Heroes of Normandie, The Tactical Card Game

by Devil Pig Games

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    1. Carlos Paramio on

      Hi. Awesome news. However, we moved to a new house in the latest months, and although I contacted you here via the Kickstarter private messaging system I have no answer from your side. Is there any special place where to communicate these address changes? Can you review the missed communication? (I just repeated the message again). Thanks.

    2. Carlos Paramio on

      Never mind, I forgot there was a "Pledge Manager" at your main website. I just ordered the address change there.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Waller on

      Great news, all your efforts are paying off!

    4. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @ Carlos from the last update

      "A small, yet important, practical point: we fetched the dispatch data from our website. Please don't go directly to the Pledge Manager if you want to make address changes; they will no longer be taken into account! Send me an email at kickstarter.dpg@gmail.com, specifying your login/user name on the Devil Pig Games website so that I can find you more easily."

    5. Tom Tjarks on

      Thank you for the update. Good to know distribution is moving forward!

    6. Sean Mulqueen on

      Great news.
      Just to clarify the Mol Tradition is currently due 23/1/19 in the afternoon.
      Currently just North East of Tunis moving at 17 knots :)

    7. Ric Van Dyke

      Thanks for the update! Bummer (for me) on United States and Canada but good to hear things are moving along.

    8. Martine Vallée

      Merci pour les nouvelles, c'est très apprécié! :)