A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men

by Arden Leigh, Mme Rosebud, Amy Van Doran

Arden Leigh, Mme Rosebud, Amy Van Doran wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

    1. Missing_small

      Creator Tim Crow on November 12

      Step 1: Exploit the fact that males have been socially trained to make the first move and take all the risks.
      Step 2: Take your pick of the offerings.

      If this fails, the highly drastic step 3 might be attempted.

      Step 3: Walk up to the guy, ask him out.

      Seriously, a guide for women to pick up men is utterly stupid, considering the pathetic ease with which women can exploit the current social norms.

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kara Cohen on June 24, 2013

      I think it would be very helpful to have a book cover design (even if temporary) and few sample pages. A little bit of content to get people wanting more.

    3. Dk_rox_.small

      Creator Damian Kolodiy on June 23, 2013

      You have your goal as 16K but you don't specify what you need that money for... how will it be spent? what are the costs? I think having some sort of budget breakdown would be helpful

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This is not a live project. This is a draft shared by Arden Leigh, Mme Rosebud, Amy Van Doran for feedback.

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A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men

by Arden Leigh, Mme Rosebud, Amy Van Doran

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An empowering guide giving women tools to achieve self-actualization in their love lives while remaining true to personal integrity.

Based on our understanding that necessarily inherent to feminism is the belief in giving women the widest range of possible options for their personal agency, A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men is a seduction manual giving women tools and tactics to create the love and sex lives they desire. Without placing judgment on a woman's goals for intimacy - whether monogamous or polyamorous, casual or committed - we the authors aim to provide methods of empowerment within a field that we know to carry great gender inequities. We believe in pursuing romantic self-actualization in ways that allow us to maintain our personal integrity, and in A Feminist Guide To Picking Up Men, we wish to teach women skill sets to create attraction by tapping into their own authentic versions of their seductress selves in order to create optimal happiness in their love lives.


ARDEN LEIGH, known as the Female Pickup Artist, is today’s freshest voice on women’s dating and relationship strategies. Bringing together her experience in neuro-linguistic programming, brand marketing, social dynamics, pick-up artistry, and the fetish industry, she coaches women on developing a proactive approach to achieving their romantic goals. She is the founder of the Sirens Seduction Forum for Women (www.seductionsirens.com) and the author of "The New Rules of Attraction: How To Get Him, Keep Him, and Make Him Beg For More" (Sourcebooks 2011). She writes a regular advice column for Auxiliary Magazine and maintains her seduction blog at www.ardenleigh.typepad.com.

MADAME ROSEBUD is known as the Punk Rock Jessica Rabbit of Burlesque. Rosebud is a solo performer, teacher, producer, actor and singer/songwriter. Love, sex and gender identity/equality are Rosebud's primary muses and R is proud to be a poly, gender-fluid queer making a living as a female impersonator. In off hours R can be found taking lovers and having adventures in the greatest city on earth.

AMY VAN DORAN genuinely cares about your love life. A matchmaker and love advisor based in New York City, she lives, breathes, and sweats romance. Before she found her true calling as the 'Guru of all things LOVE', she acted in a lot of movies, dressed a lot of people, and made some really weird art. She has been featured on OWN and in New York Magazine, The Observer, Glamour, and The Daily Love.

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We understand that seduction is a controversial topic and we are bound to face criticism from many sources, but we the authors believe in our shared vision and our wish to bring our message of self-empowerment to those who may benefit from it.

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