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This is a documentary exploring the spirituality of what is being called by many, "The most Godless Generation in history."

This is a documentary exploring the spirituality of what is being called by many, "The most Godless Generation in history." Read More
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About this project

We're on a mission to answer questions.

What do you believe? Why do you believe it? What did you think? What do you think now? Have you ever been to church? Do you go to church? 

These are just a few. And they are questions that every Christian and Ex-Christian alike have asked themselves at some point. I ask myself everyday. And what I tell myself today is much different than it was five years ago, or even yesterday. Faith, spirituality, whatever you're more comfortable calling it, is not static thing. It's as much a part of you as your skin or your liver. It grows, it changes as you get older, and it is affected by how you live your life. 

So why are you asking these questions?

Matt Sluder and I have been best friends since Ninth grade. We have constantly been feeding on one another's interests and have continued to grow together as we grow separately. Matt and I met at church. But at 16, he came to me and asked "Why are you a Christian? Is it because you believe these things? Or is it muscle memory?" Wow. It's amazing how little I knew about this giant part of my life. Including, but not limited to, why it was a giant part of my life. That has led to spending the last four years in a constant state of flux on my beliefs, what they are, why they are what they are, where they come from, where they are going. And I have come to discover that these are the kinds of questions most of Generation Y are asking themselves and their peers.

Generation Y, or "The Godless Generation"

Generation Y, as we have researched it, covers all people born 1980- 2000. Which is a lot of people. We have been called the most Godless generation in history. That is quite a claim. Godless? What does that even mean? We want to find out, and we want to find out if it is even valid. 

So, Will and Matt, how do you propose to do that?

Well, dear readers, I am so glad you asked. We are going from here, Kansas City, Missouri, all the way to Seattle and back, stopping in big cities and little towns, talking to preachers and professors, not to mention any and all members of Generation Y, or Millennials, that will talk to us. We want to document our journey, and our own questions, as well as the experts. We want to know what they think about this phenomena of people moving away from the church, and faith in general as well as WHAT THEY ARE DOING ABOUT IT. 

Just who are you to do such a thing?

Matt and I have been interested in faith and spirituality and its personal as well as cultural effects for as long as we have known each other. We have long discussed this amongst our closest friends and advisors. We both attended church for the first 18 years of our lives, and just like our statistics, have become disillusioned with the church as we have grown up and become aware. Though we are not closely involved with a church right now, we are still very rooted in our upbringing, and interested in the concept and mystery of faith. 

So, a documentary?

Yes, dear reader, a documentary. Documentary films are becoming one of the best ways to circulate information in an informational, and entertaining way. Which is what we want! We want people to help us make the film, because it is something they would want to watch! I am currently a film student at the Kansas City Art Institute, and Matt is an English student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. We have both spent our entire lives in the Bible Belt, getting the same answers to our questions that are bigger than Jesus dying for our sins. We want to pool our gifts and our interests in an effort to help us and our generation understand these questions.

I don't know about this, seems like a good way to step on toes. 

Good. There are toes that need to be stepped on. There are people that need to take a look outside their comfort zones. Christians and Atheists, by nature, are pitted against each other, and we want to dispel some stereotypes. We want both groups to leave the film with a better understanding of one another. That not all Atheists are evil and not all Christians are fools. And a lot of people are not comfortable with either group! And that's fine! This is not a project to tell those that have left the church to go back, or those that are still there to leave, this is an exploration of the spiritual climate in the United States. 

Just Christianity?

Yes. And here's why. This film is just as much a personal exploration of beliefs as it is an exploration of the generation. Because of that, we have a personal bias. Our background is with the Christian Church, thus our exploration is focused in this area. This is not a lack of respect or interest in any other religions, merely an unavoidable limitation we start out knowing we must work within. 

Seems like an awful lot of money.

Yes it does! Yes it IS! Neither of us come from money, and we both understand the value of a dollar. We have grown up working for what we have, and have the utmost respect for the amount of money we are asking for . The sad truth in going across the country in a Chevy Cavalier is that it is going to be an expensive trip, just for the bare-bone necessities of the journey, like gas. And food. If we could run on air and water alone, we would not be troubling you for money.

Questions? Ask them! We love people and we love questions! They are the building blocks of this project and are necessary. There is nothing we wouldn't be happy to answer.


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    Five bucks, less than you would pay for a Value Meal at any fastfood joint, buys you an opportunity to sponsor a spiritual quest of two guys that want to answer questions EVERYONE asks. This is an extremely important to us on a personal level, as well as being extremely important to a world full of people that are now, or have questioned their faith and what it means and why they have it. We can't accomplish this project without you, the good people of the internet.

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    Song Download!!! Our close friend and collaborator on the project is doing all the music for the film! For $10 we want you to have our theme song on the project! Additionally, we want you to have access to our on the road video blog, which will be updated daily with all sorts of videos from interviews we're doing and places we are visiting!

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    Song download- Our close friend and partner on the project has written us an amazing theme song for the project. Donate $20 and receive a link to download the song!

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    Because we already have a backer at the $20 level, we cannot edit the existing the reward. However! Since we have added a $10 level, we are beefing up all levels! The new $25 level gets you a digital download of a short version of the film, in addition to the SONG DOWNLOAD, and the VIDEO BLOG ACCESS.

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    $50 is a big commitment. We know that! And we appreciate it more than you could ever know! So for $50 we want you to have the finished film! In addition to all the tiers below, which you will have full access to, you will be getting a digital download of the full length film!

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    If you donate $100, we want to give you all the thanks you deserve, by putting your name in the credits of our film!

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    We are crafty folks traveling with cameras, and will be taking tons of pictures. For those that donate $250, we want to give you a hand made photo album, bound by us. Because of the time this process takes, we can only make them for the first 25 donors.

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    For donors of $500 or more, we want you to feel like you are on the road with us. We will send you a hand written letter, including a photo from where we are.

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    Wow! This is more money than we could ask of anyone! And you've just given it to us! We, and our generation are in debt to you for helping us get off the ground. We want to arrange a private screening for you, as well as a meet and greet with the filmmakers!

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