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Exploring the complex relationship that man has with animal in sub Saharan Africa, through the eyes of the tourist trophy hunter.
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Moving on..

Over the past few weeks I've constantly found myself justifying my work with 'hunters'..I've always stated that this is the first of 3 books looking at much more than the wildlife in Africa, but also the industry that surrounds it. My work documents wildlife/human conflict in all it's forms. I've just returned from Kenya, a country where hunting is no longer allowed, and yet the wildlife is still shot, this time by poachers. Hunters is almost funded, and a massive thanks to all those who have supported this project, please keep funding for the duration of Kickstarter, and any funding received over our goal of USD 20000, will allow us to produce an even more beautiful and comprehensive book..thank you..!!

I'd also like to share some recent work with you all..

Thank you all for your continued support so far..


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    1. Creator Donald Thomson on August 6, 2012

      Wow, these are amazing!
      Cant wait to get my book and then see the new material to follow!