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A speculative fiction micro-anthology about fighting fascism any and every way possible or impossible.
462 backers pledged $6,759 to help bring this project to life.

Success!! Now what?

Posted by Bart Leib (Creator)

We did it!!! At 8pm US Eastern time yesterday, the Resist Fascism Kickstarter closed. The final tally: 462 backers contributed $6,759, pushing us not only to our goal but up to our first stretch goal as well! That's 112.6% funded!

We've said it a ton already, but THANK YOU, EVERYONE! For contributing, for tweeting, or sharing on FB, or telling friends in person - this would never have been possible without your help!

So what happens now? Here's where we are:

It will take up to 2 weeks for us to get the funds transferred from Kickstarter. But that's okay, because thanks to reaching a stretch goal, we have a new story to deal with! We can tell you now that the ninth story in Resist Fascism will be M. Michelle Bardon's tale of brunch, blogging and dragons, "Ask Me About My Book Club"! We're super-pleased we get to include this story, and it's being added to the book at no extra cost to you! *Cheers*

We're getting everything finalized, and we expect to get proofs ordered before two weeks are up. That way we can order the books themselves ASAP, and hopefully get them in hand for packaging and reshipping early enough that most copies will reach backers before the actual release date of November 5.

We say "most" copies because realistically, we probably won't be able to get print copies to our international backers that quickly. It just takes too long for the books to traverse the nebulous mystery realm of International Shipping. Sorry about that! We will get them out as soon as we can!

However, everyone WILL get their ebook copies before release! 

We'll be sending out our backer surveys during the next month. Please be sure to fill yours out as soon as you get it! The quicker we get them, the quicker we can get rewards out to you! 

(For those of you who pledged extra for out-of-print CG books, there'll be a separate question where you can put which books you wanted. Even though most of you already contacted us, please fill it out anyway just so we can be sure.)

We'll keep everyone updated as much as possible. Things are going to move fast - they have to, since we've only got 52 days left until the release date! Yikes!

Thanks again, and you'll hear more from us soon!

-Bart and Kay

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