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The Florence Project aims to send a 19-year-old girl to the Florence Academy of Art in Italy to study methods of Old Master painters.
The Florence Project aims to send a 19-year-old girl to the Florence Academy of Art in Italy to study methods of Old Master painters.
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The Florence Project



What is the Florence Project? The goal of the Florence Project is to raise sufficient funds to send an aspiring artist to the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

 Who am I?

My name is Eliza Moser, I am a 19-year-old aspiring artist, and my lifelong dream has been to learn the painting and drawing techniques of the Old Master painters. For the past four years I have studied with Angel Academy-trained professional artist Christina Mastrangelo, learning classical methods of realism. Now I would like to further my training at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, one of the few schools in the world still passing down this historic craft. Recently I was accepted into their 2015 program, granted advanced entry to intermediate level, and now I need your help obtaining the funds to attend.

What is the Florence Academy of Art?

The Florence Academy of Art is an art school located in Florence, Italy, dedicated to the classical-realist tradition. What sets FAA apart is its exclusive curriculum; it is one of the few schools in existence today which still teaches traditional realism, a style rooted in the Renaissance, and revived by the major Realist academic ateliers of the 19th century. Their mission is "to provide the highest level of instruction in classical methods of drawing, painting and sculpture for students wishing to pursue careers as professional artists in the Realist tradition."

Their program is intensive and disciplined, designed to help students push their abilities to their fullest potential. The location provides students with an inspiring environment, rich with a history of their craft. In my study there I would spend 36 hours a week in the studio, learning Advanced Cast Drawing, Advanced Figure Drawing, Beginning Painting, and Beginning Figure Painting. Additional offerings are evening Life Drawing classes, as well as lectures on Art History, Anatomy, Composition, and special lectures on Historic Methods and Materials, giving students the fullest possible education in art. 

How will your contribution be used?

Your contribution will go towards the cost of tuition, art supplies, air fare, and housing.
To obtain a diploma I would need to attend FAA for four trimesters, which I estimate will cost about $32,696.
However, my initial goal in this fundraiser is to cover the cost of the first trimester, with a budget as follows:

Tuition:         $5,625.00
Housing:       $1,634.00
Groceries:       $340.00
Materials:        $150.00
Air Fare:       $2,000.00    
Total:           $9,749.00

I am setting my goal for $7,000.00 because I believe it is a more attainable goal. But if you would like to assist me further in my artistic training, contributions above the set goal are welcome and appreciated.

Grazie mille! (Many thanks!)

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges of this project are minimal; I've already been accepted at Florence Academy of Art, and the school assists students in finding local apartments.
I've also spent some time studying Italian abroad, so adapting to the lifestyle and culture should not be a problem.
The only challenge at present or the near future is obtaining the funding to attend.

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