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Help promote Brendan Detzner's new short story collection "Scarce Resources". Read more

Chicago, IL Fiction
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This project was successfully funded on August 9, 2011.

Help promote Brendan Detzner's new short story collection "Scarce Resources".

Chicago, IL Fiction
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Hello, everybody, I'm Brendan Detzner. I write short stories, novels, and other stuff, curate the monthly Bad Grammar podcast featuring work by other writers (as well as my own sometimes), and participate in events in and around Chicago. I've had my work published in a few different venues now, but I've never had a collection of my own, and in the process of doing readings and other things I've often found myself in the position of being face to face with someone who's interested in my work and would like to buy something, and of having nothing to offer them.

To change that, I'm putting out a short story collection. It's called "Scarce Resources". A limited "Zero Edition" version of the book is already out, and the final edition with jacket blurbs and thank-yous to all the fine people who contributed to this project will be released in August. To make the book as widely available as I can to bookstores and online vendors like Amazon, to order a print run big enough to make the book nice and inexpensive for readers, and to send out some free copies to reviewers and other key people, I'm going to need a little help.

If you're not familiar with my work you can read and listen to some of the stories that'll be appearing in the book at Thanks for your attention!


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    Pledge $5 or more

    3 backers Limited (997 left of 1000)

    Mention in the thank you page of the book.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    9 backers Limited (91 left of 100)

    A signed copy of the limited "Edition Zero" of "Scarce Resources", normally only available to reviewers, friends, people who helped me put the book together, and other VIPs, plus a mention on the thank you page of the book and additional props given on my web site and podcast.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    6 backers Limited (14 left of 20)

    Everything listed above, an invitation to the "Scarce Resources" release party going down in Chicago this summer, plus one of the following: a signed copy of Twilight Tales' "Book of Dead Things" anthology (containing my story "Charlie Harmer's Last Request"), a signed copy of the "Pseudopod Archive: 5" CD (which includes their audio production of my story "Iowa Highway", which also appears in "Scarce Resources"), or a "Music for Scalpel and Prepared Piano" T-shirt in your size.

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    Pledge $50 or more

    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    Everything at the $10 dollar pledge, any two of the options listed under $25, plus you get an edition of the "Bad Grammar" podcast dedicated to you.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    Everything already listed here, including all three of the $25 options, PLUS a prominent character in my next short story will be named after you. All right to the short story remain with me, you have no control over the contents of the story, the character named after you will not intentionally resemble you, and I can't guarantee the venue in which the story will appear (except to say that it will appear in my podcast if it does not find another home within a year of its completion). You will get a handwritten and signed copy of it with a personal note from me.

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    Pledge $200 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Everything you'd get at $100, plus you get to write one of the complimentary blurbs on the cover of the final edition of the book. (I retain veto power which I promise to use sparingly- if you say something nice about the book and don't use it as an opportunity for hate speech I'm pretty much good with it.)

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    Pledge $500 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Everything you'd get at $200 dollars, plus I will come to the gathering/picnic/bacchanal of your choice, read a couple of stories from the book for you and your guests, and hang out for a few hours. This option is limited to people within a three hour drive from Chicago unless you're willing to wait until next summer and pay my travel expenses, and assumes that you're interested enough in my work that you want to have me around despite my frankly being kind of a weird dude.

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