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The affordable entry-level laser cutter / engraver for the maker, artist and hobbyist.
The affordable entry-level laser cutter / engraver for the maker, artist and hobbyist.
The affordable entry-level laser cutter / engraver for the maker, artist and hobbyist.
885 backers pledged AU$ 569,397 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Gunn on

      I received my LazerBlade some time ago and I have yet to make it work. Is there some one in Houston, Tx. that can assist in making the device work? Perhaps you can send an entirely new kit which may work.
      Larry J. Gunn
      2207 Salisbury St.
      Houston, Tx.
      713-522-5507 or

    2. Darkly Labs Creator on

      Hi Everyone,
      We have just dispatched the remaining backer kits and posted our final update.
      If you are still awaiting a kit and have not been notified yet, contact us immediately at
      Please note that if you would like to contact us, please send emails directly to We will not be monitoring comments on this kickstarter section regularly.

      Thank you to everyone for making this project possible and successful. Please visit us at to keep up to date with all our new developments.

      Thank You,
      Darkly Labs

    3. Missing avatar

      Don Wennick on

      #878 received, and partly built. So far it looks like the wait has been worth it, no issues encountered with the first half of assembly.

    4. Jack Wong on

      @Anton Georg Mueckl thanks for your reminder, just checked BackerKit. It's ready to ship to Hong Kong. Yeah!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Anton Georg Mueckl on

      Today on BackerKit: "You're done! Your project creator locked down your shipping address, so your rewards are being prepared for shipment." # 953 goes to Germany (hope it will arrive here soon... :-)

    6. Chayne VandeZande

      Supposedly shipped sometime in Dec/Jan, but STILL haven't received my kit or an update since messaging contact stopped in May. #193. This is disappointing.

    7. Shawn Polka

      Since I have also not received my LazerBlade, I sent them a message to ask for a status update yesterday (Sept 14). I'll let everyone know if I get a response back.

    8. Missing avatar

      Don Wennick on

      Nothing here either, #878. Another status update on the electronics at least would be nice.

    9. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Anyone else still not receive their LazerBlade yet? #890, USA. No response from Darkly Labs

    10. Missing avatar

      Fumio Hirakawa on

      #816 from Japan and still waiting...

    11. Micke Askernäs on

      Received mine in Sweden today! #815

    12. Missing avatar

      Yoshihiro Ohura on

      There was arrival of goods today. I thank everyone.

    13. Missing avatar

      jian LIU on

      @Hiromu Horikoshi. thanks for your suggestion~!

    14. Hiromu Horikoshi on

      my kit has shipped few days ago #860.
      you should ask them directory via
      they'll answer you shorty.

    15. Missing avatar

      jian LIU on

      @Yoshihiro Ohura the same situation with you {#927}

    16. Missing avatar

      Yoshihiro Ohura on

      I wait for arrival of A3 kit impatiently.[#883]

    17. Jan Hascher on

      Guys, simply write a direct email to darklylabs. They will be more then happy to tell you about your status.

    18. Shawn Polka

      I am still awaiting mine.

    19. Missing avatar

      jian LIU on

      how many people didn't receive their kit??????????

    20. Micke Askernäs on

      Almost 3 weeks since the last update, and the info about bad motherboards..
      Any idea when it will be resolved and the last bunch will start shipping? ;)


    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Burgess on

      I was backer 902/885 so will presumably be one of the last out the door but I haven't had a survey yet - is that correct or have I missed something?

    23. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @Rebecca: We are working on the backer awards and were planning to complete then in one batch. At present there are many backers who haven't replied to the survey question and after waiting for some time for all the replies to come in we decided to split their production up. We will ship these shortly.

    24. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @MichelC: You will receive confirmation of shipping and tracking details when your kit has shipped. We have completed November pledges. Please contact to find out what the status of your pledge is.

    25. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @Nidal: Please contact and we can co-ordinate this for you.

    26. mc_ott on

      Do we receive a shipping confirmation from DHL when the rewards ship?
      What is the status of November 2014 rewards?

    27. Missing avatar

      Nidal Prasovic on

      Well, I came here to find out how things are going with shipping. It kind of seems that they are shipping December pledges (which would be me) internationally via DHL. I'll be moving to a different home at the end of July (in about 4 weeks) so that means change of address. Has any of you who are not in Australia got an email with DHL tracking number when your pledge was shipped? Or did DHL just show up at your door? I have no idea how to track my package if it arrives at my current address and I moved to the new one... Thanks for any info on the subject...

    28. Micke Askernäs on

      Tomorrow we're into July already .. isn't it about time to get another update on how the shipping is going? Please? It's been over 6 weeks since last update...
      #381 got his note on May 22nd, and you are by your own words sending 100+ units per week, which should have had this fully delivered by now, so I'd very much like to have an update, thank you.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jane Jones on

      How can you locate what your backer # is? I have checked the emails I received when I pledged but that has nothing on it. I did see a list of backers once last year with numbers but cannot locate it.

    30. Jan Hascher on

      I'm #769, still waiting for the A3.

    31. Micke Askernäs on

      Those of you who were December pledges, what number backers were you?
      I am #815 ... so .. one of the last ones, it seems =/ Still waiting eagerly on my A3 cutter...

    32. Noa Younse on

      Just got mine [Dec]! Can't wait to go home and set it up!

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    34. Micke Askernäs on

      On June 28th, it marks the one year spot of my pledge... I wonder if I will be getting my shipping notice in time for that? (hoping hoping hoping...)

    35. Jan Hascher on

      Hey Folks, one month has passed, time for a (maybe final) update? How are you getting thru the last pile of deliveries?

    36. Missing avatar

      Denis Cheong on

      Yay! Looks like my December pledge will be on its way soon!

    37. Missing avatar

      Woodrow Radcliffe on

      One week short of one year since my pledge (#401). PLEASE provide an update. thx.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Haywood on

      Are the supporter awards shipping yet, please?

    39. Missing avatar

      Franck Bettinger on

      I finally got the parcel delivered. Dhl should really teach their employees how to read commercial invoices. The amount was the right one on the invoice, so there was absolutely no reason for them to hold the parcel so long. Anyway, I got it now.

    40. Joe Tan on

      Still waiting for mine to reach Singapore. December batch.

    41. Missing avatar

      kazuo ODANI on

      I do not yet arrive. When is it?

    42. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @Tim: I have alerted our sales to look into this and make sure there are no other holdups.

    43. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @Marley: Dec are currently shipping but i also forwarded your question to our sales who can give you a better idea on the timeframe.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tim Gibson on

      aw cr@p, just found out an attempted charge for GST was rejected because my old credit card was replaced 2 days before the attempted charge! Didn't seem to get any notification of it though :( Hope my Nov A4 pledge can be delivered now!

    45. Marley on

      I'm really sorry to pester. But how are the remaining December A3 pledges travelling, I just can't wait I already have folders of photographs for the picture software and files for cutting even materials ready! I'll lose a finger with this impatience when it gets going...

    46. Missing avatar

      Franck Bettinger on

      I finally got news from DHL yesterday. It looks like they kept the package in customs because the amount given for the package was not the same that the amount on the bill. It looks like you counted the delivery twice on the bill. That was apparently confusing them enough to not contact me and not reply to me for 2 weeks. Anyway, they told me they plan to delivery it today. So it should end up OK. Thanks for offering your help.

    47. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @Franck: Sorry to hear you are having problems getting your kit delviered. Have you managed to resolve the issue or would you like us to help?

    48. Missing avatar

      Franck Bettinger on

      @Joshua You're very lucky. For me, DHL tried to delivered it to me while I was at work. Now it looks like they don't want to deliver it anymore and I cannot get any info on the package despite my numerous attempts. Next time I'll have something delivered I'll specifically ask not to use DHL. It's the last time I want to deal with them.

    49. Joshua Sol Harwood on

      Have received my LazerBlade, but am away on a trip for 2 months! So happy it arrived before we left, but itching to start playing with it when we get back :)

    50. Darkly Labs Creator on

      @ S.Eaton, S.Stanley, Robert: Thanks for the kind words. Can't wait to see your creations on the forum!

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