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The affordable entry-level laser cutter / engraver for the maker, artist and hobbyist.
The affordable entry-level laser cutter / engraver for the maker, artist and hobbyist.
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One week to go!

Posted by Darkly Labs (Creator)

The last stretch goal just flew by in the blink of an eye. Well done everyone. You have all helped take this project to a level we had only ever dreamed of.

We have now reached the threshold of stretch goals and still being able to offer the LazerBlade for the current prices. Although we could start adding more goals, such as offering different color chassis etc, we feel these are gimmicks and not helping create a better overall product. 

Below are just some of the areas we have identified as important and will be applying the extra project funding towards. This is not intended as an extensive list, rather an overview.

Overall Design

We will continue to improve the overall design for both reliability and user experience. Just a few of the improvements we have already implemented are a larger laser unit cooling system, to handle the higher powered laser and better side access for material placement.

We are also looking at designing various options for things such as covers and fume extraction. Our plans are to publish their design files, for users to build their own, as well as offering the option to purchase the fabricated parts from us.

Concept LazerBlade cover designs
Concept LazerBlade cover designs



This is an area we want to get right and make rock-solid. Apart from making the system as stable and efficient as possible we have decided to add a second processor to act as a 'watchdog'.

The 'watchdog' will offer another level of safety, by monitoring for potentially dangerous events that may arise. For instance, situations where the machine could stall with the laser enabled, potentially resulting in a fire. Or safely controlling the laser intensity during the focusing process, while the laser guard is removed.

We are also working on making it as easy as possible for users to swap out laser units. They may decide to use a different laser for certain tasks or need to replace a damaged component. This process may involve a separate calibration module which we will develop and offer.


We will be working on making sure the user experience is as good as possible. This will range from ensuring the GRBL code is stable all the way to working with our software suppliers to verify everything works smoothly.

There will also be development on supplying a version of the Gcode 'streaming' software tailored for the LazerBlade. 

Online Community

Finally, we are very excited about setting up an online area for LazerBlade users to share their projects, cutting files and ideas, as well as getting help.

This is where we can post our tutorials, research / developments along with learning about how we can make improvements, first hand from users.

Another BIG Thank You!

As you can see, we have lots of tasks still ahead of us, along with the most important one, meeting the promised delivery goals!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us and the LazerBlade project.

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    1. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @AFIF: We unfortunately cannot include the covers in the current cost of the machines. We will be releasing all plans, printable models etc for users who want to construct it themselves. We will also offer the units for purchase and users can take advantage of any quantity costs we can take advantage of with our suppliers.

    2. AFIF on

      @Creator I hope you guys can include the covers for free, or at least for us backers :)

    3. Darkly Labs Creator on

      Thanks everyone.
      @David: Yes, the cover safety switch is another function capable with the watchdog we are adding.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Penney on

      That's exactly the kind of cover I hoped to be able to add.

      Just a thought - a simple switch so that whenever the unit it lifted,It is inoperable.


    5. Missing avatar

      RJ on

      Thanks DL, great update. I'm really looking forward to my next stage of 'making'.

    6. Joe Tarling on

      Nice update! I like the concept art.