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LouBrew will be a new Louisville "nanobrewery", creating brews with a hand-crafted, single barrel spirit with fully rotating varieties. Read more

Louisville, KY Food
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LouBrew will be a new Louisville "nanobrewery", creating brews with a hand-crafted, single barrel spirit with fully rotating varieties.

Louisville, KY Food
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About this project

What We Want To Do:

Open a new Nanobrewery in Louisville, KY!

How We Plan To Do It:

We need YOUR help to Kickstart funds!

How's This Whole Kickstarter Thing Work?!

Kickstarter is a unique all-for-nothing way that helps people launch exciting creative projects.

Your pledge will only be charged and disbursed to us IF WE MEET OUR GOAL by the deadline, this ensures the project will be launched with enough support.


More About Us:

LouBrew will be a local “nanobrewery”, brewing up concoctions on a single barrel system (that’s 31 gallons or two kegs! truly nano!), where we will maintain ideals of superior hand-crafted ales and lagers. Our mission is to provide a complete rotating variety of specialty and seasonal beers with a local flavor to the Louisville area. Ideally we will be located in the Germantown area of Louisville in the heart of an ever expanding neighborhood that prides great beer and good eats. LouBrew will be the smallest brewery in Louisville upon startup allowing us the freedom to explore many interesting and unique styles of brew.

LouBrew will create a taproom onsite at our brewery, where beer lovers will be able to come in, taste our great beer, and take a gander at where and how we create our delicious brews. If our space allows we will love to have an outdoor patio for outdoor seating, an occasional grill-out, and a fire pit to warm-up by. We will be holding regular polls and surveys where our beer fans can vote on what brews we’ll cook up next. We also plan to attend all of the great beer festivals around town, including Brew at the Zoo, Louisville Craft Beer Week, and Oktoberfest. You can always expect from us twists on classic styles, extreme flavors, seasonal favorites, and innovative recipes brewed with a hand-crafted single barrel spirit.

An important element of all our beers will be the use of the highest quality ingredients sourced as much as possible from surrounding regional growers and suppliers. Examples of locally sourced ingredients include KY Hosey’s Honey, KY winery pinot noir barrels, KY bourbon oak barrels, and KY grown organic hops.

What The Money Is For:

To help us build the brewery and the taproom for YOU to enjoy!

How To Support Us:

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Check out more about us at

Examples of Some of Our Brews:

At LouBrew we will create fine craft brewed ales and lagers with a focus on interesting unique recipes. Twists on classic styles, extreme flavors, seasonal favorites, and innovative recipes will be brewed with a hand-crafted single barrel spirit. Because LouBrew will operate on a single barrel basis, we will have increased flexibility in terms of the base malts we use as compared to larger breweries, even “micro” breweries. Examples of brews you can expect from us include:

La Diable Blanche
French for “the white devil”, this Belgian style wheat beer features fresh crushed coriander, whole chamomile flowers, and sweet orange and grapefruit zest to give it a peppery, aromatic character that is floral and citrusy. This is a great summer beer that is wonderfully refreshing and easy to drink while still giving your tastebuds a delightful treat.

Cuvée Noire
A black Belgian style strong ale with old-world hops and high gravity aged for two month in an American white oak, pinot noir barrel. This is a deeply complex and rich sipping beer with notes of cherries and plums, with a strong earthy mouthfeel.

Pirâte Booté
An American stout brewed with freshly cracked grains of paradise, cardamom, and whole licorice root, aged in a spiced rum cask for two months. Think of Pirate times with rich Caribbean spices and rum on top of a complex oak aroma.

Other Brews and Styles You Can Look Forward To:

Raspberry Strong Ale: Built on a Belgian strong ale base and loaded with pounds and pounds of fresh raspberries.

Swamp Donkey Disco: A spiced holiday ale for those short and cold winter days, this brown ale features local honey, orange zest, cinnamon, nutmeg and a few other delectable spices which are subtle but add character to this rich ale.

Barley Wine: A very strong ale with local organic wildflower and clover honey to bump up the gravity.

Chocolate Milk Coffee Stout: Local roasted coffee, milk sugar, and the finest dark chocolate go into the roasty stout.

Raspberry Semi-sweet Mead: Fresh raspberries and local organic honey go into this slightly effervescent wine like brew.

Maple Pumpkin Brown Ale: Loaded with locally grown pumpkin, maple syrup, brown sugar, fresh ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a few other  pumpkin pie spices, great for the Fall!

All the Standards Like: Nut Brown, Oatmeal Stout, American Ale, Scotch Ale, Amber Ale, Saison, Wit, Hefeweizen, Coffee Stout, Bourbon Barrel Stout Dunkelweizen, and more!

And Some Not So Standards: Peat-smoked porter, Black IPA, Belgian Tripel IPA, Weizenbock (Wheat Bock), Oaked Quadruple IPA, Oaked Brown Sour, Champagne-like Mead, and more!


  • Well, hopefully we succeed in bringing a new brewery to Louisville, but your pledge will only be charged and disbursed to us IF WE MEET OUR GOAL by the deadline, this ensures the project will be launched with enough support.

    Last updated:
  • Hopefully in Schnitzelburg/Germantown, this is where we live and we love this community, but space availability and price are going to be big factors in location, we will keep everybody up to date during the location process.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we are going to have a taproom then eventually expand to distribution at your favorite local bars and restaurants, so you will be able to enjoy our beer all over the city. Growlers and kegs will be available for take-out sales at our taproom!

    Last updated:
  • Actually, yes! All these terms are lose and subject to interpretation, but the growing trend of nanobreweries seems to be less than ~3-4 BBL (1 BBL = 31 gal), and some people are calling their 10 gallon systems, "picos". Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head actually started on a 10 gallon system, this is back before all the "lingo" caught on.

    Last updated:
  • About $23,000 will be in the brewery equipment alone, from fermenters to kettles, refrigerators to the bar. $3,000 will cover initial licensing, fees, and taxes. $4,000 will go to startup rent and building improvements. And finally, $2,000 is to buy our initial grain, hops, and ingredients to start making our delicious brews for you to enjoy on our startup day!

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    For all donations from $1 to ∞! Your name up on our Backer's Hall of Fame, which will be featured on our website, Facebook, and a special plaque at the brewery for all of eternity, or until the interwebs self implode!

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    LouBrew Sticker: A flashy LouBrew sticker. Slap it on your bumper, your fridge, or your neighbor’s dog!

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    LouBrew Coaster Set: A set of four custom LouBrew coasters to complete your living room coffee table. Great for protecting your haute culture IKEA furniture!

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    Private Tasting and Brewery Tour: Come see and taste what it’s all about. This includes an invitation to a private tasting party and brewery tour. Come sup on delectibles, peruse the brewery, and ask as many questions as you’d like about the brewing process!

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    Pint Glass OR T-shirt AND Sticker: Your choice of either a LouBrew pint glass OR a LouBrew T-shirt AND in addition, a LouBrew sticker.

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    Mug Club AND First Dibs Club. Mug Club: This is the BEES KNEES. You will have your very own LouBrew mug that we will keep for you at the LouBrew tap room, ready for anytime you come in, think of this as a membership to our brewery. In addition, exclusive Mug Club events will be held throughout the year where you will get to taste exclusive reserve brews and new releases first! First Dibs Club: With the Mug Club you will also receive a membership to our First Dibs Club where you will hear about upcoming releases, reserve limited brews, events and dinners first!

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    ALL the $100 Incentives, plus Brew Dinner AND extra Pint Glass. Brew Dinner: You are invited to an exclusive LouBrew dinner provisioned with many of our best brews, a delicious menu consisting of big hunks of juicy meat, succulent sides, and all the fixin’s. Bacon will be sure to make an appearance.

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    TWO Times EVERYTHING in the $250 Level!!!

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    FOUR Times EVERYTHING in the $250 Level PLUS Name a Beer:
    Name a Beer: We will name a beer after you or with your help!

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    New!! Same as the previous $1000 pledge, but IN ADDITION you'll get to NAME A FERMENTOR! We'll get a plaque inscribed with the name of your choice for the fermentor! It'll go down in history as a libation provider!

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    ALL the $1000 Incentives PLUS help Create a Beer! Create a Beer: Help from start to finish to create a custom brew including making the idea for the beer, creating a custom recipe, brewing the batch, and imagineering the label and name.

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