, his A Levels and is now off to university. Time goes by very quickly.
      My youngest is 12, so I am still hopeful to use this book to help him in his secondary studies.

    9. mark irving on August 19, 2016

      Is it really over six years? I wonder how many backers have died in that time? What's the odds Tom that I die before I get the book?

    10. Terry McKee on May 17, 2016

      This is idiotic.

    11. Praful Mathur on January 18, 2016

      Based on updates alone, I'm pretty sure Tom and I are best friends that never met. I know more intimate details of his life than I know about 80% of my friends. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that Tom is still working on this book after 5 years (which is incidentally how long Northeastern University lasts...).

    12. Glyndwr Evans on October 26, 2015

      Sooooo, any update on this? I fear all hope is lost on this project.

    13. Kurt
      on October 8, 2015

      Interestingly, the co-worker I had planned on giving the book to as a gift has now moved on to another school across the country. lol

      Meh. If it's published or not isn't really a concern of mine any more. Not worth the time being worked up about it. :)

    14. Ira Burton on September 28, 2015

      David S, I gave up about 30 months ago. I never would have guessed back then that it was more likely for Donald Trump to become president of the USA than for Tom to deliver on his promise.

    15. Missing avatar

      David S
      on September 16, 2015

      Anyone still think this book is ever happening?

    16. Jim Withington on May 6, 2015

      Pledges are always pledges, especially as far back as this kickstarter goes. Hope you finish, Tom — and if you ever want a pint, I'm in Portland, too!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jared Kibele on April 19, 2015

      I hope Tom finishes the book and I really look forward to seeing it if/when it's done. I pledged a pretty small amount of money - basically an expendable amount. When I pledged, it was clear to me that this was an ambitious undertaking for someone who hadn't done this kind of thing before.

      I have no interest in trying to reclaim the small amount of money I pledged and will not be participating in any lawsuits. I hope Tom eventually finishes this thing more for his own sake than for mine. If not, I'd like Tom to consider my pledge a gift and to buy himself dinner (but he'll have to go somewhere cheap).

    18. Lauren Davidson on February 26, 2015

      Dear Punk Mathematics Backers

      Myself and Ira are two concerned backers, unhappy with the way Tom Henderson has been handling the project he proposed almost 4 years ago. After failing to meet his self-imposed deadlines and with no updates for 7 months we feel again it is time to hold Tom accountable and ask him what he has been doing with the $28,701 we gave him as a collective to write his book.

      The facts of the matter are that Tom has failed to deliver his rewards, failed to keep us informed and updated with regards to our investment, and continues to make excuses for why he is not updating backers or progressing with the book.
      I believed Tom had good intentions, but I think he may have lost momentum with the book. Unfortunately because he does not update us (his last update was July 2014) we are left to assume or visit the only page he seems to update on a daily basis, his twitter account @mathpunk.

      We started a Facebook group to get backers of this project connected so that we can decide as a collective the best course of action.
      If you are a backer please join our group and show your support. Share with every backer you know. We will likely start a petition if we make no progress with Tom.
      We are not out to attack Tom and wish him no ill will. If you have anything positive to share or have received your rewards we would be pleased to hear from you. We are especially keen to hear from those of you who purchased the "Answer-To-Everything" reward pack and above, as Tom provided you with a 24 hour Math Hotline. Did he deliver on that reward? Has he been contactable by phone?

      We understand writing a book takes time and deadlines change, but Tom has not offered any updated time scale. We don't want to wait another three years without good reason and unfortunately that it where Tom seems to be lacking. Ira and I have reached out very politely to Tom on several occasions to be met with vague excuses and no real answers. We are disappointed and feel that it shows a lack of respect for the people who backed his campaign.

      After some discussion we feel these are the 3 options open to us presently, but we are a collective and all input is valuable. We want to hear people’s opinions and confirm the majority is happy with the course of action we choose to take. We hope to accomplish one of the following options:

      1) See Tom continuing with the project but with a couple of elected backers as accountability managers. Tom must set a new realistic finish date and update weekly/fortnightly/whatever the group sees fit from now on with his schedule and give evidence of progress to the selected backers. This evidence could be updated drafts, scanned copies of notes, whatever, just something to prove he has actually sat his butt down at a desk and done something. If he can’t manage an online email update or whatever, he needs to IM and send files with the elected backers so they can update the backer run facebook page. If he fails to update regardless of his progress he will negate the agreement and we will be free to explore reclaiming the project for ourselves in lieu of legal action.

      2) If Tom is incapable of continuing with the project we request he hand over any existing drafts to the backers under the creative commons attribution so that we can decide how to progress. If this course is taken we think it would be most sensible for the mathematicians backing the project to decide if they want to work on it as a collaborative endeavour. These details would be discussed in the backers group.

      3) If Tom refuses to commit to updating and working on the book, setting a new realistic deadline, and refuses to release the drafts under the creative commons attribute we will be seeking recompense from him directly. Should he fail to comply we will seek legal advice as a group potentially hitting him with a class action suit for breach of contract.
      He has let down the people who showed such faith in him, and now it is time to take some action to get this project back on course or get our money returned. None of us want to take legal action, but I can see from the comments many of us want our money back out of principle. We feel we have been scammed and we want to see some accountability.

      We say this to you Mr Henderson: You cannot take people’s money and disappear. You will be held accountable. We do not own you, but you owe us regular updates. You may have been unprepared for this project, you may not know how to handle pressure and deadlines, but you are an adult. Take responsibility for your project and be fair to the people who paid you to live out your dream.

      Punk Math Backers, unite and kickstart this project once again!

      Lauren Davidson

    19. Missing avatar

      Reno Filla on February 12, 2015

      Writing a book is hard, which will anyone confirm who has tried to write a thesis - and a thesis has very small actual requirements on readability.

      I still love the idea. The articles archived on the net still make me feel that I want this:

      I can wait some additional months. I can also live with just getting a PDF for printing out myself. I can possible also live with my $29 spent being lost, but it would really be a shame, because after all I have been putting on my PunkMath t-shirt for years and my co-workers frequently ask me if I received my book yet, because they are curious enough to read it themselves.

      What I want to say with this that I don't want to give up hope just yet. I certainly don't want to join in and abuse Tom for not having posted an update since July '14. It's just... you know... like TIME to tell us a bit more, please?

    20. Jim Lesniak
      on February 11, 2015

      When I pledged to this project, my son was six months old. This fall, he shall be attending kindergarten. He has learned to walk, talk, and interact with others in the time we have been waiting for this book.

    21. S. Clements on January 29, 2015

      Please be honest; that's all I ask.

    22. Adrien on January 29, 2015

      Tom Henderson, you are nice and funny and all that. We all backed that with 10 times the money you asked. Now you got it, you have no clue on how to deliver that at all.

      So if you are expecting 1022 people to forget about you, it won't happen, so tell us if this is going to happen or if you had an happy life since 2010 and Punk Mathematics elements are in a box in somewhere in your place.

      If I receive the book by post tomorrow I am not even sure I will be happy anymore.

    23. Missing avatar

      Adam Schaible on January 14, 2015

      The suspense is killing me!

    24. Kurt
      on November 8, 2014


      There was an improvement on updates. What appeared to be excerpts from the book were posted. It looked like progress was being made.

      Now it has been almost 5 months since the last update and nothing since.

      I had been willing to give Mr. Henderson the benefit of the doubt. Now all I want is a bit of honesty. If the project turned out to me more than he anticipated and he was unable to complete it, I think he owes it to his backers to say as such.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gus Pirie on November 3, 2014

      i've spent the last few years thinking that Tom would surprise us one day and reveal the end product ..... I now fear that this will never come to pass. Please just tell us that it ain't gonna happen, so that there are no residual expectations !

    26. Ira Burton on October 2, 2014

      All you Tom apologists are looking progressively worse for your baseless defense of this scam artist. Tom, will you please just make a post stating that you failed so we can get closure and move on?

    27. Kylee DeBirred on September 13, 2014

      More than four years on, out of there enough money left to print the book? Is there a new expected completion date? I'm happy to just let it go but I'm curious about where the project is at. :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Tyler on June 28, 2014

      yay for progress!

    29. mark irving on April 6, 2014

      You seem to be doing a 1.618... Turn

    30. Terry McKee on December 31, 2013

      I backed this project because I wanted to brush up and improve my math skills. I had little luck with math books on new material because I didn't have a complete mastery of the fundamentals. Fast-forward three years. The Math Punk project is going no where, but that's ok by me. Based on the 'updates', the book would have been a rambling mess anyway. What has changed is that there is a little site called that is unbelievable in providing the tools to master the fundamentals of math. Depending on your level, you likely will be able to learn some new material too.
      I just wanted to let you all know about Khan Academy so that you can give it a try. (If you haven't been on the site recently, they have completely modified the way math exercises are presented.)

      Does anyone have any other site or book recommendations?

      ...and Math Punk, there is usually a connection between how you treat people and how you are treated.

    31. Janna Ostoya on November 28, 2013

      You're doing great. We're sorry we welded you in your gym locker. We hope Mrs Mathpunk and your car get well soon.

    32. Shawn on October 1, 2013

      TOM! Keep at it, buddy! Don't give up! I like watching this thing develop and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

    33. Mike Jacobs on September 8, 2013

      We just passed the 3 year anniversary.... Still ZERO book. This guy is awful.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stefan Haessler on July 4, 2013

      I welcome the idea that Mrs. Mathpunk takes over communication and now gives updates on a regular schedule. This should ease the concerns of a lot of backers.
      It looks like the book is less advanced than I thought it was. Apparently Tom now has "a few thousand hand-written pages and notecards" that have to be distilled into a book. But wasn't there an image posted a few months back that was supposed to already show a first draft?
      Well, in any case, Tom has a bunch of material, ideas that he has actually worked out and turned into texts and images on paper. He seems not to be the king of (self-) organization and project-management, but I never expected this from the guy I saw in the video proposing to write a book on *punk* mathematics. He seems to be a highly creative, impulsive and passionate guy, who tends to quickly jump onto exciting new tracks even if they often lead him into dead ends and he'll have "wasted" time and have to go back. The thing is, whether it is research or "just" finding a truly novel way of presenting existing knowledge, this is the way you have to work if you want to get *new* ideas and results. All the proper and neatly project-managed ways of working will tend to lead you down the beaten track. So, I completely understand Tom's troubles and think that complaining about inefficiency or whatever is inappropriate.
      Now he's actively working on re-organizing all this to condense it into a book. This is always an iterative process and will take a while. And it will be painful to throw away a lot of good stuff for the sake of brevity, or coherence, or whatever. We'll hear about this, I wish Tom all the best for his work and am looking forward to at some point get a copy of the final oeuvre.
      Still, won't you at least comment on the concerns expressed by this group of your backers?:
      Some of them have posted comments that were disrespectful, but you might just ignore those and answer to the serious messages that have been addressed to you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Suz Antink on June 20, 2013

      Doing a variety of large, long projects myself, I welcome the news of a supportive mate! Well done, Tom! and Congrats to you both. Heavy lifting awaits both of you--eat some eggs, fish and nuts, breathe deeply and plunge in. I continue to be excited by the prospect of the tome. Cheers, Suz

    36. Lauren Davidson on June 20, 2013

      I am reposting this for those backers who return disgruntled after today's update which appears to be an experiment in prose:

      Ira Burton and myself started a group for backers who are unhappy with Tom's handling and attitude towards us and the project. If you wish to join we will welcome you and try to find a satisfactory resolution.

      We do not wish to seek legal action, that would always be a last resort, but we are open to discussion and opinions from all.

    37. Ira Burton on June 20, 2013

      To be clear, this was not a donation, it was a pledge, in return for the pledge we were told that Tom would create a book, and that we would get a copy, or at the higher pledge levels, significantly more. And the communications on this page constitute a contract.

      Additionally, the TOS for the site state clearly he must deliver or refund the money. They also state that any use of the site constitutes agreement with the current TOS. Tom has logged in recently.

      Putting that aside however, most of us would have let this go if Tom would have had the common decency to communicate with those of us he took money from. For me it is the principle of the matter.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tyler on June 20, 2013

      Anyone talking "refund" or "legal" or anything like that is off base. It was obvious and clear that Tom is a bit of a crazy genius and hadn't done a book before and that he wanted to try. The problem with crazy genius is that it's rarely reliable and seldom conforms to any kind of schedule. When I backed this project it seemed plenty clear that he might not finish or that it might take a lot longer than he imagined it would. Implicit in the project was the potential for failure.

      For those asking "what he spent the money on?" Seems likely he's spent the money on food, housing, notebooks or whatever he needed to make this attempt.

      I suggest people unhappy let go of the negativity and be ok with whatever happens. I'm sure Tom will feel the pain of failure if he can't complete this enough without people getting nasty on kickstarter. Might be worth remembering that all that nasty & anger is going through you before you shovel it on Tom, with an associated cost to you on it's way through.

      Just to be clear: I don't know Tom, but I do know quite a few crazy genius / artists types and there's nothing surprising here. I would like Tom to finish and to get a copy of the book, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I feel good that I helped a crazy genius guy attempt something new that had (has!) potential. Part of why I like kickstarter is that I can support these type of people and thereby increase their chance of succeeding.

    39. Kurt
      on June 19, 2013

      I don't think you're analogy is accurate Steve. I think a more appropriate one would be that we donated (if this is the word you chose to use) money in the hope that it will go towards finding a cure for nose-hair-cancer, but instead the money is spent on a gambling trip to Vegas.

      Look, I don't expect to see anything at this point, but ultimately a reward wasn't the main reason I contributed funds to this idea. I was actually excited about math. And I hated math as a kid. I'm a teacher now and I know we have students who struggle with math in our school. I thought if this idea could excite me, then perhaps there could be something that could help some of the students in my school. It was the idea, not the physical reward, that resulted in my deciding to fund this venture.

      If Mr. Henderson found that he bit off more than he could chew, I personally would be okay with some variation of the following:

      "Hey, to all my backers, I'm really sorry but I just can't finish this thing. I had a great idea and tried to make it work but in the end it was too big for me. I thought I could do it, but I was wrong. Please accept my sincere apology."

      I'm pretty forgiving, and god knows I don't know what it takes to write a book, so this would satisfy me.

      But he can't even be bothered to reply to emails based on what other members have written here and elsewhere. When he does respond he is flippant and dismissive. I find that unconscionable. If I were in his place, I would at least want to show my backers at least a modicum of respect for putting their faith in me.

      In the end I probably agree with a lot of what you've written here however, at least regarding moving on and chalking it up to a bad experience. And I have no desire to sink money into legal action. I do think that Mr. Henderson should be ashamed of his lack of accountability, though sadly I don't think there's much evidence indicating this is something that will happen.

    40. Les Chiens Coulattes on June 19, 2013

      @Steve, Oh it was a donation. I thought it was crowd sourcing. My bad. Perhaps you are cool with some jackass stealing money from you to pay for their honeymoon but that doesn't make you cool just makes you a pushover.

    41. Steve Cooley on June 18, 2013

      You guys complaining about a *donation* you made to an artistic endeavor are being lame. Read the terms and conditions for this site -- there's no guarantee of any outcome, expressed or otherwise. It's kickstarter: you donate money and you *hope* to get a reward. Do you also threaten legal action against the nose-hair-cancer charity because they haven't found a cure yet?

      Yes, it sucks that you never got your book and your index card full of gibberish. I'm disappointed too, but seriously... Move on with your life. You're gonna get nose-hair-cancer if you keep worrying about this.

    42. Mike Jacobs on June 18, 2013

      I'd gladly pay MORE for a lawyer just to have this guy return all that money. What a thief. Doesn't respond to any attempts to contact him either.

    43. Missing avatar

      Walter Stanish on June 17, 2013

      Thief. Let's put out a bounty on this guy. I'm sure plenty of punks would lend a hand.

    44. Les Chiens Coulattes on June 16, 2013

      You give punk a bad name.

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